AskMIA™ for Health & Fitness

"Unprecedented, member service"


A First to Market technology that allows your health & fitness business to provide a true VIP, personalized service-marketing MAXeSite™ app for each member to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), improve website SEO, and generate ad revenue.

Turnkey sticky solutions aggregated in a modularized, template-based MAXeSite™.  Download, edit, and launch two templates:

1. AskMIA™ (for new customers)
2. MIA Merits™ (for existing members)


AskMIA™ (LEFT) and MIA Merits™ (RIGHT)

Add, edit, delete, move, or disable template fields with a click of the mouse. Copy, or batch create up to thousands of MAXeSites™.


1. AskMIA™ will improve marketing conversions for your health & fitness club or school. Acquire more customers in your local market.

2. MIA Merits™ will increase customer satisfaction to build more profitable relationships, while improving website SEO.

3. Reach out to local, community-driven, non-compete businesses and offer them exclusive online advertising opportunities within your AskMIA™ and MIA Merits™ MAXeSite™ apps.

Advertisers' links within MAXeSites™ can improve your local search engine optimization (SEO), develop B2B cross-promotional relationships to expand exposure even more, and the ad revenue alone can pay for the service itself.  A win, win.

"US local digital ad spending is estimated to grow from $60.7 USD billion in 2017, to $71.3 USD billion in 2022."

"80% of mobile marketers say that location-based advertising and marketing is priority, producing 85% growth in their customer base and 83% higher customer engagement."

Source: eMarketer

Patent pending MAXeSite™ apps provide your health & fitness business with customization options to suit your marketing needs and save time.  Expand digital footprint and brand awareness to corner your local market.

1. Marketing Objectives
2. Corner Your Local Market
3. Making It Easy
4. Customer Lifetime Value
5. Proof of Concept
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