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Jibbio 40/40 Program for Non Profits

Fundraising Collaboration to Prosper Businesses, Non Profits, & Communities
Jibbio 40-40 Program, incredible fundraising for Non Profits

Why Join?
  • No fees or financial investment required
  • Earn 40% monthly recurring donations
  • No limitation on earnings
  • Sustainable form of fundraising
  • Win-Win-Win opportunity
  • Jibbio provides all end user tech support
  • No invoicing, no paperwork, no handling of payments

How It Works

1. Non-Profit organization enrolls in the 40/40 program.

2. Jibbio issues the Non-Profit a PROMO code offering a 40% OFF savings on the Jibbio monthly service.

3. Non-Profit spreads the word of its new partnership with Jibbio to the businesses and consumers in its network.

4. For every business that subscribes to the Jibbio service using the Non-Profit PROMO code, 40% of the monthly revenue generated is donated back to the Non-Profit.

5. A truly sustainable form of fundraising, with no limitations on earnings. The monthly donations continue effortlessly as long as the referred business remains a Jibbio customer.

Download illustrative program overview –

Get Started
To enrol or for more information, please contact

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Fundraising for Non Profits
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