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Happy Customers

"As the owner of four real estate brokerage offices with over 150 agents, we decided to try out Jibbio as a preliminary pilot amongst 20 agents. 13 of 20 agents stated that they have received more direct inquiries from the public as a result of Jibbio, and the tools are effective. General feedback consensus: 1) The minisite forms are awesome. The concept of combining all of your marketing elements and call to action "checkboxes" in a simple page is brilliant, because new leads are being generated. 2) Agents love that the page is dedicated towards his or her properties only, instead of taking the viewer's attention away from the agent with other MLS listings and/or unnecessary links placed within the same page which other service providers have done for their own gains. 3) Price is excellent, and value is phenomenal considering that the tools work around the clock as an addendum to existing print and online marketing efforts. More agents will unquestionably be joining Jibbio."
Greg K., Realtor & Developer

"It's easy, effective, and affordable service which any small business should be on board with to increase profitability. I've received a couple of warm leads as a result of your tools provided, which is always encouraging. Well done.
Richard M., Mortgage Broker

"You have taken lead generation automation to the next level! I've used online forms and QR codes in the past, but your applications are much better and so versatile. I can now promote anything on the Internet or in any of our print advertisements which is a huge advantage. I'm a customer for as long as you're in business.
David L., Insurance Agent

"Jibbio has generated more leads for me than Google AdWords, Retargeting, or any other tools specific for realtors. The premise behind other services is marketing a listing, but the reality is that you need new clients to get listings- Jibbio does that. In fact, I acquired a NEW listing (which has now paid for 20+ yrs of Jibbio service) from my new business card posted on a community board in a local coffee shop. It's so simple and works well in conjunction with both my online and print ad campaigns which now direct to Jibbio minisites instead of my website.  Highly effective tools!  A+ satisfaction!!"
Brian S., Realtor

"Despite price reductions, we had an unsold car sit in our lot for six months. With Jibbio tools, it was SOLD in one week! We've used many marketing tools in the past 25 years, but none compares to the simplicity and practicality of Jibbio applications (especially the Minisite web forms) which saves us time and improves efficiency.
At the end of each day, we want customers- and Jibbio makes it easy to drive sales."
Brian S., Chevrolet Auto Dealer

"Iíve been searching for something like this in the past year. I used to canvass door-to-door dropping off my business card to homeowners in hopes of generating new clients, and I realize now that Jibbio has been a missing piece to my marketing. Not only does Jibbio bring life to my business cards as an engaging self-promotional tool, but the tools have increased efficiency for me such as the ability to get new listings out to market within 5 mins as opposed to waiting the typical 1-3 business days from copy, print, distribution, and MLS. You have obviously figured out an important factor with small businesses which is giving them control to execute tasks on their own without having to incur additional expenses of hiring tech help. Best of all, your pricing is unreal- I pay far more with other service providers which don't even offer the same level of applications as Jibbio!"
John H., Realtor

"Prior to Jibbio, we were previously using "Constant Contact" email marketing services for the last year or so. The biggest advantage we noticed with the Jibbio email marketing service is definitely the other tools that have been integrated into the newsletter editor. We love how you have enabled the ability to direct the customer to a minisite form following their online coupon purchase which is SO CONVENIENT for us, and has saved us so much time! We no longer need to contact the customer for their special instructions with bouquets and delivery address since they automatically arrive on the form to fill out the required info after their purchase. Since adding the coupons to our weekly e-newsletters, our sales have significantly increased. We also noticed the sending process of email campaigns using Jibbio is much faster than with Constant Contact.
Amy C., Florist

"LOVE your new minisite forms. LOVE!! Also love the coupons and QR codes that are combined together. We're now using the forms to accept online orders- it does exactly what we need, and offers more features that are so simple to use compared to other online software catered to restaurants which charge more for less essential tools. We've created weekly specials using the PayPal coupons and added them to our website and have been pleasantly surprised to see the number of customers who have purchased them online. Very useful service."
Angelo F., Pizza & Wings Fast Food Restaurant

"That's great news. We are really looking forward to this release. It will service our needs and increase our booking percentage a great deal. We fully intend to take full advantage of the new minisite forms. It's a great idea and you guys are awesome at answering our questions in such a timely manner. It really does make the designing and planning process so much easier. You guys are doing a great job and can't thank you enough.

