B2B Partner program

B2B Partners

B2B Partners program offers recurring income opportunities for:

  Affiliate marketers
  Business consultants
  Digital marketing services
  Internet & SaaS services
  Online directories
  Media agencies
  Print marketing services
  Sales & marketing consultants
  Website designers

Expand your business into new markets for more revenue.

  $0 investment required


Unlike affiliate programs, there are no cookies to ensure that you're paid for every referral.

1. Sign up for free, and receive:

Two promo codes:  Each code offers a 20% or 30% OFF discount on Jibbio subscription plans.

8-pg sales training PDF:  Cold call / closing sale scripts, email marketing templates, sales commission structure, and FAQs.

2. For every customer that joins Jibbio using either promo code, earn a recurring commission equal to 30% of the customer's monthly subscription fee.

3. Recurs monthly as long as the customer is paying and you remain an active Jibbio B2B Partner.  Commission paid via Paypal on the first of every month.  Sales tracking with customer details provided.


All-inclusive platform to start, run, and grow your business online:

Online Store + Marketplace


Dynamic QR Codes


Jibbio has eight plans, and there are no setup fees.  A 14-day free trial is available and doesn't require credit card details.

SOHO ($12/mo.):  Online store, 10 MAXeSites
MICRO ($19/mo.):  Online store + 4 merchants, 20 MAXeSites
MINI ($49/mo.):  Online store + 10 merchants, 60 MAXeSites
SMALL ($99/mo.):  Online store + 21 merchants, 150 MAXeSites
MIDSIZE ($199/mo.):  Online store + 45 merchants, 500 MAXeSites

NON-PROFIT LITE ($59/mo.):  Online store + 12 merchants, 75 MAXeSites
NON-PROFIT PLUS ($139/mo.):  Online store + 30 merchants, 250 MAXeSites
NON-PROFIT PRO ($219/mo.):  Online store + 50 merchants, 650 MAXeSites

Earnings (USD)


B2B Partner Application