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One is Not Enough

Unless you have a "Tier 1" website, a website and app are simply not enough. The reason is logical- with the rising number of online sites competing for the same target market, the average website has shrinking exposure.

Crush Local Competition

To increase website visibility and search engine optimization (SEO), you can create and launch multiple content MAXeSite™ apps.  MAXeSite™ apps consist of over 25 built-in SEO fundamentals to improve local SEO and brand exposure.

A MAXeSite™ does NOT replace a website, but it is rather an addendum to boost traffic to your main online backbone- your website. Think of MAXeSites™ as foot soldiers out in the field, and a website as your base.

Contact local businesses and offer exclusive online advertising within your MAXeSites™.  Local triangular linking can develop B2B cross-promotional relationships, expand brand, boost traffic, and the ad revenue alone can pay for the Jibbio service itself.  A win, win.

How Jibbio Expands Its Own Digital Footprint with MAXeSites™

1. One is Not Enough
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