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Search engines rank web pages, not websites.

A Google Top 10 ranking study by revealed that 95% of new web pages do not rank well within 1 year, and web pages on the first page of search results for 2 million random keywords are at least 2-3 years old.

A single-page MAXeSite™ can locally outrank websites of large organizations such as "Facebook, Yellow Pages, etc." to achieve Google Top 10 within a year, but time required is based on competition.  Hence, the  5.7%  bracket.

👉 Do a Google "Web" and "Image" search for:

oil change lincoln blvd (Santa Monica)
oil change olympic blvd (Santa Monica)
oil change pico blvd (Santa Monica)

👍 The demo MAXeSite™ that appears in the above search results was published on Dec 14, 2021, has ZERO backlinks (use a Backlinks Checker), yet it already ranked within the top 30 for the above keywords after just TWO WEEKS!

Activity is Key ✍

MAXeSites are a proprietary white hat marketing tool fundamentally proven to increase local SEO.  It requires time and effort to realize optimal results.

Quality content and activity (e.g. posts, shares, link building) are factors to increasing search ranking for more traffic.

MAXeSites are like fishing lines- having more lines out can improve hook up ratio.

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