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From One to Four

We first joined Jibbio in 2011, as a struggling business with one location.  As of September 2020, we now operate four locations.  There are too many benefits to list but we assure that our steady growth in a very competitive market has been a direct result of MAXeSites, which have generated numerous customers for us in the past 9 years.

Secondly, their newest AskMIA™ tool is a brilliant concept that works!  Our students love it, producing positive numbers every month. Jibbio is an easy practical tool for any small business, and well underpriced for its value.

Alejandro & Reneta Perreira
CFTP Taekwondo

Featuring AskMIA™

AskMIA™ is a marketing, promotional, and communication MAXeSite™ app that can give the independent, franchised and specialty business a huge customer service advantage. A simple touchpoint that connects customers to your business in real time using their smartphone for contactless interactions.

A concierge-style customer service tool that allows you to create a personalized VIP service marketing or promotional MAXeSite™ app for each customer to increase loyalty, web traffic, and the ad revenue alone can pay for the service itself!  Easy, turnkey, and browser-based.