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🌐 Google ranks web pages, not websites.

☝ New customers are essential, existing ones are more valuable.

Best of Both Worlds 🔥

MAXeSite™ web apps can increase:

✅ Local web presence and organic traffic (new customer sales)

✅ Customer satisfaction and loyalty (existing customer sales)

Paid vs Organic ⚖

Google Ads is 'pay per visitor.'  MAXeSite™ web apps can increase organic traffic ('unlimited visitors') AND customer loyalty.

Boost your online marketing arsenal with MAXeSite™ web apps.


Create browser-based MAXeSite™ apps in minutes.  Copy and edit individually, or batch create and edit thousands with one CSV file.

Example 📈

STEP 1 of 3:  Create multiple CONTENT MAXeSite™ apps each focused on just ONE product or service targeting a local area (e.g. street names, city, etc.), such as:

Acne scar removal
BOTOX injections
Fractional laser resurfacing
Juvederm fillers
Stretch mark reduction


STEP 2 of 3:  Batch create a personalized CUSTOMER and/or EMPLOYEE MAXeSite™ app as a VIP service marketing or promotional tool.  Prepopulate with his or her info to minimize barriers.

📱 One simple touchpoint - NO calls, searching, or download required.


📲 Add MAXeSite™ app favicon to home screen - one 'tap' to connect.

📰 Add MAXeSite™ app QR code to business cards and print media.

Ad Revenue 🤝

Contact local businesses and offer advertising for new revenue, backlinks, and cross-promotions.

⚖ Add revenue alone can pay for the Jibbio service itself!

"US local digital ad spending is estimated to grow from $60.7B USD in 2017, to $71.3B USD in 2022." - eMarketer


Watch a 4-min proof of concept preview, demonstrating LIVE searches on Google.  See how MAXeSite™ apps can increase:

✅ Local organic traffic

✅ Customer loyalty

✅ ROI vs Google Ads

Powerful Synergy 🌀

Patent pending MAXeSite™ web apps have over 25 SEO fundamentals (not available with native apps), tracked by search engines.

🏆 Multifaceted SAMS (Service, Administrative, Marketing, SEO) tool

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