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Grow your business online with multifaceted MAXeSites.  All from just $12 per month.

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Increase your online presence

🔥 An easy multifaceted SASS (Sales, Administration, Service, SEO) tool to grow online.

Google Business Profile - Top 3
SEO microsites / landing pages
Personalized customer's site
Multimedia online forms
Sell online
Plus more

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💻 Easy to update and manage - no IT staff required.

Built-in SEO

📊 MAXeSites are accessibility compliant with over 25 built-in SEO elements to rank higher on search results for more visibility.

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Google Business Profile

📍 Using a MAXeSite™ as the website link for your Google Business Profile can get you in the Top 3 for more leads and customers.

Organic Traffic

🌐 Create MAXeSites each focused on ONE product, service, or topic targeting a local area to drive more organic search traffic.

Single-page MAXeSites can outrank large multi-page sites (e.g. FB, YP) for local keywords to reach Google Top 10 in a year.

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Customer Service

📱📲 Batch create and update thousands of MAXeSites personalized for each customer, with one CSV file.  Choose from 300 settings.

Easy touchpoint for customers
Customer data prepopulated
Exceptional customer service
Increase customer loyalty
Drive repeat sales

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Ad Revenue

💰 Offer local advertising on MAXeSites for income, backlinks, and cross-promotion.  Set ad rates and keep 100% of revenue.

Online Payments

💳 Accept PayPal and credit card payments.

Single or recurring payments
Simply enter a PayPal email
Sell one or multiple items
Flat or variable prices
Minutes to set up

Online Authority

🚀 Incorporate MAXeSites with online marketing to build online authority and web presence.

Email Users

📧 Send an email to update all MAXeSite™ respondents who have provided an email, with a click of the mouse.

Social Media

🔗 Instead of uploading content directly to sites, add it to MAXeSites then share its link to grow presence, improve engagement and results.

🔎 Boys & Girls Club Case Study


📥 MAXeSites can simplify daily tasks, increase employee productivity, and boost operational efficiency.  Save time and money.

🔎 FedEx® Case Study

📈 Leverage MAXeSites to expand online presence beyond a website and drive more sales for your brand.

Email / Print marketing
GMB / Paid ads
Social media
Web pages


⇄ Share MAXeSites data with any system or application, via push and pull API integration.

QR Codes

Expand your web presence

📰 Add 3-in-1 interchangeable MAXeSite™ QR codes to print media and expand online presence.

Use a QR code for different URLs
MAXeSite™, PayPal, or URL
Hi-res QR code (print 3 ft X 3 ft)

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