...thank you thank you thank you!! I discovered the change last night while updating 16 new services and made the changes already :) You guys rock and I can't thank you enough. Only 5 days left till opening. Have a great day."
Mark S., Doggie Daycare

"We're currently using the email marketing and form building tools which are excellent. We have tried a few other email service providers and form building tools in the past, and the Jibbio offering is uncomparable. It's easy to use, and the price is well under our budget."
Fred T., Medical Supplies Retailer

Jibbio Marketing Toolset will increase sales and conversions for any business

"Jibbio, your minisite forms are seriously INCREDIBLE! We also are getting great results with the online coupons. We previously had created coupons using another software program, but the coupons we created were only images and so our customers had to print them off, then present it to their server upon arrival at our restaurant. But your coupon software is so practical and useful, as it now allows our patrons to purchase our dining deals right from our website. It's only been 2 days since we added the coupons to our website and we've already received approximately 35 coupon purchases between our two restaurants which isn't bad at all. We still have yet to print them off and add them to our print advertisement circulations, but so far we're very satisfied with the response rates. This tool is top notch."
Anthony M., Restaurant owner

"As a small health & wellness clinic with 9 staff, Jibbio has really helped us grow our business since joining a little over 6 months ago. If you're considering this software, don't hesitate one bit and give their trial a go- you won't regret it. I had spent 4 months looking for an "all round" solution to facilitate our business needs, and this program definitely suits our needs. The tools provided does indeed make us money which is all that matters in my perspective. It simplifies our business by allowing us to market ourselves, sell our services, and at the same time automate administration.
The only suggestion I have is for them to add the PayPal checkout to their online forms. They've already added the PayPal to the other tools, but not the online forms builder. So until they implement that, we're using their coupon software to make e-commerce coupons to sell therapy packages which is absolutely fantastic."
Samantha N., Health & Wellness Clinic

"Your product is fantastic- really. I'm sure once the general public gets a hold of what your company has created for small businesses, you guys will explode. To me, you've covered the two most important elements in a service which is price and value. As a self-employed photographer trying to make it in this competitive market, your tools have enabled me to keep my clients informed of my recent work, offer special packages, and save so much time. Not only has your service helped me run my business more efficiently, but it's definitely contributing to my business growth and I'm now looking to lease a small studio! Thank you very much."
Jacqueline C., Photographer

"Since our auto dealership started using Jibbio, it has helped us tremendously in generating leads, keeping existing customers happy to retain their loyalty, and ultimately boost revenue in both our auto sales and service departments. We've ramped up our eleads using the minisite forms by roughly 20% in the last few months which is signficant for us. And with our increased subscriber base receiving our weekly newsletter on specials, we've increased sales and customers. An excellent toolset to say the least, and your service offers so much value!"
Seth F., Independent Auto Dealer

"We operate three cosmetic and laser clinics, and were previously using two different service providers for our "email marketing" and "online scheduling" needs. Having used your competitors' products and services, we realized that the biggest advantage for us (aside from price and consolidating the two services into one which were a huge "plus"), was the integration of your tools. Your email marketing program is truly outstanding, and giving the user the ability to apply one of your other tools with just a click of a button is so powerful and user-friendly (what a relief). We're currently incorporating our weekly specials on cosmetic and laser treatments using your coupons program, we've added questionnaires, and we've also added the online scheduling into our newsletters. Based on our marketing stats, our patients have responded significantly higher as our open rates have increased, patients are steadily coming into our clinics with various coupons codes, and we are seeing an increasing trend in the number of people booking their appointments directly from our newsletters. Your Jibbio service not only has generated more revenue for us, but it's enhanced our patient's experience with our clinics which subsequently has increased their retention rates. Thank you for your service.
Joshua K., Cosmetic and Laser Clinic

