Dominate Local Competition With MAXeSites™

SAMS (Sales, Administrative, Marketing, and SEO) App in One


Choose from 27 modularized field elements to create content, personalized employee marketing and customer VIP service-marketing MAXeSite™ apps.  In turn, increase your website SEO and traffic.

3-in-1 QR Codes

Create a QR code that directs to a MAXeSite™, URL, or PayPal Checkout.  Create a personalized MAXeSite™ app per employee, then add its QR code to their business card to expand your digital footprint.

URL Shortening

Shorten a long URL to a branded short link used interchangeably to direct between a MAXeSite™ or URL. Share short link across online sites or add to print media to track link analytics and marketing efforts.

Jibbio 3-in-1 Toolset:  Optimize online & print marketing for more customers

NO IT staff required
EASY to create
LAUNCH in minutes

Minimal effort to maintain

Improve SEO & Traffic

Exceed employee and customer satisfaction while at the same time, they UNKNOWINGLY "work" to increase your website SEO.

Featuring AskMIA™

Powered by the Jibbio 3-in-1 Toolset

AskMIA™ is a proprietary marketing, promotional, and communication tool that can give the independent, franchised and specialty business a huge customer service advantage. A simple touchpoint that connects customers to your business in real time using their mobile phones.

A First to Market technology that allows you to provide a true VIP, personalized service-marketing MAXeSite™ app for each customer to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), improve website SEO, and the ad revenue alone can pay for the service itself!  A win, win.

Download, edit, and launch in minutes.