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According to the US Bureau of Labor, employee labor costs are rising while employee productivity is declining.

Lost employee productivity cost American companies $63 billion last year.

Non-personal factors resulting in loss of employee productivity and performance in the workplace, include daily issues such as:

Administrative tasks done manually
Attending unnecessary meetings
Calling and receiving too many phone calls
Finding and retrieving paper information or data
Forwarding information to required parties
Non-stop verbal and electronic communication from overbearing micromanagers
Outdated "old school" technology that is not cloud-based

Running the Numbers

Consider how much money a company LOSES in productivity if employees are expending 30 mins each day to complete the above issues:

Assuming a company paid an office employee $50,000 per year who took two weeks of paid vacation, they would work 250 days.

Losing 30 mins each day totals 125 hours a year.

Making $50,000 per year breaks down to $25 per hour.

That means for each office employee, a company is losing $3,125 annually.

Consider how much money a company could SAVE if they are able to increase each employee’s productivity by just 10%:

Assuming a company paid a "hands on" or remote employee $15 per hour.

By increasing the employee’s productivity by 10% (work completed vs time), the company is saving $1.50 per hour or $12 per day, or $240 per month working a five-day workweek.

That means for each hands-on or remote employee, the company is saving $2,880 annually.

If the company has 10 employees, that is a total savings of $28,800 annually.

Stop the Bleeding

Accessibility compliant, browser-based MAXeSites provide your business with endless customization options as an easy tool to improve employee productivity, monitor employee performance, and to simplify administrative tasks.

Furthermore, any business imaginable will prosper from using MAXeSites as a promotional, marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) tool in one.

Create a simple MAXeSite™ for each employee, accessible from his or her own mobile phone (no download required) with fields prepopulated with his or her information requiring minimal input, which in turn allows your business to easily accomplish objectives such as:

Document employee work
Automate notifications
Consolidate & filter data
Gauge employee productivity
Utilize uncomplicated tools

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