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Call-to-Action Print
Generate Sales Directly From Print Media

Cash out with Print!

Effortlessly Generate Sales From Print Media

Increase sales & collect payments remotely, generate leads, grow email marketing lists, and get people walking through your front door.  Moreover, track your print ROI.

Create Jibbio Minisite Forms that offers consumers monetary value (e.g. special offer that can be purchased), and then create a Jibbio 3-in-1 QR Code that directs to your Minisite Form.

Thereafter, add the QR code to print media to offer consumers immediate value (call to action).

Increase Direct Responses
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online form builder featuresCar wraps online form builder featuresDirect Mail online form builder featuresFlyers
online form builder featuresMagazines online form builder featuresNewspapers online form builder featuresNewsletters
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Most consumers perceive QR codes as having no value because they assume that it just directs to a website, like 99% of QR codes.

However, specify exclusive dollar value to a QR code and trigger call to action.


Scan QR code and get 6 Laser Hair Removal sessions for $300 (Reg $500)!
Scan QR code, register your child for martial arts package and get a free uniform!
Scan QR code, enter info, then come pick up a FREE $5 Starbucks card at new open house listing!

** Special offer not available for walk-ins or online. Must Scan & Buy from this ad! **

Why pay $5,720.00, when you can easily do it on your own with Jibbio?!

1. First, watch the video below to realize how much other companies such as are charging for their "interactive business cards" service, which you can easily do on your own using Jibbio Minisite Forms and 3-in-1 QR Codes for a fraction of the cost, plus much more! $5,720.00 for 5,000 interactive business cards UNLIMITED interactive business cards INCLUDED with Jibbio!

(Jibbio provides the interactive tools to add to any print media, including business cards - you are responsible for design & printing)

2. Next, read an article by the Founder & President of - Bring Life To Your Business Card!

Call-to-Action print advertising are powered by Minisite Forms and
3-in-1 QR Codes, two applications within the Jibbio 7-in-1 Suite

Why Jibbio Minisite Forms?
Multimedia Content & Dynamic Offers
All in ONE Page To Maximize Calls To Action
online form builder featuresYouTube videos online form builder featuresCollect Payments
online form builder featuresHD images & galleries online form builder features25 form field elements
online form builder featuresMP3 or WAV audio files online form builder featuresClick / Tap to call
online form builder featuresGoogle maps online form builder featuresClick / Tap to email
online form builder featuresOnline Coupons online form builder featuresOnline Scheduling
online form builder featuresText & Web links online form builder featuresCustom autoresponders
online form builder featuresScreen-reader friendly online form builder featuresText-to-Speech
Edit content on the fly, in seconds

small business marketing ADA & AODA compliance (WCAG 2.0 Level AAA)
small business marketing Boost conversions in Social Media
small business marketing Market, Sell, & Automate, 24/7

Jibbio multimedia minisite online forms meet the highest WCAG 2.0 level AAA accessibility standards

How Does It Work for the Public?

❶ Person scans a Jibbio QR code and arrives on Business Minisite Form
❷ Person can read, watch, listen, inquire, upload multimedia, and buy your offers
❸ Info emailed to submitter and to multiple recipients as required, with media attached

Scan & Buy QR codes
Examples of Call-to-Action Print

Effortlessly Generate Sales From Print advertisements

Interactive Business Card DEMO
Scan the QR Code or click the link below

Realtor interactive business card example

View 50+ Minisite Form templates included

Setup & Launch is so simple!

❶ Create a Minisite Form or edit a predesigned template from the Form Gallery
❷ Create special offers
❸ Apply PayPal Checkout to collect payments - VISA, MC, AMEX
❹ Enter email addresses (recipients) that should receive a copy of submitted information
❺ Add link to Minisite Form on website, social media, or any web page
❻ Create a 3-in-1 QR code that directs to your Minisite Form (it takes 10 secs)
❼ Download hi-res QR code image, send to print company to add on your cards & print media

Apply an optional password to a Minisite Form that is accessible by the public via online link, or by scanning a QR code via smartphone.

Apply a password to restrict access to each application     Use QR code interchangeably for infinite pages, changing forwarding URL on the fly

Use a Jibbio QR code interchangeably between any Minisite Form or URL, and edit Minisite Form content- both on the fly. More simplicity, less complexity.

Print that offers dollar value trigger calls to action to get you more customers

Why Join?

  • Easy, turnkey, launch in minutes
  • Break the ice and let print media work for you
  • Sell products & services directly from print
  • Effortlessly generate leads to build relationships
  • Grow your opt-in email lists for remarketing
  • Use the same QR code interchangeably, and forever
  • 50+ predesigned, customizable templates
  • Add interactive value to your print media
  • SAVE thousands of dollars
  • Jibbio 7-in-1 eMarketing Suite included
    • ✔ Minisite Forms
      ✔ Online Scheduling
      ✔ Email Marketing
      ✔ 3-in-1 QR Codes
      ✔ Online Coupons
      ✔ URL Shortening
      ✔ Accessibility Compliance

Jibbio 7-in-1 eMarketing Suite integrated Dashboard

Jibbio tools real-time statistics

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