AskMIA™ for Health & Fitness

"Unprecedented, member service"


🔥 A First to Market technology that enables your business to easily create a personalized, true VIP service-marketing MAXeSite™ app for each customer to increase his or her Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), your website SEO, and generate ad revenue.

📱 One simple touchpoint for each customer to connect with you.

Turnkey - Download and customize two modularized, MAXeSite™ app templates:

1. AskMIA™ (for new customers)
2. MIA Merits™ (for existing members)

AskMIA™ (LEFT) and MIA Merits™ (RIGHT)

Marketing Objectives 📈

AskMIA™ can improve marketing conversions to acquire more local customers.

MIA Merits™ can increase customer satisfaction for more profitable relationships, while improving website SEO.

Ad Revenue 🤝

Download and customize the Exclusive Advertiser opportunity copy and Become an Advertising Sponsor! MAXeSite™ app templates to automate advertiser enrolment, ad submission, and payments.  All done for you.

🏆 Next, contact local businesses regarding the advertising opportunity to monetize YOUR exclusive content, acquire new backlinks, achieve local triangular linking, and develop B2B cross-promotions for even more exposure.  A win-win-win.

⚖ Just three ads @ $6/mo. pays for the Jibbio MICRO service itself!

"US local digital ad spending is estimated to grow from $60.7 USD billion in 2017, to $71.3 USD billion in 2022."

Source: eMarketer

Demos 👀

1. AskMIA™
2. MIA Merits™

Add, edit, delete, move, or disable template fields with a click of the mouse. Copy, or batch create up to thousands of MAXeSite™ apps.

Patent pending MAXeSite™ apps provide easy customization options to optimize your health & fitness marketing efforts and save time.  Expand digital footprint and brand to corner your local market.

1. Marketing Objectives
2. Corner Your Local Market
3. Customer Lifetime Value
4. Making It Easy
5. Proof of Concept
6. Why Join

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