3-in-1 QR Codes

Increase ROI with Measurable Call-to-Action Print Media

Create a 3-in-1 QR code to be used interchangeably to direct between a Jibbio MAXeSite™, URL, or PayPal Checkout, to add measurable value to print media. Track engagement and acquire sales via print, 24/7.



Interchangeable QR Codes

Use the same QR code for multiple campaigns- Direct to a MAXeSite™, web URL, or PayPal Express checkout

Edit on the Fly

Add QR code to print media and edit URL on the fly- Save money and never have a "dead" QR code

High Resolution QR codes

Download 4000 X 4000 pixels hi-res QR code PNG image, printable up to 36" X 36" for large signage

Easy Management

Edit, delete, real-time analytics, preview, and download hi-res QR code image

Batch Download

Batch download 1000 X 1000 pixels QR code PNG images for affixing to print media and labels

Powerful Analytics

Get the facts with real-time analytics, metrics, and stats to gauge marketing efforts- No more guessing

All Features

UNLIMITED high resolution 3-in-1 QR codes (4000px X 4000px)
Create and download high resolution (4000 X 4000 pixels) QR codes
Batch download (1000 X 1000 pixels) QR codes
Automate customer mobile purchases and administration
PayPal checkout integrated
Add value to print advertisements
Collect mobile payments
Automate Sales & Administration
Direct to a Jibbio MAXeSite™
Direct to PayPal Express Mobile Checkout
Directs to a web page
Transaction details emailed to business and customer following purchase
Export customer MAXeSite™ entries with transaction details to Excel, CSV, or TXT files
Save Money
Edit forwarding URL without changing printed QR code
Edit MAXeSite™ content without changing printed QR code
Edit PayPal checkout amount without changing printed QR code
Analytics & Metrics
Total QR code scans
Total unique QR code scans
QR code scans by Day, Month, Year
Last 7 days statistics
QR code scan location markers on Google map
Top Countries
Top Cities
Internet Browser
Mobile device operating system
Download high resolution QR codes and add to print media
Monetize print advertisements, 24/7
Direct QR code to a MAXeSite™
Unlimited reach - Set it and forget it

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