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"Leverage & Dictionaries"


❗ COVID-19 has increased business competition online.  Is your micro or small business working smarter to lead, or harder to keep up?

One Is Not Enough 🔎

Unless you have a top-tier website, one is not enough. The reason is logical- with the rising number of online sites competing for the same target market, the average website has shrinking exposure.

Leverage 📈

To increase exposure, create cloud-based MAXeSite™ apps.

MAXeSite™ apps do NOT replace a website, but rather leveraged to increase traffic to your website.  Think of MAXeSite™ apps as your active soldiers out in the field working cohesively to cover ground, and a website as your stationary base.

Hence, leverage your SOCIAL MEDIA posts, EMAIL & TEXT campaigns, CUSTOMERS and EMPLOYEES with these soldiers.  Easily batch create or edit tens to thousands of soldiers to maximize coverage and dominate local competition.

Dominate 👊

Tasks that normally require an hour to complete using other marketing tools, you can accomplish in minutes with MAXeSite™ apps.  It takes seconds to edit content, allowing for easy updates on the fly to satisfy SEO objectives:

CONTENT MAXeSite™ apps (combine 27 modularized, SEO-enhanced field elements with direct calls to action in one)
👉 Share the unique URL for each content app online to social media or any website.

CUSTOMER VIP service-marketing MAXeSite™ apps (customer's info prepopulated for contactless service and tailored offers)
👉 Include the unique URL for each customer's personalized app in your email and text marketing campaigns.

EMPLOYEE marketing MAXeSite™ apps (employee's info prepopulated as a multimedia digital business card)
👉 Email each employee the unique URL to his or her personalized app, and add app QR code to business cards.

MAXeSite™ apps have over 25 built-in SEO fundamentals to expand your digital footprint, increase website SEO and traffic.

Social, Email & Text 🔗

Do you post on social media or send email and text marketing campaigns?  If so, ask yourself three questions:

1.  Why upload key marketing content (e.g. photos, videos, links, or offers) SEPARATELY to social media, emails or texts, which users may not all see? (I.e. segmented or unseen content lowers user engagement and is a "dead end" for web activity after a week)

2.  Why post content to social media that does not embed MULTIPLE calls to action, reducing conversions? (E.g. what would you like a user to do after they have viewed a photo, are the calls to action options "in sight," and how many clicks required to complete)

3.  Why allow social media to monetize YOUR "non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free" content, which your users may not see nor dig up from prior posts? (I.e. don't give away your content, which is "buried deep" within hours)

Instead, combine ALL of your content with calls to action in a MAXeSite™ app, and share the app URL repeatedly in social, email, or text campaigns.  Edit content on the fly to continue driving more activity for higher web credibility and traffic. 🌐

Thus, users access the same app URL saved on their phone to view real-time aggregated content (all "in sight") with easy P2P share options, expanding your digital footprint and brand.  One simple touchpoint to engage users. 📱

No downloads, dead ends, missed calls to action or buried posts.

Ad Revenue 🤝

Download and customize the Exclusive Advertiser opportunity copy and Become an Advertising Sponsor! MAXeSite™ app templates to automate advertiser enrolment, ad submission, and payments.  All done for you.

🏆 Next, contact local businesses regarding the advertising opportunity to monetize YOUR exclusive content, acquire new backlinks, achieve local triangular linking, and develop B2B cross-promotions for even more exposure.  A win-win-win.

⚖ Ad revenue alone can pay for the service itself! (e.g. 3 ads X $7/mo.)

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