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☝ New customers are essential, and existing ones are more valuable.

🔥 MAXeSite™ apps offer the best of both worlds - expand your web presence to stand out from local competition, and increase customer lifetime value for more sales.  Template-based, edit and launch in minutes.



STEP 1:  Create a CONTENT MAXeSite™ app on a product or service, such as:

After school taekwondo programs
Taekwondo classes for children
Taekwondo among the best martial arts for children
The rules of taekwondo
Ten Health Benefits of taekwondo
Different belt levels in taekwondo
Taekwondo techniques for self-protection
What you need to know about taekwondo training
Important muscles for taekwondo training
Does taekwondo help lose weight?
Five mental advantages that come with taekwondo lessons
How taekwondo can help develop your child's overall health


STEP 2:  Batch create or edit a personalized MAXeSite™ app for each CUSTOMER as a true VIP service marketing or promotional tool.  Prepopulate each customer's MAXeSite™ with his or her info to minimize barriers for repeat business.

📱 One simple touchpoint for a customer to connect- NO phone calls, voicemail, download, or login required.


STEP 3:  Batch create or edit a personalized MAXeSite™ app for each EMPLOYEE, as an interactive digital business card to market themselves.  In turn, increasing brand awareness.

📲 A MAXeSite™ app icon can be added to a smartphone phone home screen for easy access.

Content MAXeSite™ app link online.

Customer's personalized MAXeSite™ app link in your email and text marketing campaigns.

Employee's personalized MAXeSite™ app link via email, and add their app QR code to his or her business cards.

🏆 Next, contact local businesses regarding the advertising opportunity to monetize your content, acquire new backlinks, local triangular linking, and develop B2B cross-promotions for more exposure.  A win-win-win.

⚖ Just three ads @ $6/mo. pays for the Jibbio MICRO service itself!

"US local digital ad spending is estimated to grow from $60.7 USD billion in 2017, to $71.3 USD billion in 2022."

Source: eMarketer

Powerful Synergy 🌀

Patent pending MAXeSite™ apps consist of over 25 SEO fundamentals to drive organic traffic, and collectively can improve your TrustRank as search engines track every conceivable element via web apps, not available with native app downloads.

Therefore, it is fundamentally better to leverage multiple MAXeSite™ apps for more exposure, than to rely solely on one website.

EXAMPLE:  50 MAXeSite apps (accessed by IP addresses local to your business) with unique content (i.e. keywords related to your business) and activity (e.g. bookmarks, views, submissions, shares, etc.), each backlinking to your website.

MAXeSite™ apps are a multifaceted 'promotional, content, and personalized service' marketing tool to increase traffic and sales.

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