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Jibbio Auto Dealers Alliance (J.A.D.A.)

Affinity Advertising Cooperative for Auto Dealers & Fundraising
Jibbio Auto Dealers Alliance, sustainable monthly fundraising for Non-Profits

Why Join?
  • Affinity advertising cooperative with other local dealers
  • Maximize brand exposure via cooperative, throughout state
  • Select desired counties for optimal campaign targeting
  • Exclusive leads shared with maximum four dealers per county
  • Spend less per lead, sell more cars
  • Increase operational efficiency, raise staff efficacy
  • Jibbio donates 25% of total J.A.D.A. profit to local Non-Profit
  • Support local Non-Profit, be recognized by local communities

How It Works

1. Jibbio provides Auto dealer with the average number of auto shoppers and consumers living within a state county, who have expressed interest in a specific vehicle make.

2. Auto Dealer selects desired counties to target auto shoppers and consumers, then enrolls in the J.A.D.A. affinity advertising cooperative program. J.A.D.A. only allows up to four(4) Auto Dealers of the same brand per county, to maximize efficacy.

3. Jibbio deploys digital interactive multichannel marketing campaigns on behalf of all enrolled Auto Dealers, targeting the auto shoppers and consumers living within their State.

4. All campaigns direct to a centralized landing page consisting of an interactive State map allowing the consumers to view featured Auto Dealers per county, and their special offers.

5. For select marketing campaigns, Jibbio will email leads in ADF-XML to Auto Dealer’s CRM in real-time. For all other campaigns, Jibbio provides postal records of campaign recipients to enable Auto Dealers to match sales. Watch sales grow.

6. Jibbio donates 25% of total J.A.D.A. profit generated from campaigns to the Non-Profit organization. Increase sales, while supporting local communities.

7. Non-Profit organization utilizes donations to fund their operations, social causes, and contribute to Jibbio’s C.L.E.A.R.2 program for law enforcement to improve public saftey in local communities.

Learn more about C.L.E.A.R.2:

Download J.A.D.A. illustrative overview –

Get Started
To enrol or for more information, please contact

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C2 for Homeowners' Associations
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C.L.E.A.R. for Public Safety
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