MAXeSite™ Forms

UNLIMITED forms, responses, payments

Ultimate Marketing, Promotional, and SEO Tool in One

Create call-to-action MAXeSite™ Forms combining 27 marketing elements in one SEO enhanced page, generate more leads with higher conversions while at the same time, increasing website rankings and traffic over time.

Collect paypal, visa, mastercard, and amex credit card payments with each form submission   Create BUY! special deal mobile-friendly multimedia MAXeSite™ Forms for social media   add YouTube videos to mobile-friendly multimedia MAXeSite™ Forms   add high definition downloadable images and photo galleries to mobile-friendly multimedia MAXeSite™ Forms   add Google maps to mobile-friendly multimedia MAXeSite™ Forms   add MP3 and WAV audio files to mobile-friendly multimedia MAXeSite™ Forms    Text to speech, Text resize control, screen reader-friendly, accessible mobile-friendly multimedia MAXeSite™ Forms for people with disabilities    Jibbio multimedia minisite online forms meet the highest WCAG 2.0 level AAA accessibility standards


Drag and Drop

27 form field elements – YouTube, HD images, MP3, countdown/up timer, maps, embedded URLs, file uploads, eSignatures, & more

Countdown/up Timer

Add a custom countdown or countup timer to increase urgency, desire and value for your promotional offers

Add Reminder

Allow the public to add a reminder for your special offer or event to their calendar

Image Directories

Create directories and sub-directories to organize your images, with the option to save image descriptions

Image Overlays

Apply one of 45 image overlays to enhance engagement and drive urgency, with a click of the mouse

Ad Revenue

Offer local business advertising opportunities to generate immediate ROI and drive cross-promotional B2B growth

Import CSV

Need to save time? Upload a CSV file to the wizard and have a custom MAXeSite™ Form auto-generated


Want to save more time? Copy a MAXeSite™ Form including all content, design, and settings with one click of the mouse


Enhance MAXeSite™ Forms with the WYSIWYG editor- add HTML code, hypertext links, plus more

Script Code

Add script code for your currently utilized tools (e.g. widgets, analytics, trackers, etc.) to a MAXeSite™ Form


Enable/disable the option for users to translate your MAXeSite™ Form in 103 languages, powered by Google Translate

Boost Rankings

Create multiple MAXeSite™ Forms to market and promote products or services while at the same time, improving website rankings

More Traffic

Deploy MAXeSite™ Form links to any web page to increase exposure, generate more leads and inbound website traffic

Turnkey Templates

Fully editable multimedia, payment-enabled, predesigned MAXeSite™ Form templates- launch in minutes

Customize and Brand

Create mobile-friendly MAXeSite™ Form template skins – Logo, wallpaper, fonts, colors, etc.

Restrict Availability

Create time-limited offers by selecting a date and time range to produce call-to-action urgency

Password Protect

Apply up to two different passwords to access MAXeSite™ Form for exclusive or private viewing

Custom Autoresponders

Create HTML-friendly custom autoresponders to send upon receipt after each submission


Send MAXeSite™ Form leads via ADF-XML format to your CRM for seamless data integration

Hidden Fields

Take the guesswork out of advertising ROI – add an “Admin Only” (hidden) field to track lead sources

Integrated Payments

Collect single & recurring PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX payments with form submission

Mobile Payments

Obtain customer info, eSignature, enter amount and collect credit card payments on the go

Social & SMS

Share all-in-one MAXeSite™ Forms directly to social media or via SMS to maximize exposure

SMS offers

Allow the public to respond to your offers via SMS to grow your SMS recipients list

Facebook Leads

Post MAXeSite Forms to generate more leads and increase results with Facebook marketing

Launch in Seconds

Add MAXeSite™ Form to website, print media via Jibbio QR code, or share MAXeSite™ Form link online

Accessible Forms

Screen-reader friendly, text-to-speech, text resize control, WCAG 2.0 Level AAA and Section 508 for ADA / AODA compliance

