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"Keyword-rich dictionaries"


Over 500+ algorithms and factors determine how search engines rank a web page, which correlates to your online visibility.

SEO experts agree that the core principles to improve SEO and organic website traffic, can be summarized as:


QUESTION: Why do "Yelp, Yellow Pages, Realtor, AutoTrader, TripAdvisor, and Quora" type of web portals always appear in the top search results?

ANSWER: Each site is essentially a massive DICTIONARY of keywords categorized and sub-categorized with unique "updated content, frequent activity, and links" fueled by businesses.

The beneficiaries are the web portals, using businesses to increase their own traffic.

Therefore, follow the same principles for your OWN gains in 5 steps...

STEP 1:  Choose from 27 modularized field elements to create CONTENT MAXeSite™ apps with over 25 built-in SEO fundamentals, as "keyword-rich dictionaries" relevant to your business that drives the three core principles.

STEP 2:  Batch create a personalized MAXeSite™ app (backlinks to your website) for each EMPLOYEE, as an interactive digital business card to market themselves.  In turn, happier employees UNKNOWINGLY "work" to increase your website SEO.

STEP 3:  Batch create a personalized MAXeSite™ app (backlinks to your website) for each CUSTOMER as a true VIP service-marketing tool to exceed their expectations.  In turn, happier customers UNKNOWINGLY "work" to increase your website SEO.

The unique content, activity, links, and bookmarking of each employee and customer MAXeSite™ app on local IP addresses expands your business digital footprint.  Moreover, improving your online presence credibility to generate more organic traffic.

STEP 4:  Contact local businesses and offer exclusive online advertising opportunities within your MAXeSite™ apps - you keep 100% of ad dollars.  Local triangular linking can further increase website traffic and brand exposure.

STEP 5:  Share each content MAXeSite™ app URL online, email each customer and employee their unique MAXeSite™ app URL, and add each employee MAXeSite™ app QR code to their respective business cards.  A MAXeSite™ app icon can be added to a smartphone home screen (like a native app) or bookmarked in a web browser for easy repeat access.

The above cannot be achieved with a website or app.  MAXeSite™ apps are easy - Employees and customers love it, Businesses profit.

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