AskMIA™ for Auto Service

Leverage and Grow

☝ New customers are essential, but existing ones are far more valuable.

Now more than ever (post COVID), a business must offer its customers next-level service to stand out from increasing competition, drive marketing, and maximize exposure.  Reduce churn, increase customer lifetime value.


1. Leverage Customers 📈

🔥 For less than 20 cents a month per customer, create a true VIP service marketing or promotional MAXeSite™ web app personalized for each customer to increase loyalty, web presence and traffic for more sales.  Template-based, launch in minutes.

Expanding 'web presence' with MAXeSite™ web apps, is the same principle as expanding 'physical presence' with multiple locations - to increase brand exposure and sales.

Once created, email or text each customer the link to his or her cloud-based MAXeSite™ app.  Advise customers to add the app to their smartphone home screen.

Encourage customers to '1-tap' access their personalized VIP app- prepopulated data, tailored content (e.g. messages, photos, specials, make an offer, inquiries, feedback, etc.), and contactless service.  An easy, concierge-style customer service tool.

🧐 Each customer's MAXeSite™ app includes 34 hi-res, professional auto service & repair schematic diagrams (unlimited users license - $510/mo. value).  Educate customers remotely or contactless for easier upselling.

📱 One simple touchpoint for a customer to connect, with minimal barriers- NO phone calls, voicemail, download, or login required.  Patent pending MAXeSite™ apps have over 25 SEO fundamentals to dominate.

Thus, customer MAXeSite™ apps can collectively increase your website TrustRank and web traffic, as search engines track every conceivable element via web apps.

Done correctly, it is fundamentally advantageous to have for example...

100 MAXeSite apps (accessed by unique IP addresses local to your business) each with unique content (i.e. keywords related to your business) and activity (e.g. bookmarked, views, submissions, shares, etc.) that backlink to your website

...than to solely rely on just one website, for increase.

2. Social, Email & Text 🔗

Create content MAXeSite™ apps to further expand web presence and exposure.

Drag and drop 27 modularized, SEO enhanced field elements- add, edit, delete, move, or disable fields.

Combine all of your content with calls to action in a MAXeSite™ app, and share the app link repeatedly in social, email, or text campaigns.  Edit content to continue driving more activity for higher TrustRank and traffic. 🌐

3. Ad Revenue 🤝

Download and customize the Exclusive Advertiser opportunity copy and Become an Advertising Sponsor! MAXeSite™ app template to automate advertiser enrolment, ad submission, and payments.  All done for you.

🏆 Next, contact local businesses regarding the advertising opportunity to monetize your content, acquire new backlinks, local triangular linking, and develop B2B cross-promotions for more exposure.  A win-win-win.

⚖ Just three ads @ $6/mo. pays for the Jibbio MICRO service itself!

"US local digital ad spending is estimated to grow from $60.7 USD billion in 2017, to $71.3 USD billion in 2022."

Source: eMarketer

Launch in Minutes 🌐

1. Download two predesigned MAXeSite™ templates.

AskMIA™ (public)
Express Service Check-In™ (customer)

2. Edit templates, drag and drop- add, edit, delete, move, or disable fields.

3. Copy or batch create MAXeSite™ template for each customer. 📱📲

1. How It Works
2. Corner Your Local Market
3. Educate Customers
4. Customer Lifetime Value
5. Making It Easy
6. Proof of Concept
7. Why Join

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  Setup included ($500 value).

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