Affiliate Resellers

We offer a limited, private, hybrid program combining the benefits of affiliate marketing and resellers- we call it, "Affiliate Resellers." More importantly, it eliminates fundamental issues with conventional programs as explained below.

Our objective is to ensure that our Affiliate Resellers are compensated for their efforts that lead to conversions, maximizing earnings.

Our sales funnel converts, and we work closely with Affiliate Resellers to help them make sales. We provide email marketing copy, sales scripts & training, display ads, and even personalized business cards.  We pay on time, every time, without fail.

We individually select who can promote our services as an Affiliate Reseller, contrary to public networks.



With conventional affiliate marketing, affiliates promote products and services using a "referral URL," which is their affiliate ID.

When a person clicks this link and lands on the vendor's website, your affiliate ID is stored in a cookie within the person's web browser. If the person makes a purchase, you receive commission on the sale.

That's great, but there is a HUGE problem:

Most people have their web browser settings to either block tracking cookies, or to automatically delete browsing history (cookies and cache) when they close their browsers or within "X" days.  In fact:

64% of tracking cookies were either blocked or deleted by web browsers. According to the research, rejection rates on mobile devices were particularly high—75% of mobile cookies were rejected, compared with 41% on desktop.


Therefore, if a person who had clicked your link makes a purchase on the vendor's website AFTER their browsing history has been deleted or if they use a different browser altogether, you as the affiliate do NOT receive credit for the sale!

Hence, all of your hard work, time, money and efforts could be in vain.

Our Solution

With our program, there are no tracking cookies required- Zero possibility of losing sales as a result of deleted cookies.

Instead, we provide each Affiliate Reseller with their own unique 4-digit PROMO code to track their sales. The code must be entered during registration when a new customer joins our service, and it can be used unlimited times.

Why would a customer enter the PROMO code?  Because it offers a significant discount!

Hence, the unique PROMO code that we provide each Affiliate Reseller is not only used to track sales, but it also offers a significant discount on our month-to-month or annual license services to incentivize more prospects with immediate value.

This leads to the second key advantage.


With typical B2B Reseller Partner programs, you have the ability to resell a product or service for profit, but you are required to pre-purchase them from the vendor at a discounted rate.

As a result, your funds are tied up and if you do not sell the products or service, you could lose money and/or loss in depreciation.

Our Solution

With our program, you get the best of both worlds- Offer a service to potential customers at a reseller savings rate with no upfront costs, and generate income. Furthermore, you can offer your customers value-added services (e.g. managing their account) for additional income.


Monthly recurring commission per customer
One account required per customer location
No limits on earnings per account
Payments on the first of each month, following 30-day refund policy

1. Recurring commissions are paid on the 1st of every month, after the initial 30-day money back guarantee via PayPal.
Example: If a customer joins on April 20, monthly recurring commissions are paid starting June 1.

2. Sales tracking sheet is provided, and updated accordingly as you acquire new sales.


If you would like to learn more about joining our exclusive program, please complete the short questionnaire below.

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