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Jibbio Rev-Share Partner Program

If you're connected with a network of small businesses, partner with us!
small business marketing Offer business contacts an exclusive discount to join the Jibbio paid service

You earn:

small business marketing 30% monthly recurring revenue per Jibbio account

No Upfront Costs
  • No financial investment required
  • Zero operational costs on your end
  • Jibbio provides all end user tech support
  • Win-win opportunity for both you and customers
  • One designated promo code, unlimited redemptions
  • Earn 30% monthly recurring commissions
  • No invoicing, no paperwork, no handling of payments

How It Works

1. We provide you with your own branded promo code which offers an exclusive savings to join the Jibbio monthly subscription- it can be redeemed unlimited times.

2. For each member that subscribes to the Jibbio paid service using your unique promo code, you earn
30% monthly recurring commission per subscription.

3. Monthly recurring commissions are paid for up to 60 consecutive months, per member. If a Jibbio member cancels their monthly subscription, your monthly commissions stop.

Get Started

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AskMIA™ for Retailers
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Rev-Share Partners
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