AskMIA™ for Auto Service

"Non-verbal, contactless service"


The Problem 🤨

For many auto service businesses, not educating customers on services proposed or rendered are problems that must be addressed.

The amount of technical information and misinformation is overwhelming for the average person, making customer education a crucial priority- "what auto services are you advising to have completed, and why does the customer need it?"

Businesses realize these issues, but their challenge is finding a simple means to educate and engage customers.

Educate to Engage 🧐

😠 With 67% of consumers stating that "bad customer experience or poor service" as primary reasons to stop doing business with a brand, focus in educating customers to improve retention and increase their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for your business.

"It can cost as much as 7X more to acquire a new customer, than to retain one."

By educating customers, it’s a win-win: It allows your business to develop a personal rapport with each customer earning their trust in the services you provide, and in return you retain more happier customers with potential referrals.

The Solution 💯

Each customer's Express Service Check-In™ MAXeSite™ app includes 34 hi-res, professional auto service & repair schematic diagrams ($510/mo. value).  Educate customers remotely, and contactless.

More educating, less selling.  In turn, maximizing customer experience and retention.

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