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The Clinton County Boys & Girls Club is part of a national affiliation of more than 4,000 Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Last year when I spent thousands of dollars on Google ads and other marketing systems, I never received the same overwhelming return on investment that I am receiving with Jibbio. I am constantly tweaking MAXeSites and finding new ways to streamline and automate things to save more time. Amazing what Jibbio is doing for my business. It's my new 24/7 salesman.

Premices L., Handyman services

We first joined Jibbio in 2011, as a struggling business with one location. As of September 2020, we now operate four locations. Too many benefits to list but our steady growth in a competitive market has been a direct result of MAXeSites, which have generated numerous customers for us in the past 9 years. Secondly, their newest AskMIA™ tool is a brilliant concept that works!  Our students love it, producing positive numbers every month. Jibbio is a practical tool for any small business, and underpriced for its value.

Alejandro & Reneta P., Taekwondo school

Jibbio is so simple, it produces results, and has reduced losses from unsold perishables. Our customers love its simplicity, and that has ultimately translated to a 14% increase in checkout sales. Best of all, we have local businesses that are advertising on our MAXeSites page and that revenue pays for the Jibbio "free" service! Fabulous model.

Nora S., Food & grocery store

Jibbio has helped our fitness club become more efficient and profitable in a matter of months. Not only does MAXeSites consolidate several of our marketing initiatives, but it enables us to do it quickly and easily with no I.T. staff required. I don't like tech, but I love it. Cheers.

Greg T., Health & fitness club

Our business had spent thousands of dollars on the development of a mobile app for our stores, which took 5 months to complete. Four months following the launch of our new app, the results were sadly not what we were anticipating- very few customers were using it. I was then introduced to Jibbio through one of our suppliers and it has been a significant catalyst to driving more customers through our front door in just ONE month. Really. Customers love our MAXeSites and it will increase sales, hands down. Plus, you can gauge your ROI using your existing POS without having to rely on 3rd party analytics (which can obviously be exaggerated). I just wish we came across this incredible tool before investing time and money into our now defunct app.

Katherine C., Health food store

Don't think about it, and just do it. MAXeSites rocks, and it does exactly what I as a business owner wants- more sales and customers. Sales have gone up 10%. And the fact that you can offer local businesses advertising opportunities to essentially pay for the cost of this service, makes it an absolute no-brainer.

Fred B., Sporting goods retailer

As a franchisee of a large American company, you can't always sit back and rely on headquarters to launch massive marketing campaigns which in reality, can only do so much when it pertains to local-centric marketing for each store. Your company has figured out an easy solution that is beneficial for any independent business, especially for the retail sector. MAXeSites have given us the ability to market and sell sitting products, provides a non-intrusive way for consumers to tell us what they're looking to buy, which has reduced the number of consumers leaving our store empty-handed. Your claims are accurate- we're getting more customers walking through our front door, and monthly sales have increased over 15%. Fantastic DIY service.

Tony L., Hardware store

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! MAXeSites is what I would want as a consumer, and it's everything what I as a business would need as a marketing tool. It's easy, affordable, and you'll see results very quickly! Game changer!

Natalia M., General merchandise store

We operate three cosmetic and laser clinics, and our company has tried several marketing tools in over 15 years. MAXeSites is outstanding and more importantly, our customers are using it. Having the ability for each of our clinics to create real-time daily or special offers tailored for their clientele with clicks of the mouse, is so powerful and rewarding. Furthermore, the ability to pre-purchase special offers has translated to more new client sales. As a direct result of your service, our sales has increased over 20% in two of the three locations, and our clients love it. Stellar product, and great service.

Joshua K., Laser cosmetic clinic

Without the hype, MAXeSites is what every business should have as part of their marketing arsenal. I have yet to see another tool that allows the business to combine so many facets into one simple page. We now post the same MAXeSite link on social media and it has everything we want people to see. No need for multiple posts or different email campaigns which many times go unnoticed. It literally takes seconds for us to change our daily, weekly, and purchase specials, which is a game-changer. At the end of the day I need customers, and MAXeSites does drive more dine-in traffic. Excellent tool, and well worth the cost. Thank you.

Angelo F., Restaurant & bar

Despite price reductions, we had an unsold car sit in our lot for six months. With Jibbio tools, it was SOLD in one week! We've used many marketing tools in the past 25 years but none compares to the simplicity and practicality of MAXeSites, which saves us time and improves efficiency. At the end of each day, we want customers- and Jibbio makes it easier to drive sales.

