Online Store + Marketplace

Create an online store with integrated multi-vendor marketplace.  Earn 0-99% commission on items sold by individuals and businesses.  Build a local economy and increase SEO in Google search for more sales.

Get more than just an online store.

Launching November 2023

Online Store

Setup wizard

Easy step-by-step wizard runs automatically when you setup for the first time.

Brand and customize

Intuitive settings to change your storefront on the fly for a periodic visual refresh:

➤ Logo
➤ Tagline
➤ Header
➤ Call to action
➤ Navigation menu
➤ Color schemes
➤ Image slider/featured image
➤ Typography (200+ fonts)

Mobile commerce ready

Customers can browse and buy from your store using any internet-enabled mobile device.

Custom domain

Use your own domain name for your online store + marketplace.



Enable or disable the option for individual sellers and business merchants to sell on your website, with a click of the mouse.


No apps or code required for marketplace sellers to sell seamlessly with your products.

Individual sellers

Individuals can sell up to 25 items at a time.

Business merchants

Businesses can sell unlimited products.

Commission range

Select a commission range between 0% and 99% (e.g. 5-15%) for every product category.

Commission rate

Marketplace sellers pick a commission rate (e.g. 7%) within your commission range, per item sold.

Sell on marketplaces

Sell your products on other marketplaces powered by Jibbio, with clicks of the mouse.


Edit "Shipping Policy, Return & Refund Policy, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy" default templates as required.



No limit to the number or type of products you and business merchants can sell.

Physical & Digital

Customers can buy physical and digital products.


Customers can buy subscription products with flexible recurring payments.


Donors can give a one-time or recurring donation.

Product variations

Offer product variations such as different sizes, colours, materials, and more. Each variation can have its own SKU, price, and inventory.

Product organization

Organize products by category, type, sale, and more. Sort products based on merchant, brand, inventory, and price.

SEO product tags

Optimize your product pages for search engines with product-specific titles, meta tags, and descriptions.

Inventory management

Track stock counts and automatically stop selling products when inventory runs out.


Import or export your products using CSV files.

Shopping cart

PayPal and Stripe

Enter your PayPal or Stripe account to accept customer payments. Jibbio does not collect additional transaction fees.

Automated sales tax

Major country and state tax rates automatically handled at checkout, based on customer location.

Abandoned checkout recovery

Send emails automatically to customers who do not complete the checkout process to encourage purchase completion.

Flexible shipping rates

Setup your shipping rates by flat rate or tiered pricing.

Offer free shipping

Improve average order size by offering free shipping to customers. Choose the price point at which free shipping applies.

📈 Online store + marketplace with integrated MAXeSites is a proven keywords strategy to increase each merchant's local online presence in Google searches.

Marketing & SEO

Sell on marketing platforms

Sync your online store with Google Merchants, Facebook and Instagram Shop with one click of the mouse.

Search engine optimized

Consists of over 25 on-page SEO best practices applied to MAXeSites. See the proof in Google search results.

Integrated MAXeSites

Add a MAXeSite™ link on product detail pages to provide more information, capture leads, and expand online presence.


Sitemap.xml automatically generated with your products and web pages.

Product reviews

Engage customers and encourage sales with the option to leave SEO-friendly product reviews on your website.

Discount codes

Boost sales and customer loyalty by creating "Buy One, Get One" promotions and discount codes.

Store management

Customer profiles

Find contact info and order history to learn more about customer shopping habits.


Set up your dropshipping business.

Customer accounts

Allow users to create a customer account to encourage repeat shopping. Users can also checkout as a guest without an account.


Offer partial and full refunds on an order to the payment method used. Your inventory is updated automatically.

Customer groups

Categorize and export customer lists based on location, purchase history, and more.

Email templates

Customize your automated store emails with the design you want.

Web hosting

Unlimited bandwidth

No bandwidth charge or limit on the number of visitors or traffic to your online store.

