AskMIA™ for Auto Service

"Non-verbal, contactless service"


What is your average (CLV)? 🛒

If you provide a service, you have an idea of each customer's value (or lack thereof) to your business.  With increasing competition in every market, customers today are savvy shoppers- they want savings, service, and convenience.

There will always be competitors ready to beat your price, but if you provide customers with a sticky tool to satisfy their objectives with minimal effort and keep regular dialogue, you will build loyal relationships.  In turn, dominate competition.

New vs Existing Customers 👥

Acquiring new customers will increase revenue, but your current customers are the best ones.  Why?

❗ The success rate of selling to a current customer is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is only 5-20%.

🙄 Unfortunately, many businesses neglect their customer base by focusing primarily in acquiring NEW customers, rather than allocating marketing efforts to retain EXISTING ones.  As a result, losing customers.

Best of Both Worlds 🙌

Express Service Check-In™ utilizes high-tech touchpoints and low-pressure upselling to build loyal relationships with your existing customer base to maximize their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

AskMIA™ is a proprietary marketing, promotional and communication tool designed to drive more new customers to your service center at the LOWEST Cost Per Customer of less than three first-class U.S. postage stamps per month.

1. How It Works
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3. Educate Customers
4. Making It Easy
5. Customer Lifetime Value
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