URL Shortening

UNLIMITED branded short links

Shorten Links and Gauge Performance

Shorten a long URL which is not usable across all platforms to a
branded link, then share online and track individual link analytics


Branded Short Links

Convert any URL to a custom short link in seconds -
Just copy and paste

Convert any web page URL to a branded keyword short link in seconds - just copy and paste

Edit URL on the Fly

Branded short link is permanent -
Edit forwarding URL in seconds

Edit shortened URL link on the fly

Powerful Analytics

Share and view link metrics and statistics in real-time

View real-time metrics and link statistics

All Features

UNLIMITED custom URL shortening and redirection service
url shortener
URL Shortening
Convert a URL into a branded short link- http://jibb.co/CUSTOMIZED
url shortener
Convert a URL into a auto-generated link- http://jibb.co/RANDOM
url shortener
Edit forwarding URL on the fly without changing short link
create paypal high resolution qr codes
Analytics & Metrics
Total link views
total link views analytics and metrics
Total unique views
Total unique views analytics and metrics
Link views by Day, Month, Year
Link views by Day, Month, Year analytics and metrics
Last 7 days statistics
Last 7 days statistics analytics and metrics
Location of link view on Google map
Location of link views on Google map analytics and metrics
Top Countries
Top countries link analytics and metrics
Top Cities
Top cities link analytics and metrics
Internet Browser
Internet browser link analytics and metrics
Desktop operating system
Desktop operating system link analytics and metrics
Mobile device operating system
Mobile device operating system link analytics and metrics

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