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A marketing game changer.

Providing AskMIA™ for new customers, and a personalized MIA Merits™ MAXeSite™ app for each preferred health and fitness member is a sticky touchpoint to increase their satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat sales.

A turnkey marketing, promotional, and communication tool to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).  Customers UNKNOWINGLY "work" to improve your local SEO, web traffic, and online presence credibilityCustomers love it, Businesses profit.

Here's HOW

Over 500+ algorithms determine how search engines rank a website, which constitutes core fundamental principles to increase website traffic and search engine optimization (SEO):


1. Content

Step 1 of 3

Create a monthly content MAXeSite™ on a topic pertaining to your health & fitness business, such as:

What is taekwondo?
The rules of taekwondo
Taekwondo among the best martial arts for children
Taekwondo: The 'Sport' of Mastering Self-Control
10 Health Benefits of taekwondo
Different belt levels in taekwondo
Taekwondo techniques for self-protection
What you need to know about taekwondo training
What muscles are important for taekwondo training?
Does taekwondo help lose weight?
5 mental advantages that come with taekwondo lessons
How taekwondo can help develop your child's overall health

Step 2 of 3

Download the AskMIA™ MAXeSite™ app template and edit to suit your marketing needs.

Step 3 of 3

Batch create a personalized Mia Merits™ MAXeSite™ app for each preferred member to offer a true VIP service, which consists of unique content relevant to the nature of your health & fitness business that you batch update regularly.

Every MAXeSite™ app would have the member's info pre-populated, images and multimedia of their achievements, applicable keywords, your website iframed, special offers, service request, feedback and more.

2. Activity

The unique content, activity, links, and bookmarking of each customer's MAXeSite™ on their IP addresses local to your location-based business expands your digital footprint and online presence credibility to improve local SEO.

This allows each member to easily access and share their Mia Merits™ MAXeSite™ app link with others via text, email, and social media.  An opportunity to BOAST about their accolades and in turn, expand your brand exposure- viral marketing.

3. Links

Each member's MIA Merits™ MAXeSite™ app backlinks to your website.

In Summary

The unique content, activity, links, and bookmarking of each customer's MAXeSite™ on their IP addresses local to your location-based business expands your digital footprint.  In turn, improve local SEO to increase web traffic and online presence credibility.

Therefore, if your business provided even 100 members with their own MIA Merits™ MAXeSite™ app:

100 MAXeSite™ app URLs bookmarked on 100 unique IP addresses,
100 unique IPs accessing 100 SEO enhanced pages of unique health & fitness content,
100 SEO enhanced pages of unique health & fitness content backlinking to your relevant website.

Plus, many more factors that can lead to a juggernaut for SEO increase!

Powerful Synergy

The combination of MIA Merits™, AskMIA™, and content MAXesite™ apps will improve SEO, generate more loyal customers, increase profit, and the advertising opportunities alone can pay for the service itself!  Stop chasing, and start leading.

A solution that encompasses direct, digital, print, and B2B cross-promotional marketing all in one simple platform.

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