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Citizens Law Enforcement Anonymous Reporting (C.L.E.A.R.2)


US State Sheriffs' official endorsements of Jibbio CLEAR2 and C2 applications
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A component of the Jibbio HOA & Public Safety service, Citizen's Law Enforcement Anonymous Reporting (C.L.E.A.R.2) is the nation's first simple, turnkey, cloud-based application that includes unique capabilities targeted to the public to allow for the ANONYMOUS reporting of crime.

Citizens Law Enforcement Anonymous Reporting (C.L.E.A.R.2)  Enable students to anonymously report drug deals, bullying, fights, hate crimes, unethical students, and concerns at school

(C.L.E.A.R.2) is an effective tool to offer students "peace of mind" by enabling them to anonymously report any one of the top crime and safety concerns in U.S. schools without hesitation, with each report automatically sent to multiple authoritative contacts. Concerns such as bullying, cyber-bullying, school conditions, weapons, drugs, burglaries, forcible sex offenses, thefts, fights, assaults, hate crimes, unethical students, etc.

Competitive Edge
(C.L.E.A.R.2) is accessible online by the public for free, and requires no logins, registrations, permissions acceptance (mobile apps), or downloading of software.

Its ease of use for both public and personnel (e.g. law enforcement, school staff, management, etc.) would reduce barriers, increasing usage.

Anonymous simplicity will maximize participation by the public, and an easy
interface for personnel will minimize learning curves to encourage adoption.

One of the most valuable features with (C.L.E.A.R.2) is the ability for law enforcement personnel to concisely filter public tips & leads data all on one page with clicks of the mouse. In turn, improving the efficacy to SOLVE and RESOLVE crimes - producing results, the primary objective.

Once widely adopted, (C.L.E.A.R.2) could lead to a dramatic increase in the reporting of crime or suspicious activity to law enforcement or any governing body for that matter.

Why It's Needed
Economic Losses

Crime generates substantial costs to society at individual, community, and national levels.

In the United States, more than 23 million criminal offenses were committed in 2007, resulting in approximately $15 billion in economic losses to the victims and $179 billion in government expenditures on police protection, judicial & legal activities, and corrections (i.e. taxpayers' money).

Financial impact of all crimes is as much as $5000 per year for each U.S. citizen working 40 or more hours per week

It is estimated that the annual financial impact of all crimes is as much as
$5,000 per year for each U.S. citizen working 40 or more hours per week.

Financial impact of all crimes is as much as $5000 per year for each U.S. citizen working 40 or more hours per week

Programs that directly or indirectly prevent crime can therefore generate substantial economic benefits by reducing crime-related costs incurred by victims, communities, and the criminal justice system.

Public Safety

  • A violent crime occurs every 25.3 seconds in the U.S. (view stats)

  • One-third of murders in America go unresolved for reasons including the "no snitch" culture. (view stats)

  • Downloading mobile apps require permissions eliminating user privacy and leaving behind footprint to increase traceable source
    Citizens are often reluctant to providing information that could be vital in solving a crime, because:

    A. It's "too much work," inconvenient, or a hassle to report.
    B. Fear of having to correspond with law enforcement personnel, after providing info.
    C. Privacy concerns when communicating via telephone, cell phone, email, or mobile app.

    Mobile App Deterrence

    The barriers associated with mobile apps, is that they are NOT anonymous.

    People realize that downloading apps (which is already "too much work" for many) can leave behind an exposed footprint- agree to give up sensitive phone data in exchange for the free app. Thus, more reluctance and less leads.

    As a result, many leads that could solve crimes often go unreported, subsequently putting communities at a higher risk.

    It will only get worse if an easy solution isn't found to encourage more concerned citizens to feel comfortable to report- we have that solution, and it’s (C.L.E.A.R.2).

    Why (C.L.E.A.R.2)
    For the Public

    This unique system enables citizens to easily and anonymously provide information requiring no logins, registration, permissions acceptance (mobile apps), or downloading of software.

