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US State Sheriffs' official endorsements of Jibbio CLEAR2 and C2 applications Association Benefits Corporation endorsement of Jibbio CLEAR2 and C2 applications
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Homeowners community subdivision neighborhood "Community Communication (C2)" is a versatile, cloud-based software application providing simple turnkey solutions for common interest communities to improve public safety and streamline communication with homeowners, vendors, contractors, law enforcement, schools, and more.

Common interest communities include:

✔ Homeowner Associations (HOA)
✔ Condo Owners Associations (COA)
✔ Gated Subdivisions
✔ Retirement Communities
✔ Vacation Timeshares

(C2) is not a replacement for existing HOA or property management software,
but rather a supplementary toolset focused in offering more value
to those residents who pay for your services

Unlike typical HOA & property management software that are designed for internal operations (e.g. financial reporting, property accounting & inspections, leasing management, etc.), (C2) provides web-based utility solutions primarily for the benefit of community residents - Public safety, reporting of crime or suspicious activity anonymously, fundraising & advertising opportunities to avoid increases or reduce association dues, family/pet registry, and more.

Furthermore, it includes customizable, turnkey web-based solutions to help minimize and/or resolve the five top complaints about Homeowners’ Association management explained further down on this page.

Why It's Needed
Minimize Complaints

Number of people living in common interest communities stats Approximately 68 million Americans live in over 340,000 common interest communities.

When a common interest community is built, such as a Homeowner Association, the developer transfers all aspects in its management of the neighborhood to the Association once a percentage of the homes have been closed.

The Association’s role is to enact and enforce provisions that protect the homeowners’ investments such as property value, as well as public safety.

Homeowners association complaints by homeowners However, a large number of these Associations are considered a “seen but not heard” element of home ownership for property owners- dues are paid, neighbors are dealt with if required, work usually gets done, but lack of overall efficiency is a common ground amongst many Associations.

The manner in which Associations deal with matters can be the difference between minor homeowner frustrations, to escalating disputes and costly legal battles.


It is estimated that the annual financial impact of all crimes is as much as $5,000 per year for each U.S. citizen working 40 or more hours per week.

Financial impact of all crimes is as much as $5000 per year for each U.S. citizen working 40 or more hours per week

Total per-offense cost for different crimes These estimates include such figures as lost individual and business income, attorney and legal fees, police and public safety costs, increased costs of goods and services, the costs to businesses in lost employee productivity and the associated costs tied to incarceration, etc.

This is real money that could be better used towards one’s personal or family needs, and even towards saving for a more secure retirement. When people simply pay their taxes as a result of increased costs associated with such crimes, it's easy to be oblivious of the true economic impact upon one’s personal finances.

However, when an annual cost is broken down to a monthly figure per individual, the economic losses associated with crime become immediately apparent.

Willingness-To-Pay (WTP)

Residents willing to pay to for programs that reduce crime by 10 percent A recent study attempted to portray more fully the social costs of crime using a willingness-to-pay (WTP) approach based on contingent valuation methods.

Data collected from more than 1,000 residents revealed that the average household was willing to pay $100 to $150 per year ($8.33 to $12.50 per month) for programs that would reduce burglary, serious assault, armed robbery, rape/sexual assault, and murder by 10 percent in its neighborhood.


The (C2) program would cost each resident in a community of 100 homes only
$24 per year ($2.00 per month)

Why (C2)
Community Communication is a win-win opportunity for Homeowners Association and its homeowners
Homeowners association automate communication with homeowners, law enforcement, vendors, maintenance, schools, and community (C2) web-based solutions provide a myriad of practical multifunctional online tools for Associations, which offer residents a degree of control over their investment and protect quality of life within communities.

Homeowners association can reduce expenses and homeowners dues (C2) offers easy solutions to improve public safety, automate administrative processes, reduce expenses, and streamline communication. Furthermore, minimize time-consuming verbal liaison between the Association, homeowners, vendors, contractors, maintenance crews, law enforcement, and/or schools, etc. for optimal efficiency.

For Homeowners

5 Top Complaints

The (C2) toolset provides customizable, turnkey web-based solutions to help minimize and/or resolve homeowners' five top complaints about Homeowners' Association management.

