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STEP 1:  An auto service business would create a monthly CONTENT MAXeSite™ app on a topic pertaining to their business, such as:

Air Conditioning Service
Air Filter Replacement
Battery Replacement
Differential Fluid Replacement
Fuel System Cleaning Service
Full-Service Oil Change
Headlight/Taillight Replacement
Radiator Service
Serpentine Belt Replacement
Tire Rotation Service
Transmission Service
Windshield Wiper Replacement

STEP 2:  Batch create a personalized MAXeSite™ app (backlinks to your website) for each EMPLOYEE, as an interactive digital business card to market themselves.  In turn, employees UNKNOWINGLY "work" to increase your website SEO.

STEP 3:  Batch create a personalized MAXeSite™ app (backlinks to your website) for each CUSTOMER as a true VIP service-marketing tool.  Each customer's MAXeSite™ is prepopulated with their info to save time and minimize barriers to do repeat business with you.   In turn, customers UNKNOWINGLY "work" to increase your website SEO.

The unique content, activity, links, and bookmarking of each employee and customer MAXeSite™ app on local IP addresses expands your business digital footprint.  Moreover, improving your online presence credibility to generate more organic traffic.

"US local digital ad spending is estimated to grow from $60.7 USD billion in 2017, to $71.3 USD billion in 2022."

"80% of mobile marketers say that location-based advertising and marketing is priority, producing 85% growth in their customer base and 83% higher customer engagement."

Source: eMarketer

Advertisers' links within MAXeSite™ apps can improve your website SEO, develope B2B cross-promotional relationships to expand exposure even more, and the ad revenue alone can pay for the service itself.  A win, win.

Three Problems, One Solution

Use MAXeSite™ apps as a multifaceted promotional, content marketing, and personalized customer service-marketing tool while you simultaneously improve local SEO and organic website traffic.  Yes, solve three problems with one solution!

By creating multiple keyword-rich content MAXeSite™ apps comprised of quality backlinks, optimized META and ALT tags, relevant broad and long-tail keywords; search engines will spider and index the growing repository of keywords from each MAXeSite™.

Furthermore, generate exclusive leads and get more customers.

However, don't expect overnight results.

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