Maximize & Monetize with MAXeSites

Expand your business presence online and grow sales. 📈


Versatility 🔥

Browser-based MAXeSites are ecommerce-enabled microsites with hundreds of uses for any business, small and large.

🏆 MAXeSite™ is an easy multifaceted SAMS tool designed to increase sales, improve service, and expand web presence.

Drag and drop 27 modularized field elements in the editor with over 300 settings and 25 SEO fundamentals built-in, to create a MAXeSite™ in minutes.

Copy or batch create up to thousands of promotional, administrative, and personalized customer MAXeSites.


Diversity ⚙

A website, email and social media marketing might have reach, but may not grow your web presence and organic traffic due to web content not optimized for search engines, unlike MAXeSites.

Add MAXeSite links and QR codes to emails, online posts, and print media.  Users access the same links for updated content and each MAXeSite backlinks to your website, which can improve SERPs.

Good, has limited growth.  Best, leverages MAXeSites for ubiquitous growth.

Like fishing, would you rather have one line (your website) or several lines (your website + MAXeSites) out when competing with others in the same body of water (Internet)?


Synergy 🌀

Accessibility compliant MAXeSites:

✅ Boost conversions marketing a product, service, or activity

✅ Increase local web presence and organic traffic

✅ Improve customer service and loyalty


Prosperity 💲

Start selling on your MAXeSite in 30 seconds - just enter your PayPal email.  Share MAXeSite links on any site and collect single or recurring credit card payments beyond your website, while expanding web presence.  Win-win-win.

Local businesses want access to what you already have - entrance to your "walled garden" of customers or members.

Offer advertising on your CONTENT, CUSTOMER, and MEMBER MAXeSites for income, backlinks, and cross-promotions.  You control who advertises, price, and keep 96% of revenue (4% PayPal fees).

⚖ Earn thousands of dollars annually in passive income!

"US local digital ad spending is estimated to grow from $60.7B USD in 2017, to $71.3B USD in 2022." - eMarketer


Ubiquity 📈

STEP 1 of 3:  Create CONTENT MAXeSites each on a product, service, or activity targeting a local area.  For example, an auto service business would create one for:

Oil change
Tire rotation
Transmission service

STEP 2 of 3:  Batch create personalized CUSTOMER, MEMBER, and/or EMPLOYEE MAXeSites as a service marketing tool.  His or her info prepopulated to lower barriers and stay connected.

📱 One easy touchpoint - NO calls, searching, or download required.

📲 Add MAXeSite™ favicon to home screen - one 'tap' to connect.

📰 Add interchangeable MAXeSite™ QR code to print media.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  Launch in minutes.

From One to Four

We first joined Jibbio in 2011, as a struggling business with one location.  As of September 2020, we now operate four locations.  Too many benefits to list but our steady growth in a very competitive market has been a direct result of MAXeSites, which have generated numerous customers for us in the past 9 years.

Jibbio is a practical tool for any small business, and underpriced for its value.

Alejandro & Reneta Perreira
CFTP Taekwondo