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How It Works - Consumers

Retailers can add, edit, disable, delete, or move any of the modules with ONE click of the mouse, on the fly.

1. Surprise checkout discount every time you shop!

2. Links and embedded web pages such as store flyer!

3. Real-time flash, daily deal, and clearance sales!

4. Request for in-store assistance!

5. Inquire about unavailable products!

6. Request a discount on desired items while in-store!

7. Submit feedback or enter additional information!

Notify Mia, your concierge!

No Barriers

AskMIA™ is accessible from any Internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  In addition, the public can also scan a unique QR code within a licensed custom poster included that directs to the retailer's unique AskMIA™ URL.


What type of businesses can benefit from AskMIA™?

  • Appliance & Electronic stores
  • Auto dealers
  • Auto Service & Repair centers
  • Beauty & Cosmetic clinics
  • Dental offices
  • Food & Grocery stores
  • Furniture stores
  • General Merchandise stores
  • Gyms & Fitness clubs
  • Health & Wellness clinics
  • Health Food & Nutrition stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Home Improvement stores
  • Pet stores
  • Pharmacy & Drug stores
  • Recreation & Power Sports dealers
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Sporting Goods stores
  • Used Goods & Consignment stores
  • Veterinarians

  • many more!

If your business has a front door opened to the public, AskMIA™ will work for you!

Discover how AskMIA™ can drive revenue like never before!

For Retailers