AskMIA™ for Health & Fitness

"Unprecedented, member service"


A First to Market technology providing health & fitness businesses with turnkey sticky solutions that aggregate personalized "sales, marketing, and customer service" with SEO all in one modularized, template-based MAXeSite™.  The two templates:

1. AskMIA™ (for new customers)
2. MIA Merits™ (for existing members)


AskMIA™ (LEFT) and MIA Merits™ (RIGHT)

Add, edit, delete, move, or disable template fields with a click of the mouse. Copy, or batch create up to thousands of MAXeSites™.


A marketing game changer.

Providing a personalized MIA Merits™ MAXeSite™ app for each preferred health and fitness member is a sticky touchpoint to increase their satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat sales.

It is a turnkey marketing, promotional, and communication tool to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).  Moreover, members unknowingly "work" to improve your local SEO and website traffic.

Here's HOW

Over 500+ algorithms determine how search engines rank a website, which constitutes core fundamental principles to increase website traffic and search engine optimization (SEO):


1. Content

Batch create a personalized Mia Merits™ MAXeSite™ app for each preferred member to offer true VIP service, which consists of unique content relevant to the nature of your health & fitness business that you batch update regularly.

Every MAXeSite™ app would have the member's info pre-populated, images and multimedia of their achievements, applicable keywords, your website iframed, special offers, service request, feedback and more.

2. Activity

The member can view their Mia Merits™ MAXeSite™ app from any web browser, by scanning a Jibbio QR code (auto-generated with each batch created MAXeSite™) or via their unique MAXeSite™ app web link.

This allows each member to easily access and share their Mia Merits™ MAXeSite™ app link with others via text, email, and social media.  An opportunity to BOAST about their accolades and in turn, expand your brand exposure- viral marketing.

3. Links

Each member's MIA Merits™ MAXeSite™ app backlinks to your website.

In Summary

If your business provided 100 members with their own MIA Merits™ MAXeSite™ app:

100 MAXeSite™ app URLs bookmarked in 100 unique IPs,
100 unique IPs accessing 100 SEO enhanced pages of unique health & fitness content,
100 SEO enhanced pages of unique health & fitness content backlinking to your relevant website.

Plus, many more factors that can lead to a juggernaut for increase!

Powerful Synergy

MIA Merits™ with AskMIA™ will drive more loyal customers through your front door, increase profit, improve SEO, and the advertising opportunities alone can pay for the service itself!  Stop chasing, and start leading.

A solution that encompasses direct, digital, print, and B2B cross-promotional marketing all in one simple platform.


Batch create a personalized MIA Merits™ MAXeSite™ app for each of your members.

Members can access their MIA Merits™ MAXeSite™ app via URL, scan a QR code, tap the AskMIA™ icon on mobile phone home screen (like a native app), or click the URL bookmark in their web browser.

Bookmarking can improve your local SEO rankings as search engines may deem it as "useful content that the user wishes to save."

To acquire new customers, the public can access your AskMIA™ MAXeSite™ via URL or scan the QR code on your custom 24" X 36" licensed poster included (scale down to 4" X 6" flyers), for quick and easy access.

AskMIA™ aggregates call to action marketing elements to convert consumers to customers, such as:

Communicate with you
Inquire more information
Learn about services
Make an offer anonymously
Redeem discounts
Register for a service
View real-time special offers

Customers love the convenience, service, value and the ability to communicate anonymously - NO phone calls, voicemails, app download, data privacy concerns, or login.  The path of least resistance.

Minimize verbal communication and maximize operational efficiency for top customer satisfaction to:

Build customer relationships
Increase customer loyalty
Upsell customers easily


What is your average (CLV)?

If you provide a service, you have an idea of each customer's value (or lack thereof) to your business.

With increasing competition in every market, customers today are savvy shoppers- they want savings, service, and convenience.

There will always be competitors ready to beat your price, but if you provide customers with sticky value and an easy means to satisfy objectives with minimal effort, you will dominate competition.

Moreover, a non-intrusive tool to keep regular dialogue with customers will help you build loyal relationships.

New vs Existing Customers

Acquiring new customers will increase revenue, but your current customers are the best ones.  Why?

The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is only 5-20%.

Unfortunately, many businesses neglect their customer base by focusing primarily in acquiring NEW customers, rather than allocating marketing efforts to retain EXISTING ones.  As a result, losing customers.

Best of Both Worlds

MIA Merits™ combines high-tech touchpoints and low-pressure upselling to build loyal relationships with your existing member base to maximize their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

AskMIA™ is a proprietary marketing, promotional and communication tool designed to drive more new customers to your business at the LOWEST Cost Per Customer of less than three first-class U.S. postage stamps per month.


1. AskMIA™ will improve marketing efforts for your health & fitness club or school. Acquire more customers in your local market.

2. MIA Merits™ will build more profitable relationships by increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat sales.


Reach out to local, community-driven, non-compete businesses and offer them exclusive display advertising opportunities within your AskMIA™ and MIA Merits™ MAXeSite™ apps.

The advertisers' links within MAXeSites™ can improve your local search engine optimization (SEO), develop B2B cross-promotional relationships to expand exposure even more, and the ad revenue alone can pay for the service itself.  A win, win.

Patent pending MAXeSite™ apps provide your health & fitness business with customization options to suit your marketing needs, simplify data, improve local SEO and website traffic to corner your market.


1. No Barriers

CUSTOMERS - NO app download, registration, or logins required
BUSINESS - NO new hardware, installation, or integration required

2. All-In-One

Supercharge your marketing, promotional and communication efforts with an easy multifaceted tool:

A personalized sticky app
Build customer relationships
Collect service feedback
Create special offers on the fly
Expand B2B cross-promotional relationships
Generate ad revenue and keep 100% (less PayPal fees)
Improve local SEO and traffic
Increase customer loyalty
Omnichannel marketing- Digital, Direct and Print
Upsell customers easily

Plus much more!

3. Launch in One Day

SIGN UP for a Jibbio account and you will receive a 5-min questionnaire, required to complete Step 2.
We SET UP your AskMIA™, MIA Merits™, and Advertiser Enrol MAXeSite™ templates with marketing copy.
We EMAIL you content created in Step 2 in one business day.
You EDIT templates, then batch create for customers.
LAUNCH and see results!

Don't have the time, staff, and seeking results in 2-3 months?
Our team will do it for you.

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