"Every small business should be using this! I use the online scheduling, newsletters, and form building applications. Love everything about jibbio. It's so idiot proof."
Samantha T., Psychic

"This company's service is worth every none. If you're a small business that's trying to look "big" in the eyes of the consumer, and are looking for tools that will actually help you make money without burning a huge hole in your wallet, this service is a must. You won't regret it."
Erez S., Party Store & Balloons

"Iím probably speaking on behalf of others, but I have to admit when I first came across your site I was a bit skeptical as I couldnít understand why it was priced so low. Anyhow, I gave it shot with no expectations. Fast forward 3 weeks, and Iíve gotten the hang of your applications (alot easier than others Iíve tried), but most importantly, Iíve generated new clients (i.e. made money) as a result of your tools. Iím so glad I didnít pass up on your site. Thanks a mil."
Elliot B., Tax Planner

"Our yoga center had been using another scheduling software for the last 3 years which was great, but after that company had made changes to their scheduling program, it became unstable. But I guess that was also a sign to explore other options as we were in need of getting our business out there to bring in new people to our classes. The tools that you provide have given us a lot of "flexibility," and our instructors have come up with new and creative ideas using the marketing tools which you provide. We've actually had new people register through the newsletters we send out which is so gratifying to say the least. Those new members who have joined our yoga family have made this entire Jibbio experiment well worth the time. And of course, your service rate is unbelievable. We were paying triple for just the online scheduling software with the previous company. Thank you Sandy for your generous time."
Natalia F., Yoga Studio

As of Dec 2011, Jibbio is rapidly growing and now reaches a global scale since launching in September 2010.
Metropolitan markets penetrated are predominantly within the USA, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Jibbio global reach

"I've had my dental practice for about 10 years, and I wish I had found your Jibbio program alot sooner. I've always wanted to break away from the traditional marketing approach of the typical dentist because I knew achieving new patients using the conventional means of offline marketing would only take me so far, but didn't know where to start. I also realized that I had to start transitioning my efforts towards the online space as the dental practice industry is becoming even more competitive than it was 10 years ago, and so I needed a competitive edge. I can vehemently state that your online tools have assisted my clinic in taking the proactive approach with my patients to both enhance their experience, simplify their visits, and at the same time generate more revenue with our promotional offers (e.g. we are implementing weekly teeth whitening specials). The way you have combined your applications together is unmatched, as it makes my life easier. All in all, it's astounding how one simple decision to join Jibbio has prospered me in so many angles."
Dr. Ariel R., Dentist

"As a franchisee of a large American corporation, you can't always sit back and rely on headquarters to launch massive marketing campaigns which in reality, can only do so much when it comes to local engagement and marketing. Three of the tools which Jibbio provides have been undoubtedly beneficial to capturing new market share within my local area, and has thus increased sales. More importantly, the tools are simple to use which is a pleasure as I am a complete layman within the technology world. This marketing toolset should be made available for all franchisees regardless of the industry that you're in, cause you'll surely be able to use at least a couple of their tools to grow your business and make life simpler."
Mike C., Plumbing Services Franchisee

"I consider myself a complete "dummy" when it comes to technology, and I am so elated that I was able to go through all the Jibbio applications without any problems. The fear of technology, and not knowing where to even look, had deterred me from transitioning my offline marketing efforts to the new online medium. Iím so glad a friend of mine recommended your site to me. You guys have seriously made my life a lot easier compared to the last 15 yrs Iíve been in business. What your company states in your advertising is actually true- it has simplified and automated my life so much, and Iíve been able to get my business out there with clicks of the mouse. Thx so much."
Francesca F, Salon owner

