C2™ & C.L.E.A.R.™

Prospering safer communities



C2™ & C.L.E.A.R.™ is a sustainable, MAXeSite™ for multifamily housing communities.


NO download of app, registration, or logins required for residents & public
NO new hardware, installation or integration required for management
✔ Simple for public to use, as it is for management to sustain
✔ Local advertising opportunities to prosper communities
✔ Generate $1000s annually in non-dues revenue
✔ Service can pay for itself and increase reserve funds
✔ Improve quality of life & public safety of residents
✔ Turnkey and customizable to deploy in minutes
✔ 60+ turnkey, practical online solutions for communities
✔ Anonymous reporting of concerns & issues
✔ Disability-friendly for accessibility compliance
✔ Less phone calls and more efficiency for management

C2™ & C.L.E.A.R.™ is comprised of two synergistic programs:

1. Community Communications (C2)

Community Communication (C2) logo

(C2) empowers Common Interest Communities to launch their own web portal directory for community residents and generate $1000s annually in advertising revenue from local businesses.

(C2) browser-based, turnkey solutions provide residents a degree of self-defense, self-protection, and control over their investment to streamline communications and improve public safety with no logins or downloads required.

2. Citizens’ Law Enforcement Anonymous Reporting (C.L.E.A.R.)

Citizens Law Enforcement Anonymous Reporting (C.L.E.A.R.2)

(C.L.E.A.R.) is a simple, turnkey, customizable, browser-based tool that includes unique capabilities targeted to the public to allow for the anonymous reporting of crime and suspicious activity.

Each submission is automatically streamlined to required parties, enabling personnel or Public Safety to easily search, edit, filter, and export received data with a click of the mouse.

Community Communication (C2) is a WIN-WIN-WIN solution

Step Up

Common Interest Communities (CIC) and Property Management need to step up for their residents and neighborhood

Many (CIC) and Property Management firms are still operating in a conventional past era focused primarily on backend utility, and need to shift forward to be relevant in an evolving digital world to satisfy the frontend needs of their residents, offering more value that is concrete, accessible and community-driven.

Citizens' Connect to Correct

Add QR code to any print media or signage to enable smartphone users to scan and access centralized Main Directory A) Proactive tools
On the contrary, surveillance cameras are passive - tapes are viewed AFTER an incident has occurred, which is not a proactive measure to improving public safety.

B) Calls-to-action, in the moment
On the contrary, "Neighborhood Watch" programs and signage provide no immediate calls-to-action that is easily and readily accessible. In turn, citizens may forget to report, not report, or report too late that could subsequently result in a negative outcome for time-sensitive matters.

C) Automate information sharing
Information submitted is simultaneously emailed and shared with multiple recipients (no manual relaying required) to streamline communication and save time.

Information submitted is simultaneously emailed and shared with multiple recipients (no manual relaying required) to streamline communication and save time.

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