AskMIA™ for Beauty & Cosmetic

Non-verbal, contactless service


💥 A marketing game changer.

AskMIA™ for new customers and a personalized MIA Renew™ MAXeSite™ app for each preferred customer are sticky solutions to increase satisfaction and loyalty for more sales.  In turn, reduce churn.

One simple touchpoint for customers to connect with your business. 📱

A turnkey marketing, promotional, and communication tool to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).  Customers unknowingly improve your web presence, local SEO and traffic.  Customers love it, your business profits.

☝ Here's HOW

Over 500+ algorithms determine how search engines rank a website, summarized as:


1. Content

Step 1 of 3

Create a monthly content MAXeSite™ on a topic pertaining to your beauty & cosmetic clinic, such as:

Fractional Laser
Acne Reduction and scar removal
BOTOX Injections
Chemical Peels
Cool Sculpting
Fillers / Juvederm / Restylane
Kybella for Double Chin
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Laser Tattoo Removal
Micro Needling with PRP
PDO Threads
Skin Tightening
Spider Vein Removal
Stretch Mark Reduction

Step 2 of 3

Download the AskMIA™ and Mia Renew™ MAXeSite™ app templates.  Customize and edit to suit your needs.

Step 3 of 3

Batch create or edit the Mia Renew™ MAXeSite™ app template for each preferred customer, personalized to offer a true VIP service consisting of his or her unique content, which you update as required.

Every MAXeSite™ app has the customer's info pre-populated to minimize barriers for repeat business, images and multimedia of his or her treatments using optimized keywords, your website iframed, specials, and feedback all in one.

2. Activity

The unique content, activity, links, and bookmarking of each customer's MAXeSite™ app from IP addresses local to your location-based business expands your web presence and traffic.

📲 A MAXeSite™ app icon can be added to a phone home screen (like a native app) or bookmarked in a web browser for easy access.

This allows each customer to easily view his or her Mia Renew™ MAXeSite™ app link and share with others via text, email, and social media.  In turn, expand your brand exposure- viral marketing.

3. Links

Each customer's MIA Renew™ MAXeSite™ app backlinks to your website.

In Summary 📋

If your business provides 100 members with his or her own MIA Renew™ MAXeSite™ app:

100 MAXeSite™ app links bookmarked on 100 unique IP addresses,
100 unique IPs accessing 100 SEO enhanced pages of unique beauty & cosmetic content,
100 SEO enhanced pages of unique beauty & cosmetic content backlinking to your relevant website.

Plus, many more factors that can lead to a juggernaut of increase!

Powerful Synergy 🌀

The combination of MIA Renew™, AskMIA™, and content MAXesite™ apps can improve SEO, increase customer loyalty, and the advertising opportunities alone can pay for the service itself.  Stop chasing, and start leading.

A solution that encompasses direct, digital, print, and B2B cross-promotional marketing all in one.

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