About Us

Jibbio’s top priority is to maximize your business's potential using our simple yet powerful toolset to yield growth and ROI. Less is best, and simplicity always wins for both the consumer and business.

Other application service providers offer ideas that sound really nice, but in practice, their (complex) tools may not be very effective. In turn, another expense rather than an investment.

Our 7-in-1 toolset may not offer feature-rich options to suit every business, but it consistently produces ROI for all of our customers, which is what matters. Hence, a 92% retention rate.

As a result, U.S. State Sheriffs’ Associations endorse Jibbio for its turnkey, community-focused services that offer sustainable fundraising capabilities.

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All Jibbio cloud-based applications, data storage, and IT infrastructure have been securely hosted by Amazon® Web Services (AWS) since 2010, for your peace of mind.