    Upload "multiple images, videos, audio recordings, documents, text, etc." from either desktop or mobile device without having to email, call, or speak with a person. No fear of a footprint or "paper trail."

    Upload multiple images, HD videos, audio recordings, documents, text, fill out custom form

    The QR Code or link below will take you directly to the "Anonymous Tips" page for the "Libby & Abby" case (Delphi, IN) The QR Code or link below will take you directly to the Indiana State map where people can click a County link to report

    Libby & Abby missing persons case Delphi Indiana info & submissions

    Indiana interactive map to select counties and report to desired law enforcement

    Each page can be accessible by a unique short-link (ONLINE) or a scan capable QR code (PRINT MEDIA)
    for mobile phones as shown in the aforementioned, which are all created with the Jibbio toolset.

    Add QR code to print media to enable smartphone users to scan and access the Anonymous Tips page to report

    For Law Enforcement

    All multimedia information submitted by public is simultaneously shared with media files attached via email with all assigned law enforcement personnel to maximize efficiency and save time All of the submitted information and media are then shared in real-time with each assigned law enforcement personnel via email, with all media attached.

    No time wasted, and no relaying of information between interdepartmental law enforcement personnel to maximize efficiency.

    The (C.L.E.A.R.2) integrated toolset offers customizable, turnkey templates allowing law enforcement to download, copy, edit, and launch in minutes.

    (C.L.E.A.R.2) allows for immediate drag-and-drop customizations without any need for computer programming skills whatsoever, though those with an aptitude for these skills will find additional options for customization beyond the basics.

    One of the most valuable features with (C.L.E.A.R.2) is the
    ability for law enforcement to concisely filter public tips
    and leads data all on one page with clicks of the mouse.
    In turn, increasing efficacy to SOLVE crimes- the objective.

    Law enforcement can concisely filter data (tips and leads) all on one page with clicks of the mouse prior to data export, helping to SOLVE crimes

    In addition, filter fields online prior to data export, maximizing efficiency in time-sensitive matters.

    Furthermore, law enforcement personnel can individually edit existing public tips and leads data (e.g. add further investigative information), then update others with simple clicks of the mouse.

    All content is updated on the fly without having to change or create new links for optimal efficacy.

    C.L.E.A.R. could benefit the current Amber Alert system to maximize efficiency of leads and communication
    For Amber Alerts

    Imagine if the current Amber Alert system could simply broadcast a link that provided up to date information in multimedia formats pertaining to a case, all in one page? In turn, giving you the ability to submit information in multimedia formats, all at once?

    The Jibbio HOA & Public Safety service offers that capability.

    Channels include:
    • Public electronic signage
    • SMS
    • Social media

    In addition, local and national broadcast television stations among other media outlets would benefit the public by having a link to the “Anonymous Tips” page on their websites, and/or in their broadcasts by displaying a “QR Code” (which directs to the “Anonymous Tips”) in television alerts.

    Display QR code on national broadcast television stations directing to info & tip links page (C.L.E.A.R.)
    Real-time information & tips submission all in one page- No separate posts, tweets, or searches.

    A QR Code can be used interchangeably between any page, eliminating the
    need to reprint a different QR Code per URL - save time and money.
    Use QR code interchangeably for infinite pages, changing forwarding URL on the fly

    Jibbio offers two easy solutions that can raise sustainable monthly funds for Non / Not-for-Profit organizations. This income can subsidize or finance the cost of the Jibbio service entirely, and generate thousands of dollars every month.

    Save-Raise Program

    Invite local businesses to enroll for a Jibbio account of their own.

    Your association will get paid monthly for every enrolled account.

    Learn about the Save-Raise Program -

    Jibbio Save-Raise sustainable fundraising program for Non-Profits and Not-for-Profits


    Once local businesses have joined Jibbio, you can have them create a unique offering(s) of their products or services using Jibbio "Minisite Forms."

