B2B Partners


"B2B Partners" is a profitable opportunity to generate multiple recurring income streams for non-compete, synergistic:

Affiliate marketers
Business consultants
Digital marketing services
Internet & SaaS services
Online directories
Media companies
PR agencies
Print marketing services
Sales & marketing consultants
Telecom companies

A hybrid program combining the benefits of affiliate marketing, resellers, and B2B networking.

No financial investment
No cap on recurring income
No payment invoicing


1. Sign up (it's free).

2. Offer Jibbio at 40% OFF the regular rate using a unique promo code.

3. Earn 40% monthly recurring commission per sale.

Sales training PDF provided: Knowledge base, "elevator pitch," sales commissions, cold call script, 9 email marketing templates, follow-up call sales closing summary, marketing flyer template, FAQs, etc.


Offer Jibbio as a standalone service, or combine it with your own services to expand into new target markets and generate additional revenue (e.g. create MAXeSite™ apps on behalf of clients).

Jibbio produces results for any micro or small business.  Happy customers have translated to a 92% retention rate since 2010.

Businesses can leverage customers with MAXeSite™ apps to increase loyalty, web traffic, and generate local ad revenue.  A win, win.

Why Jibbio

📈 See how businesses are using Jibbio to increase customer loyalty and web traffic for more sales:

Increase Customer Loyalty & Traffic

📈 See how businesses are using AskMIA™ to increase customer lifetime value (CLV):

AskMIA™ for Auto Service (e.g. oil change, auto maintenance, etc.)

AskMIA™ for Beauty & Cosmetic (e.g. (beauty, laser, and cosmetic clinics)

AskMIA™ for Brick and Mortar (e.g. restaurants & bars, stores, grocers, etc.)

AskMIA™ for Health & Fitness (e.g. martial arts schools, gyms, fitness clubs & trainers, etc.)

AskMIA™ for Trade Service (e.g. plumbers, HVAC, duct & carpet cleaning, etc.)

📈 See why AskMIA™ is driving up to 18% more revenue and 76% more customer engagement!

Watch AskMIA™ in Action

📈 See how businesses are using Jibbio to increase employee productivity and simplify daily administrative tasks:

Increase Employee Productivity


Earn 40% monthly recurring commission per account

Recurring commissions paid on the 1st of every month, via PayPal.  Sales tracking sheet provided, and updated as new sales acquired.

Earnings Potential (USD)

Each service includes:

MICRO: 75 MAXeSite™ apps
SMALL: 500 MAXeSite™ apps
MIDSIZE: 2500 MAXeSite™ apps


Earn 30% monthly recurring commission per package

Businesses can purchase additional MAXeSite™ apps if they require more than what is included with the Jibbio MICRO (75), SMALL (500), or MIDSIZE (2500) service.

Earnings Potential (USD)


Earn a performance bonus of up to $250,000 USD

If you acquire more than $25,000 USD in new "MICRO, SMALL, or MIDSIZE" monthly recurring sales within 12 months, Jibbio will match your recurring sales with a one-time performance bonus of up to $250000 USD, dollar per dollar.

For example, if you acquired $50,000 USD in new monthly recurring sales within 12 months, you receive a $50,000 USD bonus in addition to your standard 40% monthly recurring commission of $20,000.

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U.S. State Sheriffs’ Associations endorse Jibbio for its community-centric and non-dues Save-Raise Program fundraising.

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