AskMIA™ for Trade Service


A First to Market technology providing HVAC and plumbing service businesses with easy DIY marketing tools comprised of practical online marketing ideas that are modularized, customizable and aggregated into web-based templates.

Copy a template or add, edit, delete, move, and disable template fields with a click of the mouse.  The two main templates are:

1. AskMIA™ (for new customers)
2. Express Service Request™ (for existing customers)

AskMIA™ and Express Service Request™ are powered by MAXeSites™.

AskMIA™ (left) and Express Service Request™ (right)

MAXeSite™ apps are a multifaceted must-have for your digital marketing to increase sales and save time.

Making It Easy

Give each of your customers their own personalized Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ app for a true VIP service that is simple, and minimizes the communication barriers to do business with you.

It requires the customer only "1-scan, 1-click or 1-tap" to quickly access their Express Service Request™ app. The customer's information is conveniently prepopulated for minimal data input and aggregates everything they need to:

Ask for advice
Communicate with technician
Inquire more information
Learn about services
Make an offer
Redeem VIP discounts
Request for quotation
Schedule an appointment
Upload multimedia content
View special offers

The path of least resistance with minimal barriers. Customers love the convenience, service and value - NO missed phone calls, no frustrating voicemails, no hassles of downloading an app, no website, and no need to repeat information to a technician.

Minimize verbal communication and maximize operational efficiency for top customer satisfaction to:

Build customer relationships
Increase customer loyalty
Upsell customers easily

True VIP Service

The Jibbio MIDSIZE account includes 500 MAXeSites™, empowering your HVAC or plumbers service business to offer a true VIP service for up to 500 customers via their own personalized Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ app, while acquiring more new customers with AskMIA™.  Buy more MAXeSites™ as needed.


Reach out to local, community-driven, non-compete businesses and offer them exclusive display advertising opportunities within your AskMIA™ and Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ apps.

The advertisers' links within MAXeSites™ can improve your local search engine optimization (SEO), develop B2B cross-promotional relationships to expand exposure even more, and the ad revenue alone can pay for the service itself.  A win, win, win.

Patent pending MAXeSite™ apps provide your HVAC or plumbing service business with endless customization options to suit your marketing needs, simplify administration, improve local SEO and website traffic to corner your local market.

HVAC & Plumbers Marketing

1. AskMIA™ will improve your heating and air conditioning or plumbing service marketing efforts to expand and acquire more new customers within your local target market.

2. Express Service Request™ will help your HVAC or plumber service business to build more profitable customer relationships by increasing their satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and repeat sales.


The Problem

For the majority of HVAC or plumbing service businesses, lack of educating the customer is a fundamental problem that needs to be addressed before, during, and/or after services have been rendered.

The amount of technical information and misinformation is overwhelming for the average customer, making customer education a crucial priority- "what service maintenance or repairs are you advising to have completed, and why does the customer need it?"

Service businesses realize these issues, but their challenge is finding a simple means to educate and engage customers.

Educate to Engage

With 67% of consumers stating that "bad customer experience, poor service, or getting ripped off" as one of their primary reasons to stop doing business with an entity, focusing in customer education can substantially improve customer retention to increase their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to your business.

"It can cost as much as 7X more to acquire a new customer, than to retain one."

By educating customers, it’s a win-win: It allows you to develop a personal rapport with each service maintenance customer earning their confidence (i.e. trust) in the services you provide, and in return you retain more happy customers with possible referrals.

The Solution

Express Service Request™ includes professional HVAC and plumbing servicing schematic diagrams accessible from any mobile phone, tablet, desktop, and each customer's Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ app empowering your business to educate customers in a simple and engaging manner.

More educating, less selling.  In turn, maximizing customer experience and retention.


What is your average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?

If you provide regular maintenance services to customers, you have an idea of their value (or lack thereof) to your business.

With the increasing number of competition in every niche market both online and offline, customers today are savvy shoppers- they want savings, service, and convenience.

There are always competitors ready to beat your price, but if you provide customers with an easy means to satisfy multiple objectives requiring their minimal time and effort, you will likely generate more sales over competitors.