Angry homeowners frustrated with poor communication, service, and delays by Homeowner Associations 1. Failure to respond to inquiries in a timely manner.
This is the single biggest complaint about ineffective HOA managers. Companies that submit contact reports as part of their contractual responsibilities tend to perform better since there is a verifiable record of all contacts made and responses given.

2. Unreasonable delays in resolving homeowner problems.
These types of issues generally find their way to Board Members and are a major irritant. Keeping a written record that includes their ultimate resolution is a must-have from an HOA services firm.

3. Inconsiderate or disrespectful tone when communicating with homeowners.
Given the extensive people contact and the unreasonableness of some homeowners, it’s important that the manager be fair, firm and unbiased to avoid escalation of issues. Diplomacy and consistent communication is a must.

4. Delays in fixing maintenance issues.
Maintenance issues, large or small, reflect on the entire community.

5. Poor vendor selection.
Using low-quality or unscrupulous vendors is the quickest way to lose confidence in the Board and the associated management company.


Homeowners (or public) can easily provide information requiring no logins, registration, downloading of mobile apps or software.

Upload multiple images, HD videos, audio recordings, documents, text, fill out custom form
Upload "multiple images, videos, audio, documents, text, etc." from either desktop or mobile device without having to email, call, or speak with a person.

Homeowners Association can collect PayPal and credit card payments (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX)
HOA can consolidate tasks such as collecting single or recurring payments, digital e-Signatures, and sending autoresponders to homeowners confirming receipt, all in one for maximum efficacy.

Family Registry

Homeowners family registry with association
Homeowners can proactively upload important family & contact details to their Association, who in turn can keep a registry on file in the event of unforeseeable circumstances if homeowners are unavailable and/or information is required to notify or assist other parties (e.g. law enforcement) in urgent time-sensitive matters.

Missing child or person House fire

Pet Registry

Homeowners can provide the Association with information on their beloved pets in case the pet was lost or found, such as "photos, videos, description, chip ID number, vet info," plus more.

Pet registry for homeowners

The QR Code or link below will take you directly to the "XXXXX" page The QR Code or link below will take you directly to the "XXXXX" page

Libby & Abby missing persons case Delphi Indiana info & submissions

Indiana interactive map to select counties and report to desired law enforcement

The QR Code or link below will take you directly to the "XXXXX" page The QR Code or link below will take you directly to the "XXXXX" page

Libby & Abby missing persons case Delphi Indiana info & submissions

Indiana interactive map to select counties and report to desired law enforcement

Each page can be accessible by a unique short-link (ONLINE) or a scan capable QR code (PRINT MEDIA)
for mobile phones as shown in the aforementioned, which are all created with the Jibbio toolset.

Add QR code to print media to enable smartphone users to scan and access the Anonymous Tips page to report

For Associations

All information submitted by homeowners is simultaneously shared with multimedia files attached via email with other parties to maximize efficiency and save time All of the information submitted by homeowners (or public) are then simultaneously shared with each assigned contact via email, with all multimedia attached.

No time wasted, information is documented and relayed to HOA, homeowners, vendors, contractors, maintenance crews, law enforcement, and/or schools, etc.. Streamline communicative tasks to maximize efficiency and satisfaction for everyone.

The integrated toolset offers customizable, turnkey templates allowing the HOA to download, copy, edit, and launch numerous applications in minutes.

(C2) allows for immediate drag-and-drop customizations without any need for computer programming skills whatsoever, though those with an aptitude for these skills will find additional options for customization beyond the basics.

Homeowner Association can filter requests and information to save time Download homeowners requests and information in CSV or TXT file for Excel HOA can easily filter received information online with clicks of the mouse prior to data export, maximizing efficacy in time-sensitive matters.

Edit, update, email, print, or delete homeowners information and requests on the fly Furthermore, HOA personnel can edit existing homeowner requests or inquiries, update their status, and then email the information to other parties with clicks of the mouse.

Neighborhood watch sign QR code for homeowners to report suspicious activities, concerns, and crime anonymously All content is updated on the fly without having to change or create new links for optimal efficacy.