Joseph A., Auto dealer

LOVE your new MAXeSites. LOVE!! Also love the coupons and QR codes that are combined together. We're now using the forms to accept online orders- it does exactly what we need, and offers more features that are so simple to use compared to other online software catered to restaurants which charge more for less essential tools. We've created weekly specials using the PayPal coupons and added them to our website and have been pleasantly surprised to see the number of customers who have purchased them online. Very useful service.

Mario C., Pizza & wings restaurant

That's great news. We are really looking forward to this release. It will service our needs and increase our booking percentage a great deal. We fully intend to take full advantage of the new MAXeSites. It's a great idea and you guys are awesome at answering our questions in such a timely manner. It really does make the designing and planning process so much easier. You guys are doing a great job and can't thank you enough....I discovered the change last night while updating 16 new services and made the changes already :) You guys rock and I can't thank you enough. Only 5 days left till opening. Have a great day.

Joanna S., Doggie daycare

MAXeSites is highly effective and it not only has increased our revenue, but our bottom line. Excellent service and highly recommended for independent retailers seeking to increase walk-in traffic.

David B., Medical supplies retailer

The tools that you provide have given us a lot of "flexibility," it has enabled us to come up with new and creative ideas using the toolset provided. For the first time, we've had multiple new clients register via Facebook (despite our previous efforts using other tools), which is so gratifying! Those new members who have joined our yoga family have made this entire Jibbio experiment well worth the time. And of course, your service rate is unbelievable. Thank you Sandy for your generous time.

Sophia G., Yoga studio

Jibbio, MAXeSites are INCREDIBLE! We also are getting great results with the MAXeSites and online coupons. We previously had created coupons using another software program, but the coupons we created were only images and so our customers had to print them off, then present it to their server upon arrival at our restaurant. It's only been 2 weeks since we added MAXeSites to our website and we've already received 16 redemptions between our two restaurants which isn't bad at all. We also added a QR code directing to our MAXeSite page to our print circulars as instructed, and that has also generated revenue! I am very satisfied with the response rates. MAXeSites is top notch.

Cindy D., Fast food restaurant

I've had my dental practice for about 10 years, and I wish I had found your Jibbio program alot sooner. I've always wanted to break away from the traditional marketing approach of the typical dentist because I knew achieving new patients using the conventional means of offline marketing would only take me so far, but didn't know where to start. I also realized that I had to start transitioning my efforts towards the online space as the dental practice industry is becoming even more competitive than it was 10 years ago, and so I needed a competitive edge. I can vehemently state that your online tools have assisted my clinic in taking the proactive approach with my patients to both enhance their experience, simplify their visits, and at the same time generate more revenue with our promotional offers (e.g. we are implementing weekly teeth whitening specials). The way you have combined your applications together is so convenient. All in all, it's astounding how one simple decision to join Jibbio has prospered me in so many angles.

Dr. Ariel R., Dentist

MAXeSites has helped our music academy simplify administrative needs for both our students and instructors, and it has been a contributing factor to growing our school to the next milestone. We have now been using Jibbio for about 5 months, and we're just astonished to see the number of new students we've accumulated in such a short time period compared to what we had achieved in the past year. It's truly remarkable how adding a simple tool to your website and email campaigns can yield so much in return. It's been a positively progresive journey- just wish we had done it sooner.

Peter S., Music school

As the owner of four real estate brokerage offices with over 150 agents, we decided to try out Jibbio as a preliminary pilot amongst 20 agents. 13 of 20 agents stated that they have received more direct inquiries from the public as a result of Jibbio, and the tools are effective. General feedback consensus: 1) The MAXeSites are awesome. The concept of combining all of your marketing elements and call to action "checkboxes" in a simple page is brilliant, because new leads are being generated. 2) Agents love that the page is dedicated towards his or her properties only, instead of taking the viewer's attention away from the agent with other MLS listings and/or unnecessary links placed within the same page which other service providers have done for their own gains. 3) Price is excellent, and value is phenomenal considering that the tools work around the clock as an addendum to existing print and online marketing efforts. More agents will unquestionably be joining Jibbio.

Greg K., Realtor & developer

It's easy, effective, and affordable service which any small business should be on board with to increase profitability. I've received a couple of warm leads as a result of your tools provided, which is always encouraging. Well done.

Richard M., Mortgage broker

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