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Over 500+ algorithms and factors determine how search engines rank a web page, summarized as:



QUESTION 1: How did Amazon® (world's largest e-commerce retailer) initially grow their online presence and brand?

ANSWER: In its infancy (late 90s), over 60% of Amazon sales were generated by thousands of its Associates Program affiliate marketers driving traffic to Amazon for their own gains (i.e. commissioned for any sales).
Meaning, Amazon leveraged affiliate marketers to collectively generate over 60% of its sales.

QUESTION 2: How did Facebook® (world's largest social media network) initially grow their online presence and brand?

ANSWER: In its infancy (2007), Facebook had over 400,000 independent app developers driving traffic to Facebook for their own gains (i.e. promote their apps).
Meaning, Facebook leveraged over 400,000 app developers to collectively drive traffic to Facebook.

QUESTION 3: Why do the following top-tier web portals always appear in the top search results?

ANSWER: Each site is essentially a massive categorized DICTIONARY of keywords with unique "updated content, frequent activity, and links" fueled by other people and businesses.
Meaning, each site leverages individuals and businesses to obtain their content, activity, and links for FREE.

🤫 In summary, the sites leverage others to expand their web presence for more traffic.

👉 Therefore, follow the same principles for your OWN gains.

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