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Create call-to-action MAXeSites™ combining 27 marketing elements in one SEO enhanced page to market and promote products, generate more leads with higher conversions while at the same time, increasing website rankings and organic traffic over time.

3-in-1 QR Codes

Create 3-in-1 QR codes which offer measurable, multimedia experience to maximize Print ROI. Add interactive value to print media with 3-in-1 QR codes used interchangeably between a "MAXeSite™, web URL, or PayPal Checkout."

URL Shortening

Shorten a long URL to a branded short link to market across all channels and track analytics. Shorten a long URL which is not usable across all platforms to a branded link, then share online and track individual link analytics.

Boost SEO Rankings

MAXeSites™ are a must-have for your digital eStrategy to improve conversions, website rankings and organic traffic.

Stop Buying Leads!

Stop buying leads from 3rd party lead providers and start generating your own exclusive leads with Jibbio.

Featuring AskMIA™

AskMIA™ is a proprietary marketing, promotional, and communication tool that can give the independent, franchised and specialty business a huge customer service advantage. A simple touchpoint that connects customers to your business in real time using their mobile phones.

The ultimate turnkey tool to build customer loyalty and relationships via instant gratification- no reward points.

This patent pending must-have tool will drive more loyal customers through your front door, boost website traffic, increase profit, and the local business advertising opportunities alone can pay for the service itself!

Watch AskMIA™ in Action

The AskMIA™ Advantage

Sales Pitch - Three Questions

"You are a consumer and there are five stores in your area."


Each store has their own loyalty points program except "Store A," which offers you a surprise checkout discount every time you shop with no registration or card required- where would you shop?


Each store has competitive pricing but "Store A" gives you the ability to request a discount and communicate anonymously, with no app or personal info required- where would you shop?


Each store has their own mobile app except "Store A," which offers an all-in-one "customer first" cloud-based app accessible from any internet device with no downloads required, eliminating consumer data privacy concerns and adoption barriers- where would you shop?

If you answered "Store A," then your business needs AskMIA™.

No Barriers


No app download, registration, or logins required for customers


No new hardware, installation or integration required for business


No IT staff required- turnkey, customize, edit on the fly

Forget the Sales Jargon – in plain English

It is a simple, aggregated, customer-driven online toolset.

It will drive more loyal customers through your front door at the LOWEST customer acquisition cost, than any other advertising medium.

Current stats. In addition, AskMIA™ was developed through the input of 1,473 consumers who each stated that they would use AskMIA™ if it became available.

No, AskMIA™ is a marketing, promotional, and communication touchpoint.

No, AskMIA™ is a turnkey tool to increase in-store commerce.

No, AskMIA™ is a cloud-based app accessible from any internet-enabled device.

AskMIA™ is an aggregated "customer-first" tool, unmatched by others.

Unlike many mobile apps that are created solely to benefit customers, AskMIA™ is a patent pending (62/651,746) proprietary tool that provides INSTANT GRATIFICATION to satisfy both customer (buy) and business (sell) objectives.

Moreover, a simple touchpoint that empowers customers to negotiate and communicate with the business, anonymously.

AskMIA™ focuses only on YOUR store and does not compare you with competition (e.g. price comparison).

AskMIA™ Results

  • 24% to 83% increase in customer engagement, compared to traditional digital methods
  • Average cost of $0.75 to $2.30 to get a customer through the front door, LOWEST of any other advertising medium
  • Average increase in checkout sales of up to 32%

AskMIA is so simple, it produces results, and has reduced losses from unsold perishables. Our customers love its simplicity, and that has ultimately translated to a 14% increase in checkout sales. Best of all, we have local businesses that are advertising on our AskMIA page and that revenue pays for the Jibbio "free" service! Fabulous model.

Nora S., Food & grocery store

Jibbio has helped our fitness club become more efficient and profitable in a matter of months. Not only does AskMIA consolidate several of our marketing initiatives, but it enables us to do it quickly and easily with no I.T. staff required. I don't like tech, but I love it. Cheers.

Greg T., Health & fitness club

Don't think about it, and just do it. AskMIA rocks, and it does exactly what I as a business owner wants- more sales and customers. Sales have gone up 10%. And the fact that you can offer local businesses advertising opportunities to essentially pay for the cost of this service, makes it an absolute no-brainer.

Fred B., Sporting goods retailer

As a franchisee of a large American company, you can't always sit back and rely on headquarters to launch massive marketing campaigns which in reality, can only do so much when it pertains to local-centric marketing for each store. Your company has figured out an easy solution that is beneficial for any independent business, especially for the retail sector. The AskMIA tool has given us the ability to market and sell sitting products, provides a non-intrusive way for consumers to tell us what they're looking to buy, which has reduced the number of consumers leaving our store empty-handed. Your claims are accurate- we're getting more customers walking through our front door, and monthly sales have increased over 15%. Fantastic DIY service.

Tony L., Hardware store

We operate three cosmetic and laser clinics, and our company has tried several marketing tools in over 15 years. AskMIA is outstanding and more importantly, our customers are using it. Having the ability for each of our clinics to create real-time daily or special offers tailored for their clientele with clicks of the mouse, is so powerful and rewarding. Furthermore, the ability to pre-purchase special offers has translated to more new client sales. As a direct result of your service, our sales has increased over 20% in two of the three locations, and our clients love it. Stellar product, and great service.

Joshua K., Laser cosmetic clinic

Without the hype, AskMIA is what every business should have as part of their marketing arsenal. I have yet to see another tool that allows the business to combine so many facets into one simple page. We now post the same link to the AskMIA page on social media and it has everything we want people to see. No need for multiple posts or different email campaigns which many times go unnoticed. It literally takes seconds for us to change our daily, weekly, and purchase specials, which is a game-changer. At the end of the day I need customers, and AskMIA does drive more dine-in traffic. Excellent tool, and well worth the cost. Thank you.

Angelo F., Restaurant & bar

Launch in One Day

SIGN UP now, and you will immediately receive a short questionnaire that takes five minutes to complete. Your responses are required for Step 2.
We SET UP your AskMIA™ core elements including licensed custom poster, advertiser enrol & pay form, ad and marketing copy.
We EMAIL you the web page links, poster, and written copy created in Step 2 in one business day.
You EDIT your AskMIA™ content as desired.
LAUNCH and see results!

For the same cost as paying an employee minimum wage to work ONE day IN YOUR STORE, you can have AskMIA™ working THIRTY days to drive customers TO YOUR STORE.

Find out why businesses and customers love AskMIA™!

AskMIA™ Advantage