The AskMIA™ Advantage

AskMIA™ is a patent pending (62/651,746) proprietary tool designed to synergistically increase consumer LOYALTY through instant gratification, resulting in more retailer SALES.



Unlike many retail apps that are created solely to benefit consumers (e.g. price comparison), AskMIA™ on the contrary works in favor for both consumers and retailers.  Moreover, AskMIA™ focuses only on YOUR store and does not compare you with competition.

Too many times a business will lose a customer to a single product price comparison.

Don't allow a single higher-priced item be the reason for a potential customer to walk out of your store and buy from your competition!  With AskMIA™, give consumers an in-the-moment opportunity to allow you to compete on price while they are still in-store with NO verbal communication required, to possibly generate a sale and additional business from them.


AskMIA™ is not a mobile app for fundamental reasons as described below but instead, it is a cloud-based application that is accessed by a simple web page link from any Internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  As a result, no downloading of app or registration is required to maximize user adoption and exposure.

Users can simply bookmark the AskMIA™ URL in their web browser or add a shortcut to their smartphone home screen (like an app) for quick access.  In addition, users can access AskMIA™ by scanning a QR code (e.g. poster) that directs to the AskMIA™ URL.

Your AskMIA™ page always displays the latest up-to-date content, as you edit on the fly.

No installation, software updates, malware, or privacy compliance issues
Lower barrier to entry, higher adoption rate and exposure

Therefore, none of the following privacy concerns apply:

CONTACTS. Apps can modify, add, or change your calendar events. Apps can search through your phone and extract contacts, as well as contact them.

EXACT LOCATION. Apps know where you are at any time, and can track your every move.

CAMERA. Apps can take pictures and videos at any time, and record from your phone’s microphone. Apps can access anything you are saying or looking at.

PHONE CALLS and TEXT MESSAGE. Apps can call phone numbers and read all of your text, SMS, and MMS messages. Apps can see who you’ve contacted recently.

DEVICE STORAGE. Apps can view and delete data files on your phone, including history.

INTERNET. Apps can access your internet at any time, change your wallpaper, open up over other apps, and download files. Apps can tweak your system without your knowledge.

RESOURCES. Apps can change your phone’s operating status, consuming more battery resources, and may add Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) to track every activity.

In disbelief? Check out what Facebook is accessing on your phone!


The unfortunate reality is that 97% of the 3,800,000 Android & IOS mobile apps available today, are not actively used after 30 days. Moreover, 29.3% of shopping apps are uninstalled within 30 days, with 70% of those uninstalled within 7 days of installation.

Why? Lack of VALUE.  On the other hand, AskMIA™ offers consumers aggregated value in one- savings, service, and convenience.


AskMIA™ provides simple solutions to enhance the in-store shopping experience and proactively meet the purchasing needs of each customer, increasing their lifetime value for the retailer.

1. Innovation

Patent pending 7-in-1 cloud-based toolset

2. Aggregation

Combines digital assets, savings, service, and convenience

3. Instant Gratification

Seven modularized, customer centric tools in one web page

Surprise checkout discount every time you shop!
Links and embedded web pages such as store flyer!
Real-time flash, daily deal, and clearance sales!
Request for in-store assistance!
Inquire about unavailable products!
Request a discount on desired products while in-store!
Submit feedback or enter additional information!

4. Data Collection

Obtain valuable presales data and build opt-in email lists

5. Real-time

Offer dynamic savings and specials to customers on the fly

6. Privacy

NO downloads, app, registration, or logins required for customers

7. Turnkey

NO new hardware, installation or integration required for retailers

8. User-friendly

NO IT staff required- customize & launch in minutes, edit on the fly

9. Efficacy

Micro marketing for only one store to maximize efficiency

10. Profitability

Generate local ad revenue for immediate ROI
Increase average visits and spend per customer
Create real-time sales that prioritize sitting inventory


For the same cost as paying an employee minimum wage to work ONE day IN YOUR STORE, you can have AskMIA™ working THIRTY days to drive customers TO YOUR STORE.

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