Save-Raise Program

"You Save, We Raise!"


COVID-19 restrictions have limited traditional fundraising channels such as "P2P donation requests, silent auctions, raffles, galas, events, workshops, etc.," significantly reducing funds raised.

Moreover, Non-Profit organizations must go beyond typical fundraising ideas and provide more value to earn donor and member dollars.

Utility, More Value

The Jibbio Save-Raise Program is a mutually beneficial partnership that can raise monthly non-dues revenue, to help support your operations and objectives.

The Save-Raise Program offers donors and members immediate business utility and value to prosper the following:



1. Sign up (it's free).

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2. Contact donors, members, or businesses and offer 20% OFF the Jibbio service.

Your organization receives a unique 20% OFF PROMO code that can be redeemed unlimited times and utilized to track sales

3. For each business that joins Jibbio using your organization’s unique 20% OFF promo code, earn a 40% monthly rev-share.

Sales tracking sheet is provided and updated accordingly as you acquire new sales

Monthly rev-share is paid on the 1st of every month, after the initial 30-day money back guarantee via PayPal
Example: If a customer joins on April 20, monthly rev-share payment starts June 1.

Organization also receive rev-share payments on renewals, with no earnings limitation


Jibbio provides easy and low-cost ways to grow your micro or small business online.  The "3-in-1 Toolset" is designed to optimize online & print marketing to get more customers.

With Jibbio, a business can leverage their SOCIAL MEDIA posts, EMAIL & SMS campaigns, CUSTOMERS and EMPLOYEES with MAXeSite™ apps to expand digital footprint, increase website traffic, and generate local ad revenue for a win-win-win.

1. MAXeSite™ apps
2. 3-in-1 QR Codes
3. URL Shortening

Jibbio provides turnkey solutions powered by its multifaceted 3-in-1 Toolset as provided in the examples below.


1. See how businesses are using Jibbio to expand their digital footprint and increase website traffic to corner their local market:

Increase Website SEO & Traffic

2. See how auto service businesses are using Jibbio to provide each customer with their own personalized Express Service Check-In™ app to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):

AskMIA™ for Auto Service

3. See how health & fitness businesses are using Jibbio to Jibbio to provide each member with their own personalized MIA Merits™ app to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):

AskMIA™ for Health & Fitness

4. See how brick & mortar retail businesses are using Jibbio to drive more loyal customers through their door at the lowest Cost Per Acquisition (CPA):

AskMIA™ for Retail Store

See why AskMIA™ is driving up to 21% more revenue and 76% more customer engagement!

Watch AskMIA™ in Action

5. See how trade service businesses are using Jibbio to provide each customer with their own personalized Express Service Request™ app to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):

AskMIA™ for Trade Service

AskMIA™ is a First to Market technology that empowers a business to provide a true VIP, personalized service-marketing MAXeSite™ app for each customer to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), improve website SEO, and generate ad revenue.

The local business advertising opportunities alone can pay for the Jibbio service itself!

6. See how companies are saving tens of thousands of dollars annually using Jibbio to increase employee productivity and simplify daily administrative tasks:

Increase Employee Productivity

Earnings Potential (USD)


Jibbio produces results for any micro or small business.  Thus, our happy customers have translated to a 92% retention rate since 2010.

U.S. State Sheriffs’ Associations endorse Jibbio for its community-centric and non-dues fundraising programs.

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No fees or financial investment required
Earn 40% monthly recurring income
No cap on earnings
Jibbio provides all end user tech support
No invoicing, no paperwork, no handling of payments




Enrol below, and you can start earning within 24 hours!

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