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One is Not Enough

Unless you have a "Tier 1" website, a website and app are simply not enough. The reason is logical- with the rising number of online sites competing for the same target market, the average website has shrinking exposure.

Crush Local Competition

Create "content, personalized employee marketing and customer service-marketing" MAXeSite™ apps to expand digital footprint.  MAXeSite™ apps have over 25 built-in SEO fundamentals to improve your local website SEO and increase web visibility.

A MAXeSite™ does NOT replace a website, but it is rather an addendum to boost traffic to your main online backbone- your website. Think of MAXeSite™ apps as foot soldiers out in the field, and a website as your base.

Contact local businesses and offer exclusive online advertising within your MAXeSite™ apps.  Local triangular linking can build B2B cross-promotional relationships, expand brand, boost traffic, and the ad revenue alone can pay for the Jibbio service itself.  A win, win.

How Jibbio Expands Its Own Digital Footprint with MAXeSites™

1. One is Not Enough
2. All Fundamental - No Bull
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