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Shorten Links and Gauge Performance

Shorten a long URL that is not usable across all platforms, websites, and social media to a branded short link. Share shortened jibb.co/ link on any web page and track link analytics to gauge engagement.


Branded Short Links

Convert any URL to a custom jibb.co/ short link and share

Edit URL on the Fly

Use the same short link for multiple URLs - Edit forwarding URL on the fly

Powerful Analytics

Share and view link metrics and statistics in real-time

All Features

UNLIMITED custom URL shortening and redirection service
Convert a URL into a branded short link- jibb.co/CUSTOMIZED
Convert a URL into a short link- jibb.co/123ABC
Edit forwarding URL on the fly without changing short link
Analytics & Metrics
Total link views
Total unique views
Link views by Day, Month, Year
Last 7 days statistics
Location of link view on Google map
Top Countries
Top Cities
Internet Browser
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