In addition, HOA would benefit residents by having a link to their desired page on their websites, and/or posting a sign that displays a “QR Code” within their community.

A QR Code can be used interchangeably between any URL or web page, eliminating the need to purchase new signage or reprint a different QR Code per URL - save time and money.

Use QR code interchangeably for infinite pages, changing forwarding URL on the fly

Citizen’s Law Enforcement Anonymous Reporting (C.L.E.A.R.2)
(C2) also includes solutions from the synergistic (C.L.E.A.R.2) program, which enables citizens to easily report information of criminal or suspicious activity to law enforcement, anonymously.
Citizens Law Enforcement Anonymous Reporting (C.L.E.A.R.2)
Why? Because one of the biggest misconceptions pertaining to security is that gates stop crime within HOA communities. Not true- they just limit vehicular traffic.
Anonymous reporting of crime and suspicious activities
(C.L.E.A.R.2) empowers each homeowner to take an active role in reporting any concerns that could affect public safety, anonymously. In turn, homeowners can help keep their neighborhoods safe.

Learn about the (C.L.E.A.R.2) Program -

(C.L.E.A.R.2) is endorsed and supported by US State Sheriff's Offices:

US State Sheriffs' official endorsements of Jibbio CLEAR2 and C2 applications
Click to view endorsements

Reduce Association Fees
Jibbio offers two easy solutions that can raise sustainable monthly funds for Associations to avoid increases, or reduce annual association dues for community residents. This income can subsidize or finance the cost of the Jibbio service entirely, in addition to generating thousands of dollars every month.

Save-Raise Program

Invite local businesses, some of which the owner or upper management may even reside within your own community to enroll for a Jibbio account of their own.

Your association will get paid monthly for every enrolled account.

Learn about the Save-Raise Program -

Jibbio Save-Raise sustainable fundraising program for Non-Profits and Not-for-Profits


Once local businesses have joined Jibbio, you can have them create a unique offering(s) of their products or services using Jibbio "Minisite Forms."

Local businesses use Jibbio minisite forms to advertise offers on website Learn more about Minisite Forms

Your association then charges each business a monthly or annual fee to post their Minisite Form on your website to advertise to community members and local residents.

This makes for a valuable resource for community members to easily connect with trusted and local businesses.

Why Minisite Forms

Each business simply provides the Association with an HTML link to their respective Minisite Form.

All that is required by the Association is to add the HTML link to their website, and nothing more!

Each business can edit all content found within their Minisite Form at any time as needed, right from within their own Jibbio account.

No personnel required to maintain or update advertisers' content In turn, it gives the business complete control of their unique offering(s) displayed on your Association website, without any need of the Association’s involvement.

Moreover, your Association has no personnel requirement expenses to incur in order to facilitate content revisions to offerings, since all updates are done by each respective advertising business.

Empowering businesses to control their individual ad content on the fly yields a more business-friendly level of confidence in subscribing for a listing on your Association website.

Once the word gets out regarding this form of targeted advertising, you're likely to experience more and more businesses requesting the opportunity to participate as well.

Other Social Initiatives
Jibbio raises funds for the betterment of society and underprivileged
Learn about the (J.A.D.A.) Program -

Jibbio advocates disability inclusion and education for accessibility compliance
Learn about the (J.A.C.K.) -

Jibbio is socially responsible

Why Join?


  • Easy to use system, no dedicated I.T. staff required
  • Turnkey, customizable templates
  • Launch in minutes
  • Avoid increases, or lower association dues
  • Average cost of only $2.00 per resident
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee
  • Jibbio 7-in-1 eMarketing Suite

    • ✔ Minisite Forms
      ✔ Online Scheduling
      ✔ Email Marketing
      ✔ 3-in-1 QR Codes
      ✔ Online Coupons
      ✔ URL Shortening
      ✔ Accessibility Compliance

Jibbio 7-in-1 eMarketing Suite integrated Dashboard
Jibbio tools real-time statistics

Get Started
For more information, please contact

Download (C2) overview –

Join Jibbio for HOA & Public Safety
30-day Money Back Guarantee

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