• 24% to 83% increase in customer engagement, compared to traditional digital methods
  • Average customer engagement increase of 54% across the board within various vertical markets
  • Average increase in checkout sales of up to 32%

For Retailers

1. Preload images of discount barcodes created with your existing retail software, then toggle ON/OFF with one click of the mouse to offer consumers dynamic savings at checkout, changed on the fly in real-time.

This eliminates the typical implications of deploying dynamically changing discounts with Point-of-Sale (POS) and retail management software, which can be time consuming and complex to execute. Moreover, this allows retailers to tailor discount savings to meet the micro marketing needs of each store at any time, as each retail store vary in sales and customer demographics.

2. Embed external web pages such as the retailer’s digital weekly ad flyer, with one click of the mouse.

This eliminates the need to direct consumers to a retailer's website, which may offer too much content, may not be user-friendly, and/or require too many mouse clicks to access information desired by the consumer. Moreover, this empowers retailers to promote & market multiple web pages to consumers, changed on the fly.

3. Create real-time flash, daily deal, or clearance items for sale, with the ability to set start & end dates to restrict public visibility.

This eliminates generic sales and empowers the retail store to create dynamic special offers with clicks of the mouse, increasing sales and reducing losses from sitting inventory. Moreover, it reduces the need of sending frequent promotional emails that may not be viewed or lead to more unsubscribes. Consumers simply bookmark the store’s AskMIA™ web page URL in their web browser or add a shortcut to their mobile device’s home screen and can check as often as desired, which displays updated and accurate content in real-time.

4. Drag and drop interface to group, hide, edit, delete, and rearrange item images.

This eliminates the time-consuming process of preparing sales items in advance for print or digital advertising. Moreover, it empowers each retail store to promote and revise sale items in real-time (e.g. sold out) with clicks of the mouse for efficiency. Furthermore, it can shorten the sales cycle of inventory (e.g. perishables, open box, clearance or excess stock) to increase sales revenue.

5. Information submitted by consumer is emailed to desired recipients, which includes links to images of item barcodes or any other media provided.

This eliminates the need to manually forward consumer information to required personnel or management. Moreover, this valuable feature enables corporate retailers to easily acquire the challenges of PRE-SALE data per store location in real-time, to better serve and accommodate customers on a per store basis.

6. Click links to download barcode image(s) to computer, then scan image using barcode scanner to input desired item(s) into retail management system.

This eliminates the complexities of data integration, as the information pertaining to each item barcode submitted by the consumer is already within the retailer’s POS system. Thus, retailers have instant access to item information and can respond to the consumer immediately while they are STILL IN STORE (i.e. send item promo code).

7. Download customizable, predesigned templates for turnkey and quick launch, per retail store.

This eliminates the costly expenses associated with retailers having to build and setup the application to suit each of its store locations. Moreover, the ability for each store to manage micro marketing to save time and increase sales.

AskMIA™ Ad Revenue - ROI

The AskMIA™ toolset will drive more customers through your front door, increase profit, and the service will pay for itself from just the advertising opportunities alone.


Local ad spending in the U.S. will surpass $151 billion in 2018.

"Direct mail remains the most popular type of local advertising and accounts for the largest portion, with $38.5 billion devoted to that purpose."

Source: https://www.emarketer.com/content/local-ad-spending-will-see-slight-growth-in-2018

Offer local businesses exclusive direct advertising opportunities on your AskMIA™ page, and you keep 100% of ad dollars.

In turn, this empowers your business to:

1. Generate immediate ROI (i.e. ad dollars pay for the Jibbio service itself)
2. Build B2B relationships (i.e. support local businesses, be community-driven)
3. Increase profit & reduce losses with AskMIA™ (i.e. drive more customers to your store)

IN ESSENCE: Ad dollars will cover your cost of the Jibbio service, your business in turn will promote other local businesses, and AskMIA™ will grow your business!


1. Displaying Advertiser’s Ad

Simply upload each of your advertiser’s image ad to replace the six placeholder ads already provided within your AskMIA™ page.

Add more advertisers or delete existing ones with a click of the mouse.

Each advertiser’s thumbnail will span full screen as shown below

2. Collecting Advertiser’s Payment

Simply download the turnkey, customizable, predesigned “Become an Advertising Sponsor!” Minisite Form template to automate each advertiser’s:

Image ad submission
Annual or monthly recurring payments (PayPal – VISA, MasterCard, AMEX)

Your manual requirements are only:

Enter your PayPal email address to collect payments (do it once, 10 secs to complete)
Set annual or monthly ad rate (do it once, 10 secs to complete)
Upload the advertiser’s image ad to your AskMIA™ page (30 secs to complete)

AskMIA™ Store Signage