Dynamic QR Codes

Create editable QR codes to expand web presence, save time and money.  Redirect QR code to a web page, MAXeSite™, or PayPal checkout.  Download high-resolution QR codes, printable up to 36" X 36".

Never worry about inactive QR codes

QR code printable up to 36" X 36"
Edit QR code on the fly
Redirect to web page
Redirect to MAXeSite™
Redirect to PayPal checkout



Create QR code and redirect to:

➤ Web page
➤ Jibbio MAXeSite™
➤ PayPal checkout (amount)


(4000 px X 4000 px) QR codes.


Print QR codes up to 36" X 36".


Batch download (1000 X 1000 pixels) QR codes.


Unlimited scans and URLs

Edit the QR code URL, on the fly. Save time and money from having to print replacement QR codes.


Scan Metrics

QR code stats include:

➤ Total QR code scans
➤ Total unique QR code scans
➤ Scan filters - Day, Month, Year
➤ Last 7 days statistics
➤ Scan locations on Google map
➤ Top Countries
➤ Top Cities
➤ Internet Browser
➤ Mobile device

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