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Search engines rank web pages, not websites.  A study by revealed that 95% of new web pages do not rank well within 1 year, and web pages on the first page of search results for 2 million random keywords are at least 2-3 years old.

Therefore, if you intend to be in business for more than 1 year, invest in its future growth TODAY as search engines prefer aged web 'pages, content, links, etc.'  The earlier you launch MAXeSite™ apps, the better.

MAXeSite™ apps have over 25 on-page SEO elements, which can increase search rankings to drive more local organic traffic.

Activity is Key ✍

MAXeSite™ apps are a multifaceted white hat marketing tool to improve local SEO.  It requires consistent effort to achieve incremental results towards the end goal.

The more effort in promoting user traction and activity for each MAXeSite™ app (i.e. posts, shares, views, engagement, content updates, link building), the more traffic.

MAXeSite™ apps are like fishing lines- the more you put out, the more you could bring in.


How Jibbio Expands Its Own Web Presence with MAXeSite™ apps

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