Stop Buying Leads!


Generating traffic and leads are the top marketing challenges for companies.

Because of several factors that includes lacking proper online tools, many businesses purchase leads from third party sources.  In fact, US businesses spent over $2 billion dollars buying leads in 2018, with 30% of businesses allocating over 50% of their marketing budget to acquiring new prospects.

If you’re one of those tens of thousands of businesses, STOP BUYING LEADS!

Instead, use Jibbio MAXeSites™ to generate your own exclusive leads with higher conversions while at the same time, increasing website rankings and traffic over time.  Invest in your business and its future growth - it's a win, win!


1. Initial Cost Per Lead

According to HubSpot, the average (initial) cost per lead is between $11 to $100+ USD with a very low closing ratio.

2. Don't Be Fooled

However, there are many "unknown variables" associated with purchased leads, which ultimately increases the average (true) cost per lead such as the following:

A) Are leads from genuine people that actually inquired or are they "promotion leads?" (e.g. "Enter to win a free car!")

B) How many other competing businesses were shared (sold) the same leads?

C) Lead source? (organic search, email marketing, website, social media, affiliates, etc.)

(B) and (C) above are significant factors that lower the lead quality (e.g. if the lead was shared (sold) to at least 4 other local competing businesses, and/or if the leads were acquired by "affiliates," which means those affiliates likely shared (sold) the same leads that you’ve purchased to other lead generation companies as well).

Many 3rd party lead service providers may NOT disclose the above for obvious reasons. And even if they did, you could NEVER know the truth whether the lead is indeed exclusive, shared, and/or the source.

In addition, some lead generation providers will unethically "spin leads" (conceptually similar to article spinning), meaning that they will use automated programs to revise the content, lead source, then resend (charge you) for the duplicate lead(s) at a future date.

These are known problems associated within the leads buying industry.

3. True Cost Per Lead

Taking the above factors into consideration, that likely explains why the average (true) cost per lead is higher at $198 USD.


Let's say that you paid only $20 USD per lead and that the same lead was shared (sold) with 4 other competitors:

Cost per lead: $20USD
Businesses sharing lead: 5 (you + competitors)
Maximum lead-to-sale closing percentage: 20% (100% / businesses sharing lead)

Actual cost per exclusive lead: $100 USD (businesses sharing lead X cost per lead)

NOTE: The actual cost per exclusive lead is based on a 100% closing rate (not realistic)- lower the closing rate, higher the lead cost.


1. Win, Win

It will require time and effort to generate your own exclusive leads, but with Jibbio you have:

NO uncertainty of lead sources
NO uncertainty of other competitors receiving the same leads
NO uncertainty of leads being brokered via multiple lead generation affiliate partners

Furthermore, you have the ability to build direct relationships with consumers in real time.

Higher conversions, better results, retain full control, and drive more organic traffic to your website - it's a win, win!

2. Web Marketing

Use Jibbio MAXeSites™ online to generate exclusive leads with higher conversions while at the same time, increasing website rankings and traffic over time.  Invest in your business and its future growth - the earlier you start, the faster you can get ahead.

Answer sites
Article submission sites
Email marketing
Local Business Directories
Local Classifieds
PDF documents
Press release
Review sites
SMS marketing
Social media

3. Print Marketing

Add a Jibbio QR Code and a Short link that directs to your MAXeSite™, to your print media & advertising - monetize and track print marketing efforts.

Business cards
Car vinyl wraps
Direct mail postcards
In-store signage
Point-of-sale receipts
Trade show signage


If you do just ONE deal in a year (e.g. sell a car, home, or insurance policy) as a result of Jibbio, it's paid for the service itself for an entire YEAR!

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