3-in-1 QR Codes

Interchangeable Hi-Res QR Codes

Create a 3-in-1 QR code used interchangeably between a Jibbio MAXeSite™, URL, or PayPal Checkout. Add high resolution QR codes to print marketing and expand web presence.

All Features

UNLIMITED 3-in-1 QR codes
High-resolution (4000 X 4000 pixels) QR codes
Batch download (1000 X 1000 pixels) QR codes
PayPal Express checkout
Sales & Administration
Direct to Jibbio MAXeSite™
Direct to PayPal Express Checkout
Direct to URL
Download high resolution QR codes and add to print media
Monetize print advertisements
Direct to MAXeSite™
Save Money
Edit forwarding URL without changing printed QR code
Edit MAXeSite™ content without changing printed QR code
Edit PayPal checkout amount without changing printed QR code
Analytics & Metrics
Total QR code scans
Total unique QR code scans
QR code scans by Day, Month, Year
Last 7 days statistics
QR code scan location markers on Google map
Top Countries
Top Cities
Internet Browser
Mobile device operating system

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