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About Us
Jibbio reviews and testimonials - Why our members love Jibbio   Amazon Web Services Partner Network   Jibbio A plus rating BBB since April 2010

Jibbio Facts

US State Sheriffs' official endorsements of Jibbio CLEAR2 and C2 applications

Jibbio has a record of accomplishment in its commitment to socially responsible application development of eMarketing products and programs, appealing to a broad commercial customer base.


Jibbio offers three turnkey services comprised of customizable digital & print solutions, each powered by the 7-in-1 Suite for:

■ Small Businesses
■ Automotive Businesses
■ HOA & Public Safety

The Jibbio 7-in-1 Suite provides multifaceted cloud-based tools useful for any business or organization.

1. Minisite Forms
2. Online Scheduling
3. Email Marketing
4. 3-in-1 QR Codes
5. Online Coupons
6. URL Shortening
7. Accessibility Compliance (JACK™)

A simple yet powerful DIY (do-it-yourself) integrated toolset to market, sell, & automate online.
Maximize conversions in Email, Social Media, SMS, Digital and Print marketing channels.

Many businesses earn a monthly ROI of 50% to over 1500%, using Jibbio tools.

Our customers love Jibbio.  Read Testimonials

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C2 for Homeowners' Associations
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Fundraising for Non-Profits
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C.L.E.A.R. for Public Safety
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J.A.D.A. for Auto Dealers
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Rev-Share Partners
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