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Other application service providers offer ideas that sound really nice but in practice, their tools may be costly, complex requiring IT staff to maintain, and/or may not be very effective.  In turn, an expense rather than an investment.

Jibbio offers two services for small and midsize businesses, powered by a simple yet powerful toolset to yield growth and ROI.

The multifaceted Jibbio 3-in-1 toolset is designed for business operators, and not an IT department. This toolset will benefit any business to generate monthly ROI, which is what matters.  As a result, our happy customers have translated to a 92% retention rate since 2010.

Furthermore, U.S. State Sheriffs’ Associations endorse Jibbio for its turnkey, community-centric services that offer sustainable fundraising capabilities.

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Jibbio cloud-based applications, data storage, and IT infrastructure have been securely hosted by Amazon® Web Services (AWS) since 2010, for your peace of mind.