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Rates have been reduced to help support small businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"SEO and Customer Service-Marketing" Triple Threat

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Local SEO PREMIUM - $3567 $2497/mo

Month 1 | Setup Phase


Immediately after you join, a short questionnaire will be emailed to you.  The information our team needs to get started:

20 target keywords (i.e. the words that people enter into search engines that relate to your website content)
20 geo-local words (i.e. local zip codes, street names, neighborhoods, and/or cities that your business targets)
2-sentence description (i.e. two sentences that best describes what your business does)
12 article topics (i.e. we will write and create one 1000-words content article MAXeSite™ every month)
AskMIA™ (i.e. are you a Retail, Health & Fitness, Auto or Trade Service business?)
Customer MAXeSites™ (i.e. will you be requiring a personalized MAXeSite app for each customer?)
Website FTP (i.e. we need FTP login credentials for your website backend to optimize code and content)
Website CMS (i.e. alternative login credentials for your website backend to optimize code and content)
Website URL
Business Category
Business Name
Business Address
Business Phone
Business Email

60-min Intake Call

An account manager will call you to discuss your customer sales, marketing, and retention objectives.  Secondly, to fully understand your goals and tailor our efforts to deliver the most Return On Investment.  Lastly, to finalize the information you provided in the questionnaire including the 1000-words content article MAXeSites™, which our SEO writers will create every month.

Written By Experts | All articles written expertly by English speakers, containing minimal errors and following SEO protocol.
On-Site Editors | Each article is edited by our on-site editors and checked against industry standards and client requirements.
Flesch Scores Above 50 | High quality write-ups with Flesch reading scores above 50. Flesch-score may be lower if article is more technical.
100% Unique Content | 100% original and unique content written by our in-house writers. Articles are not spun, and are checked against Copyscape.

Website Audit

Our team will complete an extensive audit of your website to detect and resolve any technical issues found that can reduce SEO performance and activity. You will receive this audit report.

Local Optimization Setup

Our experts start by creating your "Google My Business" profile and strengthen your online presence by creating listings. We compile all the information in a report to show every listing created and how each of these listings provide the foundation for your online presence.

Targeted Business Listing

To further strengthen and enhance your online visibility, our digital marketers continue to build business listings in relevant business directories. This is to help build your business reputation online as a legitimate operation in the local community.

On-Page Optimization

Our team of Digital Marketers, SEO Experts, Writers, Editors, and Webmasters will allocate up to 15 hours to fix the most important technical SEO, copywriting, sitemap and robots issues of your website.

Content Creation

Our professional writers and editors will create and/or update 7 pages of high-quality SEO optimized content on your website. The objective for on-page content is to find the ideal balance between business goals and user experience.

Meta Tags Optimization

Meta Titles & Descriptions are one of the most basic factors for ranking, and directly affect the Click Through Rate (CTR) of impressions on search engines. Our SEO specialists and writers will optimize up to 20 pages of your website.

Schema Markup Organization

For your local brand, we will add schema elements and use the data highlighter application so that search engines can have a better understanding of the content, and to help search engines display important contact information such as location, phone, email and operating hours.

Initial Report

At the end of the first month, we will finalize and compile the complete setup and optimization report in one file.

Every Month Starting Month 2 | Outreach

5 High DA Backlinks to Website

Every month we will deliver 5 new, one-way, dofollow backlinks from high Domain Authority (DA) blogs focused on the same industry as your campaign. We guarantee 2 X DA10 backlinks, 1 X DA20 backlink, 1 X DA30 backlink, and 1 X DA40 backlink- these are the minimum guaranteed (i.e. there may be more high DA links).

DoFollow high DA anchor text backlinks.
Anchor text backlinked from relevant content sites or blog posts.
45 days for backlinks to be established and live.
Links to content sites or blog posts provided.

All natural link building between your website and other sites- NO shortcuts, blackhat, link farms, or paid links.

1 High DA Backlink to MAXeSite™

Every month we will deliver 1 X DA30 new, one-way, dofollow backlink from a high Domain Authority (DA) blog to the 1000-words content article MAXeSite™ we write and create for you every month.

DoFollow high DA30 anchor text backlink.
Anchor text backlinked from relevant content site or blog post.
45 days for backlink to be established and live.
Link to content site or blog post provided.

All natural link building between your MAXeSite™ and other sites- NO shortcuts, blackhat, link farms, or paid links.


Every month we will send you an updated report that details all the links, keywords and URL's that we've created for you through our outreach efforts. We provide all the information you need in total transparency so you are sure that your investment is working for you.


Your designated account manager will update all of your customized MAXeSites™ (e.g. AskMIA™ and Express Service Check-In™ / Request™ MAXeSites™) as summarized in the service chart above.


Our Team will:

1. Target 20 keywords to rank your website in search engines. (on-page & off-page SEO)

2. Optimize META tags on up to 20 pages, and spend up to 15 hours optimizing content on 7 pages of your website. (on-page SEO)

3. Build 5 high DA, one-way, "dofollow" backlinks every month to your website. (off-page SEO)

4. Create a 1000 word SEO content article MAXeSite™ every month. (off-page SEO)

5. Build 1 high DA, one-way, "dofollow" backlink to SEO content article MAXeSite™. (off-page SEO)

6. Create and update all of your marketing MAXeSites™.

"SEO and Customer Service-Marketing" Triple Threat

Initial Results in 2-3 Months

Each new high DA backlink that our team creates require 40-50 days to be established and live, as they are developed naturally.  Thereafter, it takes time before search engines crawl, index, and update recent activity (i.e. new content and links) to render change.

That said, you can expect a ranking increase in 2-3 months.

First Page in 6-12 Months

SEO is an ongoing effort with no breaks, and search engines prefer aged content sites with consistent activity (i.e. creating rich content and building high DA, one-way, dofollow backlinks EVERY month).  Consistency increases momentum and credibility.

That said, you can expect to attain first page rankings naturally in 6-12 months, depending on service and your competition.
NO shortcuts, blackhat, or paid links; which will only get your website penalized.  Penalized sites rarely rank well again.

Google Ads

If you advertise with Google Ads, consider allocating a budget from your Google Ad spending towards MAXeSite™ investingWHY?

Google Ads is "no pay, no traffic."  Hence, diversify digital marketing efforts with MAXeSites™ to improve organic traffic naturally.

Turnkey, Headache-free.

The key to getting ahead is getting started. Our team of experts are ready.