Multifaceted Must-Have

Create call-to-action MAXeSites™ combining 27 marketing elements in one SEO-enhanced page to market products or services from any web page while at the same time, increasing web exposure, SEO rankings and organic traffic.

Create a branded short link directing to an all-in-one MAXeSite™ and post to email, social media, SMS, or online ads to maximize conversions. Consumers only need to save one link to view real-time updated content.

Create a 3-in-1 QR code which directs to a MAXeSite™, then add hi-res interchangeable QR code to print media (e.g. flyers, business card) and track results. No need to reprint QR code for different campaigns - use the same QR code.

Jibbio 3-in-1 Toolset

Maximize Digital & Print Marketing ROI


Create call-to-action MAXeSites™ combining 27 marketing elements in one SEO enhanced page to market and promote products, generate more leads with higher conversions...

3-in-1 QR Codes

Create 3-in-1 QR codes which offer measurable, multimedia experience to maximize print marketing ROI. Add value to print media with 3-in-1 QR codes used interchangeably...

URL Shortening

Shorten a long URL to a branded short link to market across all channels and track analytics. Shorten a long URL which is not usable across all platforms to a branded link, then share online...

The Jibbio 3-in-1 Toolset features FOUR turnkey services

AskMIA™ for Retail Store

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AskMIA™ for Auto Service

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AskMIA™ for Trade Service

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C2™ & C.L.E.A.R.™

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Expand Web Exposure

A website is not enough. MAXeSites™ are a must-have to increase exposure opportunity, conversions, SEO rankings and traffic.

Stop Buying Leads!

Stop buying leads from 3rd party lead providers and start generating your own exclusive leads with Jibbio.

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