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Four billion people use Google search.  The goal is to make your business as discoverable as possible for new customers to find you organically.  Secondly, to make it easier for existing customers to connect with you for repeat business.

Two facts:

🌐 Google ranks web pages, not websites.

☝ New customers are essential, existing ones are more valuable.

Best of Both Worlds 🔥

A website is necessary, but 90.88% have limited reach and utility.  AskMIA™ is a browser-based MAXeSite™ app to increase:

✅ Local web presence and organic traffic (for new customers)

✅ Customer service and loyalty (for existing customers)

Ads vs MAXeSite™ ⚖

For example, Google Ads is 'pay per visitor' with an average cost-per-click of $2.69.   MAXeSite™ apps is 'pay for unlimited visitors' starting at the equivalent cost of just 4 clicks per month with Google Ads.

Ad Revenue 🤝

Contact local businesses and offer advertising in MAXeSite™ apps for new revenue, backlinks, and cross-promotions.

⚖ Ad revenue can pay for the Jibbio service, and passive income!

"US local digital ad spending is estimated to grow from $60.7B USD in 2017, to $71.3B USD in 2022." - eMarketer


Good, has limited growth potential.  Best, leverages MAXeSite™ apps to increase organic traffic and customer loyalty.

It's like fishing- would you rather have one line (your website) or several lines (your website + MAXeSite™ apps) out when competing with others in the same body of water (Internet)?

Example 📈

STEP 1 of 3:  Create multiple CONTENT MAXeSite™ apps each focused on just ONE product or service targeting a local area (e.g. street names, city, etc.), such as:

Air conditioning service
Oil change service
Radiator service
Tire rotation service
Transmission service


STEP 2 of 3:  Batch create a personalized CUSTOMER and/or EMPLOYEE MAXeSite™ app as a VIP service and marketing tool.  Prepopulate with his or her info to reduce barriers for repeat business.

📱 One easy touchpoint - NO calls, searching, or download required.

Each customer's MAXeSite™ app includes 34 hi-res, professional auto service & repair schematic diagrams (unlimited users license - $510/mo. value).  Educate customers remotely and contactless for easier upselling.


📲 Add MAXeSite™ app favicon to home screen - one 'tap' to connect.

📰 Add MAXeSite™ QR code to business cards and print media.

Powerful Synergy 🌀

MAXeSite™ web apps have over 25 SEO fundamentals (not available with native apps) to increase organic traffic.

🏆 Multifaceted SAMS (Service, Administrative, Marketing, SEO) tool


A single-page MAXeSite™ can locally outrank websites of multi-million or billion dollar companies such as "Facebook, Yellow Pages, CarFax, etc." to achieve Google Top 10 within a year.  Hence, the  5.7%  bracket but it requires time.

👉 See the PROOF:  Do a Google WEB and IMAGE search for:

oil change lincoln blvd (Santa Monica)
oil change olympic blvd (Santa Monica)

😲 Evidently, the MAXeSite™ app that appears in the above local search results has ZERO backlinks (use a Backlinks Checker), yet it still outranks large websites utilized as the primary web presence!

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Plant the Seeds 🌱

Plan to be in business beyond a year?  Invest in its future growth with MAXeSite™ apps TODAY.

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