Create multifaceted MAXeSites to increase online presence for local keywords in Google search results, beyond a website.  Easy versatile SASS toolset to attract new customers, and keep them.

Admin | Create

Drag & Drop Interface

Easily create a multifaceted MAXeSite in minutes without programming code.

27 Field Elements

Choose from 27 different field elements to create engaging MAXeSites.

Script Code and HTML

Add script code (e.g. widgets) and HTML code to MAXeSites.

Predesigned Templates

Edit and customize predesigned MAXeSite templates to save time.

Copy, Batch Create

Copy a MAXeSite, or batch create up to thousands of MAXeSites with one CSV file.


Split MAXeSite content into multiple pages to improve user experience.

Single & Recurring Payments

Enter your PayPal email to collect credit card payments with each MAXeSite submission.

SEO | Marketing

A single-page MAXeSite™ can outrank large websites such as "Facebook, Yellow Pages, etc." for local keywords and get you in the Top 10 of Google search results.  See the proof in Google Search 🔎

Built-in SEO

MAXeSites are accessibility compliant with over 25 built-in SEO elements to rank higher in search results for more visibility.

Landing Pages

Create MAXeSites each focused on ONE product, service, or topic targeting a local area.  Grow keywords diversity for SEO and increase organic traffic.

Google Business Profile - Top 3

Using a MAXeSite™ as the website link for your Google Business Profile (📍 displayed on Google Map) can get you in the Top 3 for higher visibility.

Web Presence

Incorporate MAXeSites with online marketing to build online authority and web presence.

Social Media

Instead of uploading content directly to social media, add it to MAXeSites then share its link to grow presence, improve engagement and results.  View Boys & Girls Club Case Study.

Workplace Productivity

Create MAXeSites to simplify daily tasks, increase employee productivity, and boost operational efficiency.  Save time and money.  View FedEx® Case Study.

Customer Service

Batch create a personalized MAXeSite™ for customers, with one CSV file.  An easy touchpoint to increase customer service, loyalty and repeat sales.  Choose from 300 settings.

Ad Revenue

Offer advertising on MAXeSites for new revenue, backlinks, and cross-promotions.  Set ad rates and keep 100% of revenue.

Public Site

Mobile-Friendly Responsive

MAXeSites are optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Accessibility Compliant

MAXeSites meet WCAG 2.0 AAA and Section 508 accessibility compliance requirements.


Add a password required to view MAXeSite content.

Google Translate

Translate MAXeSite content to over 100 languages with integrated Google Translate.

File Uploads

Allow users to upload multimedia files attachments with their MAXeSite submission.

Save and Resume

Allow users to save partial MAXeSite entries and complete it later.

Digital e-Signature

Allow users to draw their signature on your MAXeSites using a touchscreen or mouse.

Spam Protection

Minimize spam submissions with Google captcha spam protected MAXeSites.


Email Notifications

Respond to leads with instant email notifications, emailed to your desired recipients.

Email Users

Send an email to update all MAXeSite™ respondents who have provided an email, with a click of the mouse.

Admin | Data

Manage Entries

View and filter your leads in one place- email, print, and export (CSV) leads.

Geolocation Data

Geolocation data provided with each MAXeSite submission.

API Integration

Share MAXeSites data with any system or application, via push and pull API integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What are MAXeSites?

Browser-based MAXeSites offer hundreds of practical uses.

MAXeSite™ is an easy multifaceted SASS (Sales, Administration, Service, SEO) tool to increase online presence and attract new customers, beyond a website.

Why use MAXeSites?

Using an accessibility compliant MAXeSite™ as the "website" link for your Google Business Profile can get you displayed in the Top 3 for more leads, customers, and organic traffic.

Search engine optimized MAXeSites increase online presence via SEO landing pages, personalized service site for customers, multimedia promo sites, sell products online, plus more.

Share a MAXeSite™ link on social media, web pages, emails, and QR codes.

How do MAXeSites improve organic traffic?

MAXeSites consist of over 25 built-in SEO elements proven to improve presence in local search results.

Follow the comprehensive step-by-step guidelines provided to grow web presence.

Is it easy to create MAXeSites?

Yes, drag and drop 27 modularized field elements in the editor to create a MAXeSite™ in minutes.

Copy, or batch create and update thousands of MAXeSites with a CSV file to build your keywords 'dictionary' and increase search traffic.

Does a MAXeSite™ replace a website?

No, create a MAXeSite™ focused on ONE product, service, or topic to improve engagement, conversions, and expand web presence in Google search.

How does a business use MAXeSites?

Create promotional landing pages, administrative forms, and personalized customer service sites. Increase keywords diversity to improve SEO, boost conversions, and grow sales.

MAXeSites can improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity, and save time and money.
FedEx® Case Study

Why use MAXeSites with online marketing?

91% of online content including web pages and social media get no organic traffic from Google search, limiting your reach.

Utilize MAXeSites for growth. Add MAXeSite™ links and dynamic QR codes to email marketing, print media, social media and web pages.

Regular activity can build online authority to improve SERPs for more organic traffic.

Is there an API integration?

Yes, push and pull API integration enables you to share MAXeSites data entries with any CRM, third party software, POS systems, mobile apps, or desktop applications.

Can I sell on MAXeSites?

Yes, set up a MAXeSite™ to accept single or recurring payments by entering your PayPal business email. Sell one or multiple items, set flat or variable prices, and set up in minutes.

Can I use a MAXeSite™ as an online store?

No. For full ecommerce and online store capabilities, create an Online Store Marketplace.