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AskMIA™ for Retailers
Enhance the In-store Customer Shopping Experience

AskMIA for Retailers, powered by Jibbio
AskMIA turnkey solutions for retailers to enhance customer in-store experience and sales
AskMIA provides cost-effective 7-in-1 marketing solution designed to increase in-store sales for retailers


1. Retail shopping is not dying, but a painful transformation has begun for brick and mortar experiences- service, savings, and obtaining customer initiated input are more important than ever.

2. Retailers must shift to more proactive customer-driven tools that enhance the in-store shopping experience and meet the purchasing needs of each customer, to encourage store visits.

3. Aggregated simplicity and instant gratification trigger consumer calls to action. Otherwise- out of sight, out of mind, out of touch. Satisfy objectives in the least "clicks." Less wins.

AskMIA for Retailers, powered by Jibbio


AskMIA™ is a 7-in-1, customer-driven online marketing toolset to enhance the in-store shopping experience and proactively meet the purchasing needs of each customer, increasing their loyalty and lifetime value for the retailer.

NO downloads, apps, or logins required for consumers
NO new hardware or integration required for retailers
✔ Turnkey and customizable to deploy in minutes
✔ Simply innovative, aggregated one-click convenience
✔ Game-changing, 7-in-1 instant consumer gratification
✔ Micro marketing on a per store basis to increase sales

AskMIA™ is a patent pending (62/651,746), innovative solution developed from social feedback and surveys a product that meets the needs, and exceeded expectations of 1,473 consumers

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AskMIA for Retailers Download Brochure

To request a full brochure, demo, and speak with one of our business development specialists, contact us:

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AskMIA™ for Retailers
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