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Jibbio 7-in-1 Suite

Jibbio offers two turnkey services that include essential
tools for Digital, Print, and Accessibility Compliance

■ Business & Retailers | Jibbio for Corporate Retailers Brochure BROCHURE
■ HOA & Public Safety | Jibbio 7-in-1 Suite for Common Interest Communities Brochure BROCHURE

Jibbio 7-in-1 eMarketing Suite integrated Dashboard

Jibbio tools real-time statistics

Why Jibbio

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Jibbio 7-in-1 Suite
Easy Tools To Market, Sell, & Automate

Multimedia Minisite Forms Builder
1. Minisite Forms
UNLIMITED forms, fields, and responses

Create extraordinary minisite forms combining 25 marketing elements all-in-one page.
Combine YouTube, HD images, MP3, Google maps, payments, eSignatures, scheduling, coupons, & 20 more elements in one page to maximize conversions.
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Online scheduling software
2. Online Scheduling
UNLIMITED staff, services, and appointments

Automate appointment bookings, rescheduling, cancellations, reminders, and payments online.
Save time and grow your business by enabling staff and customers to book & manage appointments online at their convenience, 24/7.
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email & newsletter marketing software
3. Email Marketing
UNLIMITED opt-in contacts

Create call to action email marketing campaigns with Jibbio integrated tools.
Email & newsletter marketing with PayPal integrated tools- Online coupons, Minisite forms, and 3-in-1 QR codes.
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qr code generator
4. 3-in-1 QR Codes
UNLIMITED interchangeable QR codes

Create 3-in-1 QR codes which offer measurable, multimedia experience to maximize Print ROI.
Add interactive value to print media with 3-in-1 QR codes used interchangeably between "Minisite forms, web URL, or PayPal Checkout."
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create online coupons
5. Online Coupons
UNLIMITED online coupons

Create PayPal-integrated online coupons for website, web page, or print media.
Coupon purchases from web & print: Create PayPal integrated online coupons with 3 payment tools-
Scan & Pay QR code, eCoupon HTML code, and payment link.
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custom url shortener and redirection service
6. URL Shortening
UNLIMITED branded short links

Shorten a long URL to a branded short link to market across all channels and track analytics.
Shorten a long URL which is not usable across all platforms to a branded link, then share online and track individual link analytics.
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Comply and automate Ontario’s AODA & ADA requirements using web-based JACK Online & Mobile App Solutions
7. Accessibility Compliance (JACK™)  accessible icon
UNLIMITED staff accessibility eTraining

Accessible online solutions for AODA & ADA compliance automated in less than 1 hour.
Set it & forget it - Customer service eTraining, Customer feedback, Policies, Employment intake, Emergency procedures, Public safety info, and more.
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C2 for Homeowners' Associations
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Fundraising for (HOAs)
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C.L.E.A.R. for Public Safety
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AskMIA™ for Retailers
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