Clean Responses

Validation scripts and database created per MAXeSite™ Form to ensure mandatory & clean form responses

Powerful Analytic

Get the facts with real-time analytics, metrics, and stats to gauge marketing efforts – No more guessing

Export Responses

All form responses organized and parsed – Email or export in Excel, CSV, or TXT file formats

50+ Templates Included

Mobile-Friendly MAXeSite™ Form Templates – Edit & Launch

Multimedia, content, & payments all-in-one to maximize leads, customers, and sales

MAXeSite™ Form URL, branded link, or Form QR code

Customize & Brand – Logo, Wallpaper, Colors, & more

Fitness, Sports & Recreation
AskMIA™ for Health & Fitness Clubs (all-in-one)
What is AskMIA™?
CrossFit Registration + e-Signature + Packages
(Customized Example)
Personal Training New Client + Packages
Yoga Registration + Packages
Martial Arts Registration + Monthly Payments
Softball / Baseball Registration + Payment
Soccer Registration + Payment
Sports Event Registration + Payment
(Customized Example)
Golf course Grounds Maintenance App for Members
(Customized Example)
Fishing & Sightseeing Tours Booking + Packages
Food & Grocery Stores
AskMIA™ for Grocers & Food Retail (all-in-one)
What is AskMIA™?
Home Improvement Stores
AskMIA™ for Home Improvement stores (all-in-one)
What is AskMIA™?
Restaurants & Bars
AskMIA™ for Restaurant & Bars (all-in-one)
What is AskMIA™?
Accessible e-Menu
Accessible Weekly Specials e-Menu
Customer Feedback
Application for Employment
Special Offer Deals + Payment
Two Can Dine Deals + Payment
Chinese Food Online Ordering + Payment
Chicken & Wings Online Ordering + Payment
(Customized Example)
Pizza Online Ordering + Payment
(Customized Example)
AskMIA™ for Oil Change Service Centers (all-in-one)
What is AskMIA™?
Online Customer e-Documents Submission for Financing
Online Trade-In Vehicle Information Submission
Application for Employment
Customer Service Feedback
2016 Chevrolet Cruze for Sale
You're Invited To A Private Sales Event!
If We Win the Lottery, You Win Too!!
WIN a 2018 GMC Terrain for a Year (Contest)!
2014 Chevy Volt For Sale - Why buy Hybrid?
Get Your 2017 Tahoe Brochure in Seconds!
RFQ - Find Me My Vehicle and the Best Deal!
RFQ on a New Set of Tires
2017 Silverado BONUS Savings Request!
2017 Tahoe BONUS Savings!
Set of Four Michelin X-Ice Tires For Sale + Payment
$49 Four Wheel Alignment Special + Payment
$59 Transmission Service Special + Payment
$59 Air Conditioning Service Special + Payment
$89 Oil Change & Tire Rotation Special + Payment
$99 Winter Get Ready Service Special + Payment
$99 Auto Detailing Special + Payment
$99 Auto Rustproofing Special + Payment
$99 Brake Service Special + Payment
Business Administration
Job Application + Resume Upload + e-Signature
Consumer Credit Application Form
Employee e-Training Online Modules
(Customized Example)
Health & Wellness Clinics
Why Our Clinic? - Lead Generation + Special Offers
Chiropractic New Patient + e-Signature
Dentist New Patient + e-Signature (Multi-page)
Naturopathic & Wellness New Client + e-Signature
Massage Therapy New Client + Packages
Medical New Patient + e-Signature
Realtors & Sales Agents
Why Me? - Realtor
Why Me? - Broker
Home For Sale Listing
Home Buyer's Information
Cottage Rental + e-Signature + Deposit
Other Industries
Air Duct Cleaning Special + Payment
Junk Removal & Bin Rental Order Form + Payment
House Cleaning New Client + Recurring Payments
Florist Dozen Roses Special + Payment
Hair Salon & Spa New Client + e-Signature
Plus more

