Create simple lead generation landing pages each focused on ONE product or service offered in a local area.  Increase local online presence for target keywords in Google searches, beyond a broad website.

Get more customers and save time.

Admin | Create

Drag & Drop Interface

Create a multifaceted MAXeSite in minutes without programming code.

27 Field Elements

Choose from 27 different field elements to create simple yet effective MAXeSites.

Script Code and HTML

Add script code (e.g. widgets) and HTML code to MAXeSites.

Custom Subdomain

Choose a custom subdomain per MAXeSite.

Single & Recurring Payments

Enter your PayPal email to collect online payments with each MAXeSite submission.

MAXeSites can increase your target keywords ranking in local search results, for more organic traffic.
See the proof in Google Search 🔎

SEO | Marketing

Built-in SEO

MAXeSites have over 25 built-in SEO elements to increase local search engine rankings for more organic traffic.

Landing Pages

Create MAXeSites each focused on just ONE product in a local area to grow relevant target keywords for higher search ranking.

Google Business Profile - Top 3

MAXeSite™ used as the website link for your Google Business Profile (📍 on Google Map) can get you in the Top 3 for higher visibility.

Web Presence

Incorporate MAXeSites with online marketing to build online authority and increase web presence.

Social Media

Add content to MAXeSites and post its link to social media to boost call to action.  View Boys & Girls Club Case Study.

Workplace Productivity

Create MAXeSites to simplify daily tasks and improve employee productivity.  View FedEx® Case Study.

Customer Service

Create a personalized MAXeSite™ for customers - an easy touchpoint to request service and drive repeat sales.

Ad Revenue

Offer advertising on MAXeSites for new revenue, backlinks, and cross-promotions.  Set ad rates and keep 100% of revenue.

Web Page

Mobile-Friendly Responsive

MAXeSites are optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop.


Add a password required to view MAXeSite content.

Google Translate

Translate MAXeSite content to over 100 languages with integrated Google Translate.

File Uploads

Allow users to upload multimedia files attachments with their MAXeSite submission.

Digital e-Signature

Allow users to draw their signature on your MAXeSites using a touchscreen or mouse.

Spam Protection

Minimize spam submissions with Google captcha spam protected MAXeSites.


Email Notifications

Respond to leads with instant email notifications, emailed to your desired recipients.

Email Users

Send an email to update all MAXeSite™ respondents who have provided an email, with a click of the mouse.

Admin | Data

Manage Entries

View and filter your leads in one place- email, print, and export (CSV) leads.

Geolocation Data

Geolocation data provided with each MAXeSite submission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What are MAXeSites?

A MAXeSite™ is a simple web page optimized for search engines to increase your online presence, beyond a website.

Share a MAXeSite™ link on social media, web pages, emails, and QR codes to expand web presence.

Why use MAXeSites?

91% of websites and web pages get zero organic search traffic from Google, limiting your reach.

Create single-topic MAXeSites to grow keyword relevance and increase your visibility in Google local search results.

How do MAXeSites improve organic traffic?

MAXeSites consist of over 25 built-in SEO elements proven to improve presence in local search results.

Follow the comprehensive step-by-step guidelines provided to grow web presence.

How does a business use MAXeSites?

✅ Create lead generation landing pages, content pages, personalized customer service pages, product marketing and sales pages, multimedia administrative forms, plus more.

✅ Using a MAXeSite™ as the "website" link for your Google Business Profile can boost your local listing in the Top 3 for more leads, customers, and organic traffic.

✅ MAXeSites can increase operational efficiency, improve employee productivity, and save time and money.
FedEx® Case Study

Does a MAXeSite™ replace a website?

No, create MAXeSites each focused on just ONE product, service, or topic to improve conversions and increase online presence in Google search.

Can I sell on MAXeSites?

Yes, set up a MAXeSite™ to accept single or recurring payments by entering your PayPal business email. Sell one or multiple items, set flat or variable prices, and set up in minutes.

Can I use a MAXeSite™ as an online store?

No. For full ecommerce and online store capabilities, create an Online store + marketplace.