AskMIA™ for Auto Service

Non-verbal, contactless service


Leverage 📈 | Launch in Minutes 🌐 | Educate to Engage 🧐 | Monetize 🤝

Grow your business with MAXeSite™ apps:

✅ Create content, personalized customer VIP service marketing and employee marketing MAXeSite™ apps.

✅ One simple touchpoint for customers to connect with you- reduce churn, increase customer lifetime value.

✅ Leverage social media posts, email & SMS campaigns, customers and employees to expand web presence and traffic.

1. No Barriers 💡

CUSTOMERS - NO app download, registration, or logins required
BUSINESS - NO new hardware, installation, or integration required

2. All-In-One 🚀

Optimize your promotional and services marketing:

Build customer relationships
Collect service feedback
Contactless service
Edit content on the fly
Educate customers with schematics, accessible from his or her MAXeSite™ app ($510/mo. value)
Generate ad revenue and keep 100% (less PayPal fees)
Improve local SEO and website traffic
Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Offer surprise service discount on the fly
Omnichannel marketing- Digital, Direct and Print
One simple touchpoint for customers
Upsell customers easily

Plus much more!

3. Launch in One Day ⏱

SIGN UP and you will receive a 5-min questionnaire immediately following registration, required to complete Step 2.
We SET UP your AskMIA™, Express Service Check-In™, and Advertiser Enrol MAXeSite™ templates with marketing copy.
We EMAIL you content created in Step 2 in one business day.
You EDIT templates, then batch create for customers.
LAUNCH and see results!

1. How It Works
2. Corner Your Local Market
3. Educate Customers
4. Customer Lifetime Value
5. Making It Easy
6. Proof of Concept
7. Why Join

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

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