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Why MAXeSites

Google treats subdomains as separate entities.  Create subdomain MAXeSites each 'focused on one thing' - fundamentally proven to increase web presence, conversion rate, and sales beyond a website or app.


Expand online presence

🔥 MAXeSites offer hundreds of practical uses to grow online presence and sales.

Email marketing
Landing / Sales pages
Lead generation
Personalized customer pages
Sell items
Social media posts
Plus more

⏱ Create a MAXeSite™ in minutes.  Drag and drop 27 modularized field elements in the editor and choose from 300 settings.

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💳 Set up a MAXeSite™ to accept single and recurring payments in 10 seconds - simply enter your PayPal email.

🌐 Instead of uploading (giving) your content directly to sites, add it to MAXeSites then share link to build online authority and web presence.

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📥 MAXeSites can increase employee productivity and operational efficiency.  Save time and money.

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🧲 To improve user adoption rate, browser-based MAXeSites do not require downloads nor track device data and activity unlike apps.

📊 Subdomain MAXeSites are accessibility compliant and include 25+ SEO fundamentals unavailable with apps, to drive organic traffic.

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🚀 Batch create up to thousands of promotional, administrative, and personalized customer MAXeSites - multiply keywords for SEO diversity.

💰 Offer local advertising on your MAXeSites for income, backlinks, and cross-promotion.  Set your ad rates and keep 100% of revenue.

🏆 MAXeSite™ is an easy multifaceted SAMS tool designed to build online presence, improve service, and grow sales.

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Build online authority

🔗 Diversify marketing channels for growth - add MAXeSite™ links and QR codes to your web pages, emails, social media, and print ads.

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📲 Users access the same links for real-time content.  Regular activity can build online authority to boost ranking and traffic.

MAXeSites can improve:

✅ Conversion rate

✅ Organic traffic

✅ Customer loyalty


Thrive with MAXeSites

📈 Good, has limited growth.  Best, leverages MAXeSites for ubiquitous growth.

👁 Would you rather have one line (website) or several lines (website + MAXeSites) in the water (Internet), to improve hook up ratio?


STEP 1 of 3

Create CONTENT MAXeSites each on a product, service, or activity targeting a local area.

For example, an auto service business would create one for:

Oil change
Tire rotation
Transmission service

STEP 2 of 3

Batch create personalized CUSTOMER or MEMBER MAXeSites as a service marketing tool.

Each MAXeSite™ prepopulated with his or her info to lower barriers and stay connected.

📱 One easy touchpoint - NO calls, searching, or download required.

STEP 3 of 3

Share CONTENT MAXeSites online.

Email CUSTOMER or MEMBER his or her MAXeSite™ link.

📰 Add interchangeable MAXeSite™ QR code to print ads and media.



📅 Only 5.7% of all newly published pages get to Google Top 10 in search results within a year.

Achieve the 5.7% tier with MAXeSites.

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From One to Four

We first joined Jibbio in 2011, as a struggling business with one location.  As of September 2020, we now operate four locations.  Too many benefits to list but our steady growth in a very competitive market has been a direct result of MAXeSites, which have generated numerous customers for us in the past 9 years.

Jibbio is a practical tool for any small business, and underpriced for its value.

Alejandro & Reneta Perreira
CFTP Taekwondo

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