Instant upgrades

Online store + marketplace automaticlly updated so you'll receive the latest features.



An intuitive dashboard of your orders and sales helps you make the right business choices.

Google Analytics

Add your Google Analytics account so you can track visitors and traffic. Export reports.

Social marketing stats

Track clicks and conversions from Google Merchants, Facebook and Instagram Shop.

Product reports

Analyze and gain insight into your online store growth. See which products are selling, and which ones are not.


Dedicated support

Contact our support team 24/7 via your Jibbio dashboard.

Help Center

Find commonly asked questions and tutorials in Jibbio Support.

Start your business journey with Jibbio

Try Online Store + Marketplace for free, and explore all the tools you need to start, run, and grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you will need to have a domain name for your online store + marketplace website.

Can I just setup an online store without the marketplace?

Yes, you can create your online store without the multi-vendor marketplace to sell your items only.

Can I enable or disable the marketplace on my site at any time?

Yes, with a click of the mouse.

How many online store + marketplace themes are available?

You can customize one search engine optimized, customizable, online store + marketplace template.

Is there a setup fee?

No, there are no setup fees.

Are there bandwidth fees?

No, your online store + marketplace includes unlimited bandwidth.

Do I need a web hosting account?

No, your online store + marketplace includes web hosting on AWS.

Do I need to provide a shopping cart?

No, you only need to enter your PayPal or Stripe account information to accept payments.

What kind of payments can I accept?

You can accept all methods of payment offered via PayPal and Stripe.

What are the credit card fees?

Review PayPal (US), PayPal (CA), Stripe (US), and Stripe (CA) rates.

Are there any additional transaction fees?

No, you are only charged a transaction fee to process payments by PayPal or Stripe. There are no additional fees collected by Jibbio.

Can I close my online store at any time?

Yes, simply cancel your Jibbio account at any time.

Do I need to enter my payment details to sign up?

No, you can sign up for the 14-day free trial and setup your online store without entering your payment details. When you decide to launch, you will need to pick a plan and enter your payment details.

Can I upgrade my plan later on?

Yes, you can upgrade to a larger plan that includes more merchant accounts and MAXeSites at any time. Alternatively, you can purchase more merchant accounts and MAXeSites as needed.

Marketplace questions

What are the advantages of Jibbio vs. Shopify marketplace?

❌ Shopify marketplace business merchants must each have their own Shopify account.
❌ Shopify marketplace business merchants must purchase a multi-vendor marketplace app (additional monthly charge).
❌ Shopify marketplace business merchants require software package installation, integration, and ongoing API updates to set up and run.
✅ Jibbio multi-vendor marketplace is integrated with your online store. The above requirements are not applicable.

How do merchants sell their products on my website?

Each plan includes a number of merchants (businesses and individuals) who can sell on your website. Merchants register and login to their own dashboard from your website.

What will merchant products look like on my website?

Merchant products will appear seamlessly with your products but include the merchant's name, shipping, return policy and contact information.

How are merchant items sorted on my website?

Highest commission (%) items are sorted from top to bottom.

How does the commission rate work with merchants?

For every product category, you select a commission range between 0 and 99% (e.g. 5-15%). Each merchant picks a commission rate (e.g. 7%) within your range, per item sold. Merchants can change the commission rate for an item at any time.

How do merchants get paid when their items are sold?

Payments are automatically deposited into the merchant's PayPal or Stripe account (less commission) after their return policy expiration date, which merchants choose between 1 to 30 days.

How are delivery of goods and refunds handled with items sold by merchants?

Merchant handles delivery of goods and customer service. Merchants issue refunds via their dashboard.

Can more merchants sell on my website?

Yes, you can buy more merchant accounts, as needed.

Social media questions

Can I sell on social media, like Facebook or Instagram?

Yes. Sync your store with Google Merchants, Facebook and Instagram Shop with one click of the mouse to sell directly on social media.