"Jibbio has helped our music academy simplify administrative needs for both our students and instructors, and it has been a contributing factor to growing our school to the next milestone. We have now been using Jibbio for about 5 months, and we're just astonished to see the number of new students we've accumulated in such a short time period compared to what we had achieved in the past year. It's truly remarkable how adding a few tools to your website and email campaigns can yield so much in return. We had initially signed up to Jibbio for the online scheduling software, and then shortly afterwards we began experimenting with the email marketing and online form building tools. And now I'd say we've "crescendoed" full throttle with our online efforts by enabling our students to book their music lessons online, inform our students and/or parents with the latest news involving our music curriculum, provide online registrations with our school, and offer complimentary music lessons for all new enrollments. It's been a positively progresive journey- just wish we had done it sooner.
Peter S., Music School

"Jibbio is fantastic. You provide well thought out applications for the self-employed business such as myself, very practical, and itís such a bargain compared to others as I had been researching for quite some time. Because I am usually with clients for at least 45-60 mins at a time, I used to always come back to my phone after appointments with missed calls and voice mails, and probably lost appointments for that matter. Now Iím less anxious during my appointments as I know Iím not missing any sales, and just check my mobile phone to see if I have any new appointments after Iím done with my clients. BTW, I really love your e-mail and social media marketing tool as it truly is a multi-purpose tool thatís so useful! I didnít even know those "tracking" kind of stats even existed."
Fatima E., Esthetician

"We were previously usuing two different companies for our online appointments and email marketing. Your product offering is much better in user-friendliness as well as applications and simplicity. Your company has really put together a versatile and useful set of tools which any business could use regularly to save themselves so much time. Furthermore, we've received great feedback from many customers as we have also simplified the relationship in doing business (i.e. they seem to love the idea that nobody has to call anyone- sad, but true in today's day in age). As a result of your tools, Jibbio has actually helped our residential cleaning services gain new customers, and not just retain existing ones. We regularly use the online appointments scheduler, the forms tool, the newsletter program, and the coupons which are enabling our customers to schedule their cleaning services, take advantage of our random weekly cleaning specials, and to submit special cleaning requests. Jibbio has ultimately helped us gain new accounts which is the objective for every business. Your company truly offers "value" in so many regards. Highly recommended."
Tamatha B., Cleaning Services

"Itís like having a remote control with all my tools centralized in one place! Youíve made Jibbio so convenient to easily manage and navigate. I just graduated out of Naturopathic Medicine, started my own clinic, and Jibbio has significantly helped me simplify a lot of things. Please do not raise your prices! LOL. Thank you."
Rebecca M., Naturopath

"I use the online appointment scheduling, newsletters, and online form applications every day. Great product. Unmatched price point."
Dr. Mary Z., Psychologist

"I have to give your Jibbio team a "thumbs up" as you have done an excellent job combining your tools together, and have exceeded my initial expectations. Better yet, that "one click" addition of the Jibbio tools into your newsletters is brilliant. Iím currently utilizing your online scheduling, online forms, and newsletter marketing and I have already gained new clients as a result of my own efforts. Thereís no better gratification than reaping what you sow. Iím hooked on your platform, and still canít believe how easy it is to use. Kudos."
James A., Financial Planner

"The tools which you provide has helped our fitness club become so much more efficient and profitable in such a short period of time. Not only has it automated several tasks, but we now market ourselves to existing and potential members with ease. Itís definitely worth more than $100/month. Cheers."
Greg T., Health Club owner

"Thank you Jibbio for helping my law practice in becoming more efficient and subsequently far more productive. We now have more time to focus on research and legal responsibilities, in lieu of time spent on administrative duties. Your applications are surprisingly easy to use, practical, and therefore highly recommended."
Catherine K., Lawyer

"Dear Jibbio, I know I have flooded your support staff with so many inquiries, and I really thank you for your patience. Your customer support is beyond excellent, and I appreciate all the tailored advice your support staff has given me. I've implemented the ideas received into the email newsletter, and the number of people clicking on it has improved. Thanks for that. These tools you provide are so useful. Do you have any plans to add those "QR code" things to your online coupon app in the future?"
Rosanna C., Massage Therapist

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