Success with AskMIA™

AskMIA™ is a turnkey toolset designed to drive more customers to your store, enhance their shopping experience to ultimately increase loyalty and sales, but it’s not magic.

AskMIA™ is as simple for customers to use, as it is for the business to maintain.  Store staff are busy with limited time, and so AskMIA™ was developed with that in mind.

Success with AskMIA™ will be dependent upon your own efforts.  Simply stated:

1. Get the word out!
2. Stay active!


Development of the AskMIA™ toolset consisted of input received from over 1,473 consumers, who all stated that they would use AskMIA™ if it became available.  Well, it's now available!

Once AskMIA™ has launched, it is so important that you GET THE WORD OUT to as many people to maximize customer adoption and usage.  Thus, we provide you with a licensed custom poster (choose from five variations, four sizes) and marketing copy.

For all five tips below, advise shoppers to simply bookmark your AskMIA™ URL in their web browser or add a shortcut to mobile device home screen to access updated offers and service:

Surprise checkout discount every time you shop!
Links and embedded web pages such as store flyer!
Real-time flash, daily deal, and clearance sales!
Request for in-store assistance!
Inquire about unavailable products!
Request a discount on desired products while in-store!
Submit feedback or enter additional information!

No downloads, app, registration, logins, or card required!

Five Tips to Get the Word Out

1. In-Store

A) Post AskMIA™ poster at front entrance, on windows and/or walls.

B) Print off the 24" X 36" AskMIA™ poster as 4" X 6" flyers, and place them at each cashier.

Training for Cashiers

[Cashier] "Would you like a surprise checkout discount on your bill today?"

[Customer] "Sure!"

[Cashier] "Just scan the QR code or enter the URL on this flyer, and then show me the discount code.  And if you'd like a surprise checkout discount every time you shop including access to real-time savings, service, and specials NOT offered anywhere else, simply add the AskMIA™ page to your home screen.  That way, you just tap the icon and view- easy!"

2. Email & Text

Email & text your AskMIA™ web page link to customers, staff, friends and family.

3. Social Media

Post your AskMIA™ web page link to social media pages.

4. Website

Add a link to your AskMIA™ web page on your website (alternatively embed it).

5. Print

Add a Jibbio QR Code that directs to your AskMIA™ web page, to print media.


As the word gets out, it is crucial that you serve up the same level of effort and customer service with AskMIA™, as you would across any other business activities.

Create EXCLUSIVE offers (not available anywhere else) and always keep the content fresh on your AskMIA™ page.  If your offers remain unchanged, customers will consider the tool unworthy of their time.  STAY ACTIVE and engage customers with VALUE

In turn, you will drive more loyal customers through your front door!

Two Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back

1. Respond

When a customer submits an inquiry or request, respond ASAP.

TIP: Customers do not like to wait, especially when seeking to buy!

2. Keep It Fresh

Change your "Surprise checkout discount" often.

Change your "Flash, Daily Deal, and Clearance" sales often.

TIP: Customers love deals- the more often, the more foot traffic!