Generate Exclusive Leads

Eliminate the uncertainty


1. Win, Win

It will require time and effort to generate your own exclusive leads, but with Jibbio you have:

NO uncertainty of lead sources
NO uncertainty of other competitors receiving the same leads
NO uncertainty of leads being brokered via multiple lead generation affiliate partners

MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY - Spend less time for more conversions with exclusive leads
MINIMIZE EXPENSES - Acquire exclusive leads while lowering your actual cost of sale

Furthermore, respond to potential customers in real time to build direct relationships.

Better results, control and drive more organic traffic to your website - it's a win, win!

2. Web Marketing

Use Jibbio MAXeSites to generate exclusive leads online with higher conversions while at the same time, increasing website rankings and traffic over time.  Invest in your business and its future growth - the earlier you start, the faster you can get ahead.

Answer sites
Article submission sites
Email marketing
Local Business Directories
Local Classifieds
PDF documents
Press release
Review sites
SMS marketing
Social media

3. Print Marketing

Add a Jibbio QR Code and a Short link that directs to your MAXeSite™, to print media & advertising - monetize and track print marketing efforts.

Business cards
Car vinyl wraps
Direct mail postcards
In-store signage
Point-of-sale receipts
Trade show signage

1. Marketing Objectives
2. Why You Should Not Buy Leads
3. Why Join

If you do just ONE deal in a year (e.g. sell a car, home, or insurance policy) as a result of Jibbio, it's paid for the service itself for an entire YEAR!

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