How To Promote Your Online Store Marketplace

For your online store + marketplace to succeed, your organization's top priority is to drive traffic to your ecommerce website. To drive traffic, people need to know that your site exists!

The good news is that your organization already has what it takes, and there are free effective marketing tools.

💡 Utilize (leverage) individuals and businesses by allowing them to sell items and products on your built-in marketplace. In turn, they can kickstart awareness of your website for more traffic.



📧 Email continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools for ecommerce website platforms.

STEP 1:  Edit the outreach templates below.

Outreach email template #1
Outreach email template #2
Outreach email template #3

STEP 2:  Email members, staff, donors, friends, family, social media, businesses and community groups to get the word out.

STEP 3:  Keep collecting email addresses to grow your contacts list.


📈 MAXeSites are a proven methodology to rank higher than a broad website for local target keywords in Google search results.

STEP 1:  Create a MAXeSite™ promoting ONE item or product offered for sale on your website. Optimize the MAXeSite™ with relevant keywords pertaining to the item or product. For example,

cheap chicken breasts [LOCAL AREA]
used women shoes [LOCAL AREA]
whey protein [LOCAL AREA]

STEP 2:  Add the web page URL for the item or product you're selling on your website, to your MAXeSite™.

STEP 3:  Enable the MAXeSite™ to display on the item or product details page of your website.


👥 People spend a lot of time on social media, which makes it a great channel to market and advertise.

STEP 1:  Share the link to your online store + marketplace on social media.

STEP 2:  Increase the frequency of your social media posts to boost engagement with your friends and followers, which can subsequently increase brand awareness with their followers.

STEP 3:  Don't be afraid to ask others to share your posts to get the word out.


🛒 Here are 20 popular and trending products sold online by US ecommerce merchants in 2024:

• Vitamins and supplements
• Skin care
• Makeup
• Coats and jackets
• Bicycles
• Art and crafting materials
• Drinkware
• Perfume and cologne
• Wine
• Socks
• Bedsheets
• Posters and artwork
• Candles
• Bath and body
• Cookware
• Nail care
• Underwear
• Motor vehicle parts
• Mobile phone accessories
• Blankets