All Features

UNLIMITED forms, fields, responses, and payments
UNLIMITED branded custom form templates
Drag and drop editor
Countdown/up Timer
Add Reminder
Image Directories
Image Overlays
Ad revenue
Import CSV
HTML editor
Script code
Boost website rankings
Turnkey templates
Customize & brand
Restrict availability
Password protect
Custom autoresponders
Hidden Fields
Public fields
Integrated payments
Mobile payments
Social & SMS
SMS offers
Facebook Leads
Accessible Forms
Searchable form tags
Custom guidelines per form field
Form Fields
400 form fields per form
27 form field elements:
► YouTube videos
► Countdown/up timer
► Google maps
► Embed web pages
► MP3 & WAV audio
► Single images
► HD photo gallery (thumbnails expand full-screen, image zoom)
► e-Signature (digital signature)
► Batch upload files
► Text content
► Hyperlinks (text links)
► Multi-page forms
► Date
► Name
► Address
► Telephone
► Single line text
► Paragraph
► Multiple choice
► Checkboxes
► Drop-down
► Matrix choice
► E-mail
► Website
► Price (enter payment amount)
► Number
► Time
Images Management
Create image directories and sub-directories
Batch upload HD images (up to 5 MB per image)
Batch upload image URLs
Add, edit, move, and delete images
Save image descriptions
Countdown/up Timer
Standard or Vertical timer
Enter event title, date and time
Option to add event reminder to calendar
Option to repeat timer after event
Customize timer width, height, colors, animation
Upload custom background image
Adjust background color opacity
Embed code to share for email and web pages
Accessibility Compliance
WCAG 2.0 Level AAA for ADA / AODA compliance
Section 508 for ADA / AODA compliance
ALT tags (alternative text)
Screen reader-friendly
Text resize control
Multi-language support forms
Integrated Payments
Single or recurring payments via PayPal - VISA, MC, AMEX
Daily, weekly, monthly, or annual payments
15 payment currencies accepted - USD, CAN, EURO, GBP, AUD, plus more
Enter PayPal email address to collect payments
Use a different PayPal email address per form
Set variable prices per form field (e.g. multiple choice, drop-down, checkbox)
Set fixed payment amount (e.g. registration fee) to collect with form entry
Seamless integration with PayPal Express Checkout
Form Security
Enable password protection
Enable reCAPTCHA
Form Integration
No website required - Form URL provided
No programming - Multiple embed options to add form to website
Form Responses
Batch upload multiple files
Upload multiformat files (e.g. DOC, PDF, XLS, CSV, JPG, MP3, AVI, etc.)
Digital e-Signature
Save & resume form submission later
Review completed form prior to submission
HTML-friendly "Thank You" message after form submission
Redirect to URL after form submission
Form Response Restrictions
Enable required (*) form fields
Restrict form availability- set days and time range
Enable one form response limit per IP address
Limit total form responses per form
Form Responses Management
Multiple form responses data filtering options
Search & export form responses with advanced filtering
Batch export form responses to Excel, CSV, TXT files
Forward form response to multiple email recipients
Email Autoresponders
Customize autoresponders and notifications - Sender, Subject, and Message
HTML and plain text autoresponders
Send custom autoresponder to form submitter
Send form response notifications to multiple recipients (staff)
Forward form entry to multiple email recipients
Printer-friendly form responses
"File uploads" attached to email notifications
Automatically send ADF XML email to CRM software after each form response
Drop-down form field mapping for Auto lead Data Format (ADF)
45 form field tag selections for ADF XML email
Send Lead (prospect) information in ADF XML email
Send Vehicle information in ADF XML email
Send Customer (buyer) information in ADF XML email
Send Vendor (dealer) information in ADF XML email
Send Service provider information in ADF XML email
Analytics & Metrics
Total form views
Total form entries
Average time to complete form
Form entries by Day, Month, Year
Last 7 days form statistics
Location of form views on Google map
Top Countries
Top Cities
Internet Browser
Desktop operating system
Mobile device operating system
IP address of form response

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