Moreover, a non-intrusive tool that empowers your business to maintain a regular dialogue with customers will ultimately help you to build loyal relationships with your existing customer base.

New vs Existing Customers

Acquiring new customers will help increase your revenue, but your best customers are your existing customers.  Why?

76% of companies see Customer Lifetime Value as "an important concept for their organization."  The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%.

Unfortunately, far too many businesses neglect their core customer base by focusing primarily in marketing for NEW customer acquisition, rather than allocating marketing efforts for EXISTING customer retention. As a resulot, losing customers.

Best of Both Worlds

Express Service Request™ utilizes high-tech touchpoints and low-pressure upselling to build loyal relationships with your existing customer base to increase retention, maximizing their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to your business.

AskMIA™ is a proprietary marketing, promotional and communication tool designed to drive more loyal customers to your business at the LOWEST Cost Per Customer of less than three first-class U.S. postage stamps per month.

Express Service Request™ and AskMIA™ are powered accessibility compliant cloud-based MAXeSite™ apps proven to increase leads, customers, and website traffic.


Providing a personalized Express Service Request™ for each HVAC or plumbing service customer is a non-intrusive touchpoint to build customer relationships and increase their satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and repeat sales.

There is another significant fundamental aspect that works behind the scenes, in your favour:

Customers collaboratively improve your website rankings and traffic.

Here's HOW

Over 500+ algorithms determine how search engines rank a website, which constitutes core fundamental principles to increase website traffic and search engine optimization (SEO):


1. Content

The personalized Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ app that your HVAC or plumbers service business provides each of your preferred customers will have unique content that not only is updated regularly, but is relevant to the nature of your heating and air conditioning or plumbing service business.

For example, each personalized Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ app would have an image of the customer’s water heater with its make/model used as the file name (e.g. Rheem_Performance_40_gallon_water_heater.jpg, ECO_11_tankless_water_heater.jpg, WestingHouse_52_gallon_water_tank.png, etc.), maintenance service specials (e.g. annual heating or air conditioning maintenance service, annual water heater servicing, etc.) and personalized messages.

2. Activity

Each local service customer can view their personalized Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ app accessible from any web browser, by scanning a Jibbio QR code or via their unique MAXeSite™ app web link.

For the HVAC or plumbing service business, the service technician scans the QR code when he or she arrives arrives to the customer's location, which would provide all necessary information. As a result, minimizing verbal communication between service technician and customer for a true "Express Service Request."

Once the local customer arrives on their Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ app, they can bookmark the URL on their mobile phone, tablet, and/or desktop for repeat access. Bookmarking can have a positive impact in your local SEO rankings, as search engines correlate it to "useful content that the user wishes to save or store."

3. Links

Each personalized Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ app has a backlink to your website.

In Summary

If your HVAC or plumbing service business provides 200 customers with their own personalized Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ app, you have:

200 MAXeSite™ app URLs bookmarked in 200 unique IPs,
200 unique IPs accessing 200 SEO enhanced pages of unique servicing content,
200 SEO enhanced pages of unique servicing content backlinking to your relevant service trade website.

Plus, many more factors that can lead to a juggernaut for increase!


1. No Barriers

CONSUMERS - NO app download, registration, or logins required
BUSINESS - NO new hardware, installation, or integration required

2. All-In-One

Supercharge your marketing, promotional and communication efforts with an easy multifaceted tool:

500 Express Service Request™ MAXeSites™ included
Build customer relationships
Collect service feedback
Create special offers on the fly
Expand B2B cross-promotional relationships
Generate ad revenue and keep 100% (less PayPal fees)
Improve local SEO and traffic
Increase customer loyalty
Offer surprise service discount on the fly
Omnichannel marketing- Digital, Direct and Print
Upsell customers easily

Plus much more!

3. Launch in One Day

SIGN UP for the Jibbio MIDSIZE account and you will then receive a 5-min questionnaire, required to complete Step 2.
We SET UP your AskMIA™ and Express Service Request™ MAXeSite™ core templates, advertiser enrol & pay form, and marketing copy.
We EMAIL you content created in Step 2 within one business day, then CALL you to review and advise.
You EDIT templates, then copy and personalize for each customer.
LAUNCH and see results!