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One is Not Enough

Unless you have a "Tier 1" website, a website and app are simply not enough. The reason is logical- with the rising number of online sites competing for the same target market, the average website has shrinking exposure.

Crush Local Competition

To increase website visibility and improve search engine optimization (SEO), you can create and launch multiple content-specific MAXeSite™ apps with over 25 built-in SEO fundamentals to improve local SEO.

A MAXeSite™ does NOT replace a website, but it is rather an addendum to boost traffic to your main online backbone- your website. Think of MAXeSites™ as foot soldiers out in the field, and a website as your base.

How Jibbio Expands Its Own Digital Footprint with MAXeSites™

SEO is ongoing with no breaks, and search engines prefer aged content sites.  Thus, the sooner you launch MAXeSites™ the better.

How To Corner Your Local Market with MAXeSites™

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It's Fundamental, No Bull

Over 500+ algorithms and factors determine how search engines rank a web page, which correlates to your online visibility.

SEO experts agree that the core principles to improve SEO and organic website traffic, can be summarized as:


QUESTION: Why do "Yelp, Yellow Pages, Realtor, AutoTrader, TripAdvisor, and Quora" type of web portals always appear in the top search results?

ANSWER: Each site is essentially a massive DICTIONARY of keywords categorized and sub-categorized with unique "updated content, frequent activity, and links" fueled by businesses.

The beneficiaries are the web portals, using businesses to increase their own traffic.

Therefore, follow the same principles for your OWN gains...

STEP 1:  Create content-specific MAXeSites™ combining 27 modularized field elements with over 25 built-in SEO fundamentals, as vehicles to load up each with a DICTIONARY of keywords relevant to your business that drives the three core principles.

STEP 2:  A location-based business would also batch create a personalized MAXeSite™ for EACH customer, as the MAXeSites™ will be accessed from unique IP addresses local to your business, satisfying two objectives:

A) Customer sales, marketing, service and retention tool.

B) The unique "updated content, P2P & B2C activity, and links" from each MAXeSite™ can improve your local SEO.  Hence, each customer is UNKNOWINGLY working for your business.

STEP 3:  Reach out to local community-driven, non-compete businesses and offer them exclusive advertising opportunities within your MAXeSites™ to build local triangular linking that works in your favour - you keep 100% of ad dollars.

All of the above cannot be achieved with a single website or app.  Thus, MAXeSites™ are an easy solution.

Location-Based Example

STEP 1:  An auto service business would create a content-specific MAXeSite™ for each of their automotive services offered, such as:

Air Conditioning Service
Air Filter Replacement
Battery Replacement
Differential Fluid Replacement
Fuel System Cleaning Service
Full-Service Oil Change
Headlight/Taillight Replacement
Radiator Service
Serpentine Belt Replacement
Tire Rotation Service
Transmission Service
Windshield Wiper Replacement

STEP 2:  A service-related business such as auto & repair shops or HVAC & plumbing services would also batch create a personalized MAXeSite™ for EACH of their customers as a sales, marketing, service, and retention tool.

The unique content, activity, and links within each customer's MAXeSite™ as well as for those customers who bookmark their MAXeSite™ on unique IPs addresses local to your location-based business can expand digital footprint to improve local SEO.

The advertisers' links within MAXeSites™ can improve your local SEO, strengthen B2B cross-promotional relationships to expand exposure even more, and the ad revenue alone can pay for the service itself.  A win, win, win.

Two Problems, One Solution

As you're using MAXeSite™ apps to promote and market products or services with better conversions, you simultaneously improve local SEO and website traffic to progressively corner your local market.  Yes, solve two problems with one solution!

By creating multiple user-engaging content MAXeSite™ comprised of quality backlinking, optimized META and ALT tags, relevant broad and long-tail keywords; search engines will spider and index the growing repository of keywords from each MAXeSite™.

In turn, gradually increase local SEO and organic traffic over time.  Furthermore, generate exclusive leads and get more customers.

However, don't expect overnight results.


A study by revealed that 95% of newly published web pages do not rank well within 1 year, and the web pages that rank on the first Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) for 2 million randomly selected keywords are at least 2-3 years old.

If you plan to be in business for at least 10 years, invest in its future growth TODAY as search engines give precedence to aged web "pages, content, etc."  SEO requires consistent activity with no breaks, therefore the earlier you launch MAXeSites™ the better.

MAXeSites™ are a WHITE HAT technique tool providing many ways to improve local SEO. It's a process that requires ongoing time and consistent effort to see incremental results before reaching the end goal.

The more effort in promoting user traction and activity for each MAXeSite™ app to expand digital footprint (i.e. unique IPs, social posts, shares, views, engagement, updating content, link building), the higher chance of cornering your local market.

MAXeSite™ apps are like fishing lines- the more you put out, the more you could bring in.

Google Ads

If you advertise with Google Ads, consider allocating a budget from your Google Ad spending towards MAXeSite™ investingWHY?

Google Ads is "no pay, no traffic."  Hence, diversify digital marketing efforts with MAXeSites™ to improve organic traffic naturally.

Calculate Opportunity

Change the numbers below in the blue and top red columns to see how MAXeSite™ apps can increase your current online visibility.

Projections will vary by industry, actual competition, as well as the time and effort one is willing to commit to achieving success.

To see how a location-based business can improve local SEO and website traffic with MAXeSites™, click below.


MAXeSites™ are an investment to grow your business:

1. Promote and market products or services with higher conversions.

2. Increase customer service and retention, while improving local SEO.

3. Expand digital footprint to boost website traffic and dominate competition.

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