SAMS (Service, Administrative, Marketing, and SEO) in One

Choose from 27 modularized field elements to create browser-based content and personalized marketing MAXeSites.  Increase local web presence, organic traffic, and customer loyalty for more sales.


A browser-based MAXeSite™ is a multifaceted SAMS (Service, Administrative, Marketing, and SEO) tool to increase local web presence, organic traffic, and customer loyalty for more sales.

Yes. Drag and drop 27 modularized field elements to create content; personalized customer, member, and/or employee service and marketing MAXeSites.

Once you've created a MAXeSite™ template, copy and edit or batch create and edit thousands of MAXeSites with one CSV file.

MAXeSites consist of over 25 SEO fundamentals to improve traffic from local search results. Follow the comprehensive step-by-step guidelines to progressively dominate local competition.

No. MAXeSites are like having our own group of 'soldiers' working together to cover more ground, and your website as home 'base.'

MAXeSites can increase your local web presence and organic traffic, as search engines track every element via web apps.

1. Fundamental

Search engines rank web pages, not websites. MAXeSites consist of over 25 SEO fundamentals to increase web presence and search traffic.

2. Simplicity

MAXeSite™ navigation is one-directional scrolling with no menus, sub-menus, or swiping left or right (except for image galleries) to maximize focus and minimize distraction.

3. Multifaceted

MAXeSites have hundreds of applications to benefit any business.

GOOGLE: "78% of customers want to find what they're looking for in 1 or 2 clicks"

1. Modularized

MAXeSites are modularized- add, edit, delete, disable, or move field elements with a click of the mouse except the "T T T" icons located at the top of a MAXeSite™, required for accessibility compliance. Edit on the fly, in seconds.

2. Compliance

MAXeSites meet WCAG 2.0 Level AAA and Section 508 accessibility technical standards for ADA / AODA compliance with screen-reader, text-to-speech, and text resize controls.

3. Focus

MAXeSites are a simple tool designed for marketing and promotion. A website may be less effective as a result of too much info and/or too many options.

No. A MAXeSite™ is browser-based that functions like a native (downloadable) app, but with more benefits and less barriers.

1. No Data Compliance

Data compliance can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in legal fees. Browser-based MAXeSites do not require downloads and therefore data privacy concerns or data compliance are not applicable.

2. No Downloads

Unlike native apps that require a software download to one device for just one user, browser-based MAXeSites are accessible via web link for infinite devices and users.

Native app → 1:1:1 ratio (1 app download, 1 device, 1 user)
Browser-based app → 1: infinite ratio (1 web page, infinite devices, infinite users)

Once a user has arrived on a MAXeSite™, the user can bookmark it to their smartphone home screen (like a native app) for easy access and up-to-date content.

3. No Barriers

MAXeSites consist of easy '1-click' sharing capabilities via SMS, email, social, etc. to ramp up user adoption.

This allows consumers to directly share the MAXeSite™ link through contact lists without barriers such as requiring data privacy permissions or an app search & download.

1. One Is Not Enough

Having a website is essential, but how much reach does it really have? Businesses need a more effective way to stand out from the pack online, maximize exposure, and drive marketing.

It's like fishing- would you rather have one line (your website) or several lines (your website + MAXeSites) out when competing with others in the same body of water (Internet)?

2. Web Presence

To increase exposure opportunity, create content and personalized MAXeSites that backlink to your website. Expand web presence to corner your local market for more customers.

3. Technical

Web browsers block website mixed content (images, videos, audio) if they fail to load over secure HTTPS.

Content within MAXeSites such as images, videos, audio, scripts, and iframe web pages are HTTPS secure. Frequently change your content on the fly with peace of mind, an integral factor to improving local SEO and website traffic.


Create and deploy MAXeSite apps to satisfy 6 of 7 primary objectives for digital marketing plans
Create and deploy MAXeSite apps to satisfy 9 of 11 factors important to SMBs when evaluating new technology


Increase Traffic

Expand local web presence and organic traffic

Improve SEO

25 SEO fundamentals within 27 field elements to improve search engine optimization

Drag and Drop

27 modularized field elements - YouTube, HD images, MP3, countdown timer, maps, iframe, eSignatures, & more


Copy with a click of the mouse

Batch Create

Batch create and update thousands with one CSV file

Accessibility Compliant

Screen-reader friendly, text-to-speech, WCAG 2.0 AAA and Section 508 compliant for ADA/AODA compliance

Customize and Brand

Create responsive template skins - Custom header, logo, fonts, colors, etc.

100+ Templates

Predesigned small business templates included - edit and launch

Ad Revenue

Offer online advertising to drive ROI and B2B cross-promotions

Pre-Populated Fields

Pre-populate field elements with default values to minimize data input

Hidden Fields

Enable or disable field elements from public view, on the fly


SEO-enhanced editor- Add HTML code, hypertext links, SMS, phone, plus more

Script Code

Add script code (e.g. widgets, chat, etc.)

Responsive Iframes

Iframe (embed) secure web pages

Scan Barcodes

Scan 1D & 2D barcodes to populate field with barcode data.

ADF-XML Fields

Over 100 ADF-XML 1.0 / 2.0 mapping fields to send submitted data to CRM

Password Protect

Apply up to two unique passwords for private viewing

Restrict Availability

Select a date and time range for time-sensitive viewing


Enable/disable Google Translate

Integrated Payments

Collect single & recurring PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX payments

Special Offers

Create special offers and collect credit card payments - keep 100% of funds

Social & SMS

Share directly to social media

SMS offers

Add ability to respond to offers via SMS

Facebook Leads

Post to Facebook for more leads

Countdown/up Timer

Add a customized timer

Add Reminder

Add event reminder to calendar

Image Directories

Create image directories, sub-directories, and save image descriptions

Image Overlays

Apply one of 45 overlays to images with a click of the mouse

Launch in Minutes

Post online or download QR code

Custom Autoresponders

Create HTML-friendly custom autoresponders to send to multiple email recipients after each submission

Clean Responses

Validation scripts and database to ensure mandatory & clean submissions

Powerful Analytics

Real-time analytics, metrics, and stats to gauge marketing efforts

Export Responses

Email or export select data in Excel, CSV, or TXT file formats