B2B Partner program

B2B Partners

Leverage Jibbio as a toolset to help new and existing clients grow their local online presence for more sales.  Setup and manage Jibbio tools on behalf of clients to earn thousands of dollars in monthly recurring income.  Ideal for:

  Affiliate marketers
  Business consultants
  Digital marketing services
  Home-based businesses
  Internet & SaaS services
  Media agencies
  Online marketing consultants
  Website designers


1. For each of your clients, join a Jibbio plan at a value-added reseller rate.

2. For each of your clients, setup and manage Jibbio tools.

3. For each of your clients, bill your desired monthly fee [e.g. (Regular price - Reseller rate) + (Managed service)].


Jibbio offers eight plans.  A 14-day free trial is available and does not require a credit card.

SOHO ($15/mo.):  5 MAXeSites
MICRO ($29/mo.):  15 MAXeSites
MINI ($49/mo.):  30 MAXeSites
SMALL ($99/mo.):  70 MAXeSites
MIDSIZE ($199/mo.):  150 MAXeSites

NON-PROFIT LITE ($59/mo.):  35 MAXeSites
NON-PROFIT PLUS ($139/mo.):  100 MAXeSites
NON-PROFIT PRO ($219/mo.):  170 MAXeSites


Increase local online presence for target keywords in Google searches, beyond a broad website:

Online Store + Marketplace (launching Nov 2023)

MAXeSites (see the proof in Google searches)

Dynamic QR Codes


B2B Partner Application