    Local businesses use Jibbio minisite forms to advertise offers on website Learn more about Minisite Forms

    Your organization then charges each business a monthly or annual fee to post their Minisite Form on your website to advertise to community members and local residents.

    This makes for a valuable resource for community members to easily connect with trusted and local businesses.

    Why Minisite Forms

    Each business simply provides the organization with an HTML link to their respective Minisite Form.

    All that is required by the organization is to add the HTML link to their website, and nothing more!

    Each business can edit all content found within their Minisite Form at any time as needed, right from within their own Jibbio account.

    No personnel required to maintain or update advertisers' content In turn, it gives the business complete control of their unique offering(s) displayed on your organization website, without any need of the organization’s involvement.

    Moreover, your organization has no personnel requirement expenses to incur in order to facilitate content revisions to offerings, since all updates are done by each respective advertising business.

    Empowering businesses to control their individual ad content on the fly yields a more business-friendly level of confidence in subscribing for a listing on your organization's website.

    Once the word gets out regarding this form of targeted advertising, you're likely to experience more and more businesses requesting the opportunity to participate as well.

    Other Social Initiatives

    Jibbio raises funds for the betterment of society and underprivileged
    Learn about the (J.A.D.A.) Program -

    Jibbio advocates disability inclusion and education for accessibility compliance
    Learn about the (J.A.C.K.) -

    Jibbio is socially responsible

    Community Communication (C2)

    Community Communication (C2) logo

    Homeowner Associations streamline information & communication with homeowners, communities, vendors, contractors, law enforcement, schools, and more (C.L.E.A.R.2) also includes the synergistic C2 program, which offers simple turnkey solutions for common interest communities to streamline information & communication with homeowners, communities, vendors, contractors, law enforcement, schools, and more.

    Common interest communities include:

    ✔ Homeowners Associations (HOA)
    ✔ Condo Owners Associations (COA)
    ✔ Neighborhood Associations (NA)
    ✔ Property Management
    ✔ Home Builders
    ✔ Gated Subdivisions
    ✔ Retirement Communities
    ✔ Nursing Homes
    ✔ Vacation Timeshares

    Unlike typical HOA & property management software that are designed for internal operations (e.g. financial reporting, property accounting & inspections, etc.), (C2) provides customizable web-based utility solutions focused in offering community residents a degree of control over their investment and protect quality of life within communities. Easy, turnkey solutions for:

    "Public safety, anonymous reporting of crime, suspicious activity, parking violators, disorderly neighbors, automating maintenance requests & repairs, family registry, pets registry, fundraising & advertising opportunities to avoid increases or reduce association dues, plus much more."

    With an average monthly cost breakdown of just $2.00 per resident for a 100-homes community, (C2) web & mobile solutions empower community residents with tangible tools to improve efficiency and efficacy of management services rendered. In turn, increasing value proposition and service satisfaction to maximize client retention in a highly competitive market.

    Learn more about the (C2) Program:

    (C2) is endorsed and supported by U.S. State Sheriff's Offices:

    U.S. State Sheriffs' official endorsements of Jibbio CLEAR2 and C2 applications
    Click to view endorsements

    Donate & SAVE
    Jibbio is working in partnership with U.S. state sheriffs to deploy the same HOA & Public Safety service in as many county sheriff departments and schools through a National Program, with the generous support of public donations.

    Donate, and SAVE an exclusive 38% OFF the service!

    Learn more

    Why Join?


    • Easy to use system, no dedicated I.T. staff required
    • No seminars, manuals, or extensive training required
    • Turnkey, customizable templates
    • Launch in minutes
    • 30-day 100% money back guarantee
    • Jibbio 7-in-1 eMarketing Suite

      • ✔ Minisite Forms
        ✔ Online Scheduling
        ✔ Email Marketing
        ✔ 3-in-1 QR Codes
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        ✔ Accessibility Compliance

    Jibbio 7-in-1 eMarketing Suite integrated Dashboard
    Jibbio